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When I was in middle school, a friend of mine had a lucid dreaming kit that she gave me which included a book, a cassette tape, some sweet smelling oils for your pillowcase, and a visualization card with a picture of an ornate doorway, which was talked about on the cassette tape (which was a guided lucid dreaming induction). Today I thought I would share 5 Lucid Dreaming Tips- things that have worked for me and may help you to have your first lucid dream (if you haven’t already)! This may seem a little new agey and out there, which is funny because I’m so not like that, but I find dreams, and especially lucid dreaming, fascinating. Anyone interested in lucid dreaming and searching on the net to find effective techniques to induce lucid dreams, might feel lost in dozens of forums telling about dozens of different techniques with dozens of different variations. It is always useful to know about the core learning principles involved in inducing lucid dreams (to prevent yourself falling for non-sense techniques). Like to blog?Lucidipedia has welcomed lucid dreamers who have inspirational stories to tell or like to share techniques and experiences with our community. If you don’t already know, lucid dreaming is where the dreamer is aware that she is dreaming and can influence the content of the dream. If you think about something a lot while you are awake, it tends to creep into your subconscious, and therefore your dreams.
Recognize what they are, and then the next time they pop up, you may realize you are dreaming.
Based on understandings of the dreaming brain and cognitive learning, a basic methodology to learn lucid dreaming was devised.

As you might already know, we offer online lectures and workshops in our Classes section in which I teach on all the topics related to inducing lucid dreams, based on around 10 years of my own lucid dream experience and studies.
Aim is to fall asleep while visualizing yourself becoming lucid in the last dream you can remember before you woke up.
Aim is to fall asleep while keeping lucid and entering a dream directly without losing the state of lucidity throughout the process.
Aim is to stay awake for about 30 to 90 minutes, rehearsing your lucid dream and dreamsign recognition, to then go to bed again and fall asleep while visualizing yourself becoming lucid in the last dream you can remember. For example, I have recurring dreams where I need to use the bathroom but the only available ones are very public or very dirty.
If you are able to stay asleep, yet conscious, and control your dream, it can be very hard to stay lucid and in control. You can fly, visit your childhood home, speak with dead relatives, meet celebrities, practice sports techniques, tell someone what you really think of them…the possibilities are endless! Since then I’ve had them on and off throughout the years, and at times tried a little harder to have them regularly.
Text almost never reads the same way twice in a dream (and usually it’s very hard to read to begin with). If you are having a lucid dream and feel it start to slip, one technique is to spin your dream body in circles.

The idea is that you will incorporate this questioning habit into your dreams and so doing, become lucid. Think about the dreams you had when you wake up in the morning, and think about the dreams you might have as you are falling asleep at night.
If you regularly ask yourself this while awake, you will begin to ask yourself in your dreams, and one night you will realize that you are, in fact, dreaming. I usually just write down an outline with key words, and I always remember more of the dream as I start writing.
But then again, apparently, lucid dreamers clearly need a lot more support to induce lucid dreams. Think about what you will do when you notice that you are dreaming and are able to take control. I’ve done this before and the scenery changed with each spin, but I was able to stay asleep and conscious. Merely memorizing the MILD-technique, or in any case even the WBTB-technique, is not enough for people interested to induce lucid dreams as they would inspire to do.

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