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Magnesium Citrate is an essential daily supplement that the majority of people are seriously lacking! Magnesium Citrate is an essential compound with many nootropic benefits, yet the majority of the world   suffers from magnesium deficiency! Our deficiency of Magnesium can cause a multitude of issues that include anxiety, depression, and the common feeling of brain fog. A well-research, documented and known cognitive enhancer that helps improve overall thinking. A multitude of other overall health benefits that include a healthy heart, healthy nerve impulses, and muscle contractions.

Magnesium citrate research as a nootropic may be in the earlier stages, but we continue to learn a lot about it and this is the reason you continue to read more about it in the news. MIT research suggests that magnesium citrate can boost short-term and long-term memory capacity once it reaches the brain. Magnesium citrate is also an important nutrient for preventing excitotoxicity in NMDA agonists. There are so many additional health benefits to Magnesium that it is difficult to see a downside to supplementation. Note: The only real caution would be to watch your dosage level and proceed very carefully if you decide to go above the recommended daily dosage levels.

Magnesium provides many benefits to help stabilize our overall health and our mental well-being.
Whether from Focus Here or Now or not, I would say that I am not going out on a limb in saying that it is rather essential!

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