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Change management is essential for the smooth transitioning of individuals or teams into a desired future state. In any organization change directly affects all departments, from entry level to senior management. TBAE’s Change Management Course offer leaders tools to implement changes smoothly and to have those changes accepted by the team. The Change Management Course is essential for every leader who wants to be successful in a modern society where the only certainty is change. Linked Training has scheduled a 2-day course Leading Change in Information Management in Darwin for those interested in effectively driving the transition to digital recordkeeping. Information management projects require a methodical and skilled approach to change management to achieve the changed behaviours required to reach high levels of user adoption of software systems and mature recordkeeping practices. Linked Training are experts in bringing real improvement to individuals, Government and Non-Government clients. This course brings to you the expertise of experts in information management change Change Factory, providing an outstanding and focused course that meets modern information management needs.
If you would like to learn more about how Linked Training can assist you with further course information or book in for a training session please call Sue Porter on 02 8824 4677. This strategic management course is also available as a customized workshop for anyone needing to implement or plan to manage a strategic change or project.. Planning to align a department or division’s strategy to a new strategy or values of a company. Planning to cascade an organisational initiative down to individual departments, divisions or branches. This strategic management course or customized workshop will provide your team with the focus they need to implement any strategy or project successfully.

Change management for organizationsA library of practical articles, guides, diagnostic tools, case studies, dashboards and solutions to use when doing organizational wide change.
Change management resources Practical change management kits to give you results and credibility - from our store. Change Puzzle: A systems thinking tool to use to diagnose, plan and measure complex changes.
How to ensure everyone in your organization supports one another during an organizational change. This OD intervention workshop will help you to align what leaders and employees do to a new stra.. Effective change management utilizes tools and structures to achieve maximum benefits from change and minimize the negative impact on those affected by the change.
It is vital that every employee in the organization knows how to deal with changes effectively. In this course,  the participants will gain insight on how change is implemented and given tools for managing reactions to change.
During this session you will learn to create a change program that fits your current environment.
Our skill is developing training content that supports both individual development and business objectives.
Used in strategy implementation, project implementation, values roll-out, OD, change management & performance improvement.
In our constantly evolving, present day context, individuals and organizations face rapid change like never before. One of the desired outcomes of change management is that all employees buy in to the changes implemented by management.

Participants will be taught how to prepare for change by defining a strategy and building their team. We utilise the power of layered learning and experiential practice to fully engage and provide motivation to continuously improve.
Use this participative tool in a workshop to plan to implement the people side of a project or develop an OD plan or change management strategy for an organization. The reproduction of any content or material contained in this website is expressly reserved to Change Designs CC, under Section 12(7) of the Copyright Act of 1978. We find ourselves in a situation where change is not only inevitable but also necessary to remain competitive and relevant in society. Effective communication, training and personal counseling are important tools for change management in an organization. They will learn how to understand change on an individual level and how the lead changes in a group environment. The course teaches participants how to gain support for change through data gathering, addressing concerns and evaluations. Further topics covered in the course include: using appreciative inquiry, bringing people to your side, building resiliency and building flexibility.

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