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WorkplaceGet benefits at your work – reduced stress, clearer thinking and healthier employees. Kids and TeensGive your children a head start in life with skills for calming their mind and improving focus. Personal ConsultationsDraw on our team of experienced teachers for coaching and advice tailored to you.
Our Come and Try sessions are a great way to experience Lifeflow meditation for yourself, hear a little about what meditation is and how we teach it, and meet Lifeflow teachers.

Joy of Being - 15-17 Oct - only two places leftRiding the Surfboard of Life - 12-14 NovMeditation is not about just sitting still! Members retreat at Kurlana - Oct long weekendStages of the Path, part 2At the two Kurlana retreats this year (Easter and the October long weekend), we are investigating a particularly useful system for understanding what is likely to unfold as your meditation deepens. Life is full of changes and meditation is a powerful tool for riding these changes skilfully. This system comes from the tradition of Tantra, and outlines the different levels and stages experienced along the whole path of meditation; from developing the skill of meditative concentration, through to a stage of "no more meditation".

We've put together our comprehensive book, Life in Balance, with our beautiful 4-CD set, Joy of Being.
Sometimes in life you need to tap the power of your gut, instinctual energies to cut through and see clearly.

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