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Unlike Cast Away, which showcased the star power of Tom Hanks, Pi is carried by an unknown.
You might recognize him from Slumdog Millionaire, The Amazing Spider-Man, In Treatment, or my favorite, The Namesake. The incredible and often sad story make it almost unbearable at times, but the wondrous scenes glorifying┬ábioluminescence or water so calm that it can only be described as spiritual, it’s almost euphoric to watch. Ang Lee was the fourth director to take on this film, and his choice to make the ocean a central character is proof that he was the right director to complete the project.

I’m a lover of all big cats so I was drawn to Richard Parker and bow down to the brilliant teams that made this character so real, so alive, and at times, terrifying. And you are absolutely right–the director’s focus on the ocean was a spiritual experience! The hubby disdained the book for some reason and doesn’t want to see the movie, so maybe I shall go by myself! It’s a thrilling visual spectacle that should be seen on as magnificent a screen as possible, preferably in 3D.

The physical and emotional demands would have been challenging for even the most seasoned actor.

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