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Songwriters: RICHARD STANNARD, PERRIE EDWARDS, JESY NELSON, LEIGH-ANNE PINNOCK, JADE THIRLWALL, ASH FRANCES HOWES, TIM POWELL. I was fifteen and somewhat chubby, my Latina pubescence at its peak, my bangs in total defiance of gravity, and I had a face-full of cystic acne—but nothing could keep me down. South Miami was a veritable hotbed of glam or hair metal, the genre that we all laugh at—at the risk, however, of not really getting the deeper message of what these heterosexual men in drag had to offer. The truth is that besides really taut buns, the rock gods of yore packed all varieties of wisdom into their leather pants.

I stood among the muck and grime of all of the eager, sweaty fans in the Miami Arena, where the venerable vixen Joan Jett was going to hit me with her best shot as the opening act for Aerosmith. But I remember feeling the Zen of Rock then (and I admittedly still feel it now) when a young and horse-mouthed Steven Tyler (long before American Idol came calling) wagged his tail and emphatically wailed, practically imploring me to Dream on!—each utterance of the phrase climbing higher and higher on his sub-human octave scale. Granted, sometimes that meant a really bad tattoo choice and one too many whiskey shots—but the message was always pure: stay in the moment. Unsightly black leather boots stomped on the cigarette-butt laden bleachers, and the smell of stale smoke and beer breath hung in the air.

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