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The line has been causing quite a stir in the media because its being released only in the five states, including California, with the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation. The Love 21 Maternity line is filled with pieces made of flow-y materials and pieces that the regular Forever 21 line has, adjusted for pregnant women. Love 21 Maternity line will soon branch out into its sixth state, Nevada, which also has a very high teen pregnancy rate. Forever 21 isn’t encouraging teen pregnancy, rather, it is simply meeting the need of its consumers.
You can purchase items from Love 21 Maternity at the Glendale Galleria Forever 21 or the Americana at Brand.

Violet KanianGlendale Fashion ExaminerViolet Kanian graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BA in journalism. Choosing sandals that meet the corporate casual dress codeChoosing sandals that meet the corporate casual dress code can be tricky. Here’s a quick way to keep your rings from turning your fingers greenDon’t you hate when that happens? Its no secret that Forever 21 is geared towards teens, but let’s get real, we all know that everybody loves shopping at the low-priced retailer. Regardless what state you are in, the Love 21 Maternity line is also available online for your convenience.

She has spent time at Access Hollywood and knows what it takes to look like a celebrity without spending like one. In her spare time she keeps up with shows like Lifetime's "Project Runway" and she knows what is in and what is out. The fashion industry is always changing as are trends, but Violet keeps up to date with new trends as well as classic ones.

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