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The model follows basic human development patterns of Unaware, Aware, Understand, Believe, and Act. In proceeding blog posts, I’ll explicate on each role in this change model and how to build a strategy from it. Would love to see the fine print in the Fence Sitters et al chart you posted there at the bottom. A matched pairs comparison of successful and unsuccessful firms under these conditions reveals very different patterns of strategic measures taken. His work is used in case studies at the Harvard Business School, Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, and at Tepper School at Carnegie Mellon University. Embrace the Change that Comes with a TOS DeploymentA terminal operating system (TOS) implementation or upgrade is a major change that offers significant benefits to customer service and to the bottom line. Taking proactive steps related to the change can help to ensure a more rapid adoption of the system and a more rapid realization of the benefits from the TOS.
Navis Professional Services can help to guide you through the change management process of implementing a new TOS to minimize the risk of business disruption.
Stakeholder Readiness Analysis: Navis can conduct an analysis of the beliefs, needs and concerns of stakeholders related to the planned change that will help to define the change plan that needs to be put into place.
Vision Definition: Navis can help terminals create a clear vision that drives a stakeholder coalition in support of the change, including goals, timing, benefits, scope and impact. Communication Planning and Execution: Navis’ communication guide can serve as a template for building a plan that clearly outlines timing, content, messages and recipients for communication related to the TOS implementation.
Custom Programs: Navis can also define a custom change management program that aligns to the key issues at your terminal. The amount of change taking place in organizations in the last few decades has been phenomenal. Hence a change manager’s job is to prevent and manage resistance to change, maintain the productivity, control the attrition, all the while producing desired result for the business.

Action – Once the readiness of the stakeholders is established, the transition activities begin.
Maintain - Once the new system is put into place, the team needs to get into the habit of aligning it’s activities around the new system.
The business leader needs to gather information, establish milestones and measure progress at each of the steps listed above through surveys. People aiming for change management jobs should be prepared to maintain complete objectivity and not to force changes upon the employees.
What Is The Smart Trainer?A one stop free shop for Management, Career and Training related advice. One of the significant differences is that the successful firms make changes in the management area very early, while the unsuccessful firms make them very late. He helps companies like Amazon, Zappos, eBay, Backcountry, and others reduce costs and improve the customer experience.
As with any change, however, a variety of human factors can interfere with the successful deployment of the new systems. This includes understanding how the TOS change will impact key stakeholders and putting mitigation and communications plans in place to quickly resolve any anticipated, or even unexpected, challenges that arise during implementation.
Utilizing traditional change management tools, our team can help assess the situation, build a shared vision and develop communication and training approaches that support all users of the system through the TOS transition.
Initiatives like business process re-engineering, HR Outsourcing, Technology upgrades, Mergers,Acquisitions etc. In fact in a survey done by Mckinsey Quarterly for executives from around the world, only one third said that their organization could successfully achieve a step change in performance. Regular training and communication meetings are important to resolve all the difficulties which are encountered. That is the only way to improve the effectiveness of the change process without causing damage and mistrust among your employees.

Same change managament laws apply also then and they are harder to implement as people do not see the necessity to change when thinks are going well. He does this through a systematic method for identifying pain points that impact the customer and the business and encourages broad participation from the company associates to improve their own processes. It is important to be aware of the wide variety of terminal constituents that are potentially impacted, including terminal management, employees, shippers, customers and truckers. But Many project leaders do not understand how crucial the people side of the change is, until the plan starts to go haywire because of underlying resistance in the employees. Unless there is a clarity on the needs of the stake holders, the long term business strategy, business model and a clear vision, the entire exercise will be directionless. Continuous trouble shooting is essential to keep the employees interested and committed to the change process. In addition, the press and public might have misconceptions about the change, causing unnecessary disruptions which slow or derail the project. Staff surveys and regular communication forums are conducted to answer doubts and problems and reassure the people of the upcoming changes. Unless the readiness and reactions of stakeholders is given a high priority, eventually the initiatives will slow down or stop all together.
Even comparatively small change management in projects like launch of a new product or 360degree feedback implementation can be really frustrating. Nevertheless, as we all know what everyone has said at least once, change is essential for any progress to happen.

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