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M J Fisher Mobile Vehicle Technician in Loughborough is the Most Loved car repairer in the UK, according to a nationwide search by TheBestOf, a local business directory.
The service and repair business is owned by Matt Fisher who has worked in the garage trade for 13 years a€“ and he beat off some stiff competition. More than 138,000 testimonials were submitted by the customers of approximately 30,000 businesses drawn from almost 400 towns and spanning businesses from hairdressers and tattoo artists to bouncy castles, solicitors and even funeral directors.

There isn't much she doesn't know about the aftermarket - and her favourite topic is definitely BER! Its a great tool if you want to test your personal firewall rules or if you working with bigger hardware firewall rules to test rules against DMZ, INSIDE, OUTSIDE.
Let say you have 30 servers in DMZ with lots of different IPs and different services running that need lots of different ports.

You start to config up the rules but you cant test all rules and make sure you made everything correct cos then you need the live servers for that.

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