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Outside India, Yoga is mostly associated with the practice of asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga or as a form of exercise, although it has influenced the entire Indian religions family and other spiritual practices throughout the world. Idea : By our professional yoga teacher ( Sebnem ) you will be able to learn the basic or advance techniques about yoga and have a nice time during your visit in istanbul . We will start the tour early in the morning with meeting our instructor in our meeting point. In this tour our main idea is having a great time, seeing different places and the most important; Gaining a nice spiritual practice of Yoga.

After a short information we will direct to the boat station to take the first ferry to Princess Islands.
A magnificent building with silvery domes and red shutters, facing the Marmara one side and the city of Istanbul on the othera€¦ a hotel in historical symbiosis with nature, retaining the nostalgic ecstasy of the past in BA?yA?kada's unique, peaceful and relaxing island atmosphere far removed from the stress creating nature of the city.
Then we walk up to the peak point of the island to see the beautiful view of Marmara and to visit the St. After that we go back to the hotel to pick our luggages and head towards the boat station on our way back to the city.

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