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Miles Low features a metal frame with seat made of woven rubber belts and the base is covered in polyurethane foam. Low Chair and Rocking Chair are the latest models of the Pina collection for Magis. Armchair for Magis produced in 2011. In place of a formal design education, he trained as an apprentice for his father, who designed and built Scandinavain furniture. Raised by parents who owned a furniture store in The Netherlands, he had noticed the domination of minimalism in the early nineties.

Through working with his father, Bendtsen gained valuable skills and a respect for non-industrial, hand-built traditions, but he was also intrigued by new technologies and ways to satisfy incresing demand.
British and Italian design gurus were promoting an anonimous, almost sterile interior style in which practically anything personal should be hidden in cupboards, and anything ?comfortable? was expelled to the bedroom. Between 1963 and 1972, Bendtsen had his own retail store where he sold his father's furniture, as well as imported Scandinavian designs. He designed small items for the store, but it wasn't until he was in his early thirties that he truly began designing furniture.

Dissatisfied with the quality and limited functionality of the furniture he received from his overseas manufacturers, Bendtsen sold his store, moved to Europe and became a full time designer.

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