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Lululemon has some really, really bad news for all you ladies out there who like to spend $90+ on yoga pants and $58 on sports bras. Basically, Lululemon is the most fabulous athletic wear brand in the world, and if you are a female who doesn’t own a Lululemon product you might as well just never leave your house, since it has become completely acceptable to wear yoga pants in public now.
Lululemon Athletica has settled a lawsuit that accused Calvin Klein of infringing on a patent on a pair of yoga pants.
The details of the settlement are confidential, but Lululemon will start the process of withdrawing the case as part of the agreement according to recent reports.

The fashion industry has been watching closely since some legal and fashion experts have suggested that this case could set a precedent for future design patent cases. Sage Rountree shares practical advice for a transition that's harder than it looks: Moving from standing to sitting. For those still unfamiliar with what happened with the apparel retailer, Lululemon has pulled from its shelves a large number of black luon yoga pants, which had been deemed too see-through. I "recall" when Lululemon was nonexistent and the Italian Stallion ate raw eggs and jogged the Philly dawn in thick baggy cotton MAN sweats!

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