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This month marks my six month blogging anniversary and as a gift to us both, I want to write about one of my favourite topics – adventure. And the good news is there’s a simple way to live a life of adventure, if you want it. I work (or at least think) about blogging almost everyday and it had most definitely changed the way I think about myself. I love having a little part of the Internet that’s all mine and a passion project to pour my heart into.
I feel this way every time I step off a plane in a new country; there’s always that split second when I wish I could teleport myself back home, where everything is safe and familiar.
And I definitely felt this way when I told my (now) husband I loved him a week after we met (when every inch of my brain was shouting “Keep. In fact, pretty much every awesome adventure in my life has been accompanied by soul crushing, doubt ridden fear. Following your fear doesn’t guarantee success, it doesn’t guarantee you won’t get lost, and it most definitely does not guarantee you won’t get hurt. I followed fear and got married to a man I barely knew at 23 … and ended up divorced by 32.

I'm passionate about helping women take control and become conscious creators of lives they love. I believe in listening to your heart, doing more of what you love, and letting go of all the rest. Notes From the Heart is a monthly-ish email with personal stories, inspiration and extras I don't share on the blog. All the images on this site are my own (and fall under the above copyright) OR licensed by the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license (as noted in each post). If you see anything that you believe violates licensing or you would like clarification on using my material please feel free to contact me on jennifer(at)simplyfiercely(dot)com.
The most important thing in life is being in the will of God and you can’t connect with the specific will of God for your life until you are walking in the revealed will of God.
I love writing and trying to capture the ideas that flutter around my mind like tiny butterflies (sometimes with limited success!) And most of all, I love having conversations with my readers about new ideas or hearing that my writing has actually helped or inspired someone – this seriously blows my mind.
In either situation, there’s always waves of doubt and the urge to continue doing what’s comfortable (even if I’m miserable), rather than face the unknown.
Fear likes to watch you make awkward chit chat at parties, roam the streets at 2am looking for a hotel, and cry into your pillow with a broken heart.

But along the way I took an all expenses paid trip around Europe, learned I’m pretty awesome at public speaking, and sparked an interest in digital marketing. But that marriage brought me to Australia, helped me to understand true self, and taught me a lot about what does (and doesn’t) work in my relationships. Discover how thanksgiving is an essential practice for those who desire to walk in the will of God.
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