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By looking up to someone and admitting that we feel less than that person, means we are entertaining feelings of less worth and self doubt.
No CEO, president, director or manager is void of challenges either – they are all human. If you enjoyed this post and would like to share it with your team, colleagues or anyone else, please “Share” it, “Tweet” it, “LinkedIn” it, “Email” it, “Google Plus” it, or “Like” it, by using one of the buttons below.
This is something that I have struggled with and I am sure a lot of leaders have struggled with too.. Lane January 21 - 23, 1991 No sound files are available for the interview with Justice Coleman. Most won’t admit it, but from time to time whether you are new or seasoned, personal intimidation can play an unfortunate role in your life. This can lead to feelings of low-self esteem, anxiety, nervousness and even shyness for some.
Realize we are all human. A number of years ago I was serving in a voluntary role as a minister of my church. One of the things I quickly observed was that under every roof, every family had challenges -every family . Personally it is important that we stop putting people on a pedestal that we may feel intimidated by. 4 Easy and Fast Ways to Cheer Yourself Up Leadership can be hard and discouraging at times.
I think being sure of yourself and having confidence in yourself and who you are go a long way in overcoming those feelings of intimidation..
Although coming out of your comfort zone is a positive challenge and creates new learning opportunities. Sure, there are practicalities that come into play when dealing with the human body – the human body loves whole, healthy foods, good clean water, and wonderful, good-feeling exercise. Whether those challenges included marriage, children, health, finances, spiritual struggles, death…, no one was immune from them.

While it is good to celebrate achievement and greatness, neither achievement nor greatness should give anyone the right to feel less important. I understand this might feel a little fluffy and soft for some of you, but it really works.
We aren’t intimidated by those we know love us because we know they have our best interest. The human body will easily shed fat when fed healthy, whole foods with portion control.However, if you do not have your Inner YOU aligned with the fit, healthy, sexy body you wish to create on the outside, nothing else matters.
Every situation you approach that feels intimidating, believe, really believe, those you are interacting with love you. How could you possibly believe that you deserve to live in a rockin’ body like that when you think so poorly of yourself?If you do not believe you deserve to live in your ideal body then you will not even be open to learning how to become a deliberate and conscious creator of your reality.
You cannot control what other people do – people will come and go in your life, jobs will change, circumstances will alter and the only thing you can control is your own vibration, your inner world.
It’s completely another thing to be living with low self-esteem and tying your self-worth to your overweight body, to your fat. The problem is that your low self-esteem played a large part in your creation of your fat body in the first place and low self-esteem will KEEP you in that fat body.
When you continue to connect your fat body with your sense of self-worth as a human being, guess what you’ll get?You Feel Bad…So You Eat Can you truly feel good about yourself when your sense of self is so low? Do you feel good when you have the continual feeling that you are “never enough”, no matter what the heck you do in your life? How can you feel good when living with low self-esteem, feeling like you just cannot handle the curve balls that life throws at you? Low self-esteem will drive you to sabotage yourself every time and keep you from getting what you say you want – you live a self-fulfilling prophecy that continues to give you the results of failure and disappointment. You will not believe you deserve to learn a better way, to learn how to become a match on the inside to what you want on the outside. You will not believe you deserve to have what you want.There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking action to get healthy and fit, in fact if you have high self-esteem you will naturally desire to learn how to do this with ease if you place a high value on your physical fitness.

You will be on your way to learning how to deliberately create a fit, healthy, sexy body for yourself with effortless action.In the end though, if you are unhappy on the inside losing weight on the outside will not make you happy. Besides that, if you are unhappy on the inside you will be drawn on the outside to whatever keeps you unhappy. How easy is it to take those actions that you believe will create your dream body when you feel so poorly about yourself?To Make Weight Loss EASYTo make the quickest progress with your self-esteem and your weight loss, it needs to be easy for you to do it. A weight loss mindset, which is the mindset that my coaching clients get as a result of The Inner Self Diet! You see, your self-esteem and your weight is not going to change unless you take action now with specific, proven steps to change it. Feel free to include any action steps you have taken to raise your self-esteem and how that has been working for you to help you create a fit, healthy, sexy body for yourself. I have also read Nathaniel Branden and you were right to point out the influence of self-esteem on weight loss. A quick fix is hoped to provide rapid results to hopefully restore an already low self esteem. Above all, I think it’s incredibly important to embrace your weight loss and to relish in the fact that you really are doing something incredible for yourself.
Taking on the right mindset will get you to approach weight loss in the way you need to, which will be followed by results, which will only make you want to do more! Instead, JoLynn personally coaches her clients over the phone in Real Time to end their Inner Struggles that have sabotaged their weight loss.

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