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You can minimize the risk of osteoporosis with a bone healthy diet and lifestyle combined with highly soluble, supplemental nutrients that are easily absorbed. Easy lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and supplementation at any time will have a positive impact on your future bone health. In line with science, Salus Calcium Magnesium has a higher ratio of magnesium, plus added zinc and vitamin D; this ensures the calcium is delivered to and laid down in the bones properly for optimum bone strength. Calcium and magnesium deficiencies have been linked with PMS and painful periods,9,10,11 difficulty sleeping,12,13 common pregnancy complaints,14,15,16 leg cramps,17 and decreased exercise capacity.17 By correcting deficiencies, you may be able to say goodbye to some familiar symptoms. Your food provides you with some calcium (on average, 800 mg per day), so you shouldn’t try to fulfill your daily requirements only with a supplement. Salus Calcium Magnesium is specifically designed to help preserve your peak bone density and strengthen your bones.
Liquid calcium supplements can provide enhanced availability because the digestive tract doesn’t have to break them down before the active ingredients can be absorbed. A solution means the minerals are dissolved in the liquid, which provides the enhanced absorption. Calcium gluconate and lactate can absorb well regardless of age, gender, stomach acid, digestive function, dosage, vitamin D intake, nutrition, or hormone status.

Vitamin D enhances the absorption of calcium, reduces bone breakdown, and prevents softening of the bone. Zinc assists collagen synthesis (needed for the bone matrix) and stimulates bone formation.25 Salus Calcium Magnesium contains zinc citrate for easy absorption. Soluble, organic forms of calcium and magnesium absorb easily regardless of age, gender, stomach acid, nutrition or hormones. Correct balance of calcium and magnesium to facilitate bone strength and help prevent calcium deposits in soft tissue. Optimum purity, free of preservatives, artificial colours and sweeteners, GMO ingredients, pesticide residues, radiation and heavy metals.
If there is not sufficient magnesium, bones are more brittle, less flexible, and fracture more easily. Numerous studies have found that when we reach the threshold of approximately 1,000 mg, adding more calcium does not have added benefit.4,18 A safe, lower dosage from a high quality, properly balanced supplement can be your insurance policy to fill the gap. Taking highly soluble minerals in liquid form that the body can easily utilize allows you to take a lower daily dose but still get the benefits you expect from calcium. Salus Calcium Magnesium uses soluble, organic forms that are better absorbed, utilized and assimilated: calcium gluconate and lactate19,22 (the forms used in IV solutions), and magnesium citrate and gluconate.

Many forms of calcium can only be absorbed at the start of the digestive tract, and then become insoluble (unabsorbable) as the pH goes up in the small intestine. In a base of: fructose, mango juice, orange juice, purified water, natural flavour and locust seed gum. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.
However, many liquid calcium supplements on the market are suspensions, not solutions; the minerals are not dissolved and are no better absorbed than a capsule.
Gluconate and lactate are not affected by pH changes, so they can be absorbed along the whole digestive tract.
A suspension-based calcium supplement looks all white with clear fluid at the top whereas a solution-based calcium is uniform in colour and consistency.

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