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Life Groups are the best way to meet new friends who live near you and who share the same passions!
BU undergrads help Boston Public School students shape their futures—and discover their own in the process. Since then, the collaborative has been working to improve academics at BU’s public school partners through in-school, after-school, and summer programs.
High school students from Chelsea, Brighton, and Charlestown, MA, work alongside BU students at an outreach event at BU's Metcalf Science Center.
BU undergrads, who serve as volunteer, work-study, or paid tutors and mentors, are critical to keeping that commitment. Academic struggles over issues like literacy aren’t the only obstacles some Boston public school students face.
Helping students make this kind of progress is rewarding for BU undergraduates, and reminds them why what they do is important.
Ranger Kids follows a traditional school year calendar and is held in the Lower Level, Main Church on Wednesday at 7pm. The Ranger Kids Advancement Trail is based on the needs, interest and characteristics of boys in kindergarten thru second grade. Every great challenge a young man accepts helps to build his character, increase his determination to achieve, and improve his ability to set goals and fulfill them.
Locally, our Outpost helps support the Blessing in a Bag Ministry which provides food for local elementary school kids in need.

Her math tutee was bright: self-induced pressure and a challenging home environment, Catinchi believed, had made her tutee insecure.
The organization, which oversees more than a dozen school support programs, is a winning arrangement not only for the city and its students, but also for undergraduates, who gain confidence, personal satisfaction, and even career focus.
Shane points to undergrads’ literacy tutoring at the William Monroe Trotter Elementary School in Dorchester as an example.
A student who struggles today, suggests Ali, could become the scientist who discovers a cure for cancer tomorrow. He will learn new skills, like camping, building models, giving first aid, and cooking while learning about God and His Word.
The Adventure Rangers Advancement Trail offers such a challenge-the Trail to the Gold Medal of Achievement. So as they worked together at Boston University’s summer Upward Bound Math Science—a federally funded national program for low-income and potential first-generation college students—Catinchi strove to boost the soon-to-be-senior’s confidence. The collaborative was established in 1975 in response to the court-ordered desegregation of Boston’s public schools—which, Director Ruth Shane (SED’73) notes, former leaders of BU’s School of Education helped achieve.
Trotter has been one of the city’s consistently underperforming schools, but Shane says that tutors’ work has helped raise students’ standardized test scores in literacy—and boosted the school as a result. Menino Scholar Eve Kantakas (SED’08, ’13) found her calling to be a teacher while serving as a work-study literacy tutor for BUILD.
Royal Rangers will give him the chance to be rewarded for finishing merits and steps on the Advancement Trail.

She helped her understand the college application process and talked up the impressive qualities colleges would see in her, telling her, “You have to believe in yourself.” By the end of the session, Catinchi noticed a difference.
Menino Scholarship, a 40-year-old program that awards full BU tuition to 25 Boston public high school seniors.
Yet thanks to their own determination, and the support of their BU mentors, students succeed.
Former BUILD tutor Erinne Losinio (SED’07, CAS’07) still remembers creating a spelling game that got her students excited about writing and reading. The University renamed the scholarship in 2013 to honor Boston’s outgoing mayor and his leadership in public education. Brankley Garcia, for example, is one of several Upward Bound participants who graduated high school as valedictorian in 2013. And Ali says his interactions with Rodriguez affirmed his confidence in his people skills and a future career in public relations. Alejandra Rodriguez (CGS’17) is a Menino Scholar who formerly expressed doubts about her future.

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