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A lot of people are trying to attract things into their life, but they seem to find it hard and the end up attracting things they do not want in their life. A lot of people are not addressing the unconscious limiting beliefs that are below the threshold of awareness that are stopping you. We are all vibrational energy, when someone walks into a room you either get a good vibe or a bad vibe. The movie the secret teaches us that we are powerful magnets that can attract anything we want through our thoughts and feelings.
I am going to tell you how it is to simply manifest and apply the law of attraction in your life. Everything in your life that you are experiencing you have attracted it into your life, by your thoughts fantasies, and fears.
This is that persons vibrational energy, we attract to us people that have a vibrational energy that we like.
I am going to share with you that it is not just a mental attitude it also has to be acted on physically. So if we feel that we are struggling in life we attract more people and events for us to find struggle.
As a matter of fact we do this all the time without thinking about it and that is the problem. We can simply do this through manipulating our thoughts with affirmations and positive quotes. His professional coaching has helped several highly profitable businesses reach their success. So we do not just get on our vibrational frequency we need to also act on these opportunities it is both a mentally and physically process.

I always say about the media having an effect on applying the law of attraction because it is so negative. It is all about shifting the negative to positive and staying in the positive frequency to attract and manifest into our lives what we want. We dona€™t actively think about what we want instead we let our subconscious mind bring us what we think we deserve.
Bob Proctor is the author of several motivational programs including The Science of Getting Rich and The 11 Forgotten Laws.Jack Canfield is the originator of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Life is not a test it is not some kind of operational manual we live by, we create our own reality. The law of attraction is always at work, well some people say well it is not working in my life. We think because in reality we are surrounded with negative media and people that we can not escape.
So this has an effect on us unless we gain having no emotional attachment to what is being shown.
People say it is not working for me I have the worst luck ever, well guess what that is what you are focusing on having the worst luck ever. We can escape every negative event in our lives gives us an opportunity to leave negativity behind. He too has over 40 years experience helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders achieve their goals.Joe Vitale uses his own life as an example of the secret laws of attraction. Lets take someone going through a divorce it is heart breaking and it was a life of misery. So we should not watch something that we are emotionally attached to when we get angry about and issue on television, or we get scared of what is been shown, because these emotions are sent out and attracted back into our lives.

The positive is it is giving you the opportunity to find the right person exit the negative life and start off with a clean slate. He has written several bestselling books and he is one of the top copywriters in the world, and one of the most successful, and respected, marketers in the world.Bill Harris is a therapist who used the original research of Dr. Gerald Oster and his own work to create a highly powerful form of instant meditation using audio technology.
This form of meditation has been proven to reorganization the brains response at a higher level than traditional meditation.
We believe these laws even though most of us dona€™t truly understand how they work but we know great men like Newton and Einstein discovered them so therefore we trust them. The creation of new neural pathways and an increased communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, leads to what scientists call "whole-braina€? awareness."The Secret Law of AttractionSo as you can see the secret law of attraction are endorsed by great and successful minds. Just like their predecessors, Napoleon Hill, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, they lived the life of positive thinking and they have devoted themselves to helping others.
This Universal Law states that everything in the Universe moves, vibrates, and travels in circular patterns.
The same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings and desires.

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