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Turner's paintings and watercolours of Venice have long been celebrated as some of the most extraordinary creations of his later career.
Amazing self-help and personal development books can truly make for a better life coach, particularly when they are not just read but implemented as well.
My favourite book of all time introduced to me by Ellen De Generes when she told Oprah Winfrey in an interview it had helped her become a better person.
The best book on setting goals, (that aren’t really goals anyway), with soul, ever written. First published way back in 1978, it’s still a bonafide winner of a book all these years later. The best book to read to help your clients understand that it is within their flaws, failings and vulnerable life lessons that they can find their greatest teachers. This is my go to book to recommend to any client who is struggling to make any big life decision – especially those related to their work, career, business or creative pursuits. Now more than a decade old, the creative, spiritual and artistic way of life that Julia Cameron believes we can all live (and is inherent in our soul), still rings soundly true today. You might think it strange to include a book about eating in a list of the best personal development books for life coaches.
That book was pivotal to my personal recovery with eating disorders and I often recommend it to my own clients. You’ve shared such a great list and I look forward to diving into them, especially The Four Agreements – it sounds like a life-changer!
Wonderful list Julie – definitely a few favourites of mine and also a few I’ll be snapping up quick smart!
I’m just catching up on your blog posts Julie, and I absolutely love this one and all of the comments on it too. The First Life Coaching Session IQ Matrix takes you through the first life coaching session with a client. Life Coaching Purpose:  Outlines the purpose of life coaching and the benefits it has for the client.
Life Coaching Roles:  Defines clear roles for both the client and the life coach for their life coaching sessions.
Identify Barriers:  Presents barriers to coaching that a life coach must become aware of and minimize throughout their coaching sessions.

Establishing Rapport:  Outlines a four point process that will enable a life coach to establish rapport with their client during their 1st coaching session. Stick with these guidelines, memorize and allow them to help you improve your approach as a life coach, and you will progressively develop effective coaching habits that will enable you to provide the support and feedback your client’s need to excel at life.
A JPG image file of the IQ Matrix, which is ideal for viewing on tablets and mobile devices. The Current Reality Identification IQ Matrix will help you to identify a client’s obstacles, their tendencies towards failure, and the GAP between their current reality and desired outcomes. The Life Coaching Approach Part 1 IQ Matrix will guide you through the process of life coaching by providing a breakdown of attending strategies, listening and feedback techniques, and by outlining the process of effective questioning tactics.
You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within.
The Addressing Client Concerns IQ Matrix will help you to address the concerns your client has about themselves, their life and their circumstances in a resourceful, structured and creative way.
The Current Reality Evaluation mind map will help you through the process of evaluating a client’s present reality, habitual behavior patterns, learning preferences and their success strategy. Ask a lot of challenging questions and allow the other person to come up with their own answers. Few other great artists have responded with such inventiveness to the conjunctions of water, light and architecture unique to Venice. Kristen Neff’s work is at once soft but strong and I have undoubtedly learnt that the more self-compassionate and kind I am to myself the more I can encourage my clients to be the same. As a coach and woman I have a really hard time accepting money for pretty much anything, especially coaching. I’ve not read quite a few of them, will definitely note these down and add them to my reading list. Some of these books were already on my reading list, and others are beautiful discoveries for the day.
It is wildly profound and talks about how we’re only ever really told not to fly too close to the sun.
The mind map sets out a definitive plan of action that naturally enables the client to progress through the life coaching cycle with greater clarity and a sense of purpose. Your first objective will be to ask a series of questions that will unlock the obstacles that are impeding your client’s progress.

Of particular importance are the things that a life coach must attend to throughout a coaching session. It will show you how to obtain your client’s story; it explores how to solve a client’s problems through the use of metaphors, and it breaks down how to awaken unconscious resources. Reading her book put a WHOLE new outlook on the exchange of money for me and it truly changed how I feel about my work. One of my top recommendations for people I work with and colleagues is Wherever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn. The thing that jumped out at me the most though – is that I must figure out a way to make reading time a priority in my life again. It’s so powerful in helping clients breakthrough + overcome limiting beliefs once and for all. The map specifically breaks down the client and coaching roles, the barriers to coaching, how to establish rapport, and more. Please however be aware that opening this file using another software besides MindManager will alter the formatting of the map. Following this it is helpful to get a deeper understanding of your client’s success strategy in order to optimize their daily efforts. Total life changer, very accessible and easy to go back to over and over and mine it for more wisdom.
It seems to have dropped off the day with all the other things to do lately – it is so rewarding and beneficial and I really miss it. However, all content will be intact and the map can still be edited and reformatted to suit your purposes. This file is zipped and can be unzipped using file archiver software. It’s a challenge for all people who want to create a new way of life, of authenticity, to stop flying too low and to offer your gifts to the world.

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