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TestimonialsI've spoken to several of your readers.  We can always count on you to bring the best! Join the Creative Rebellion!Sign up for FREE Rebelle resources, news & inspiration to help you create the life you desire. We talk so much about gratitude and how showing gratitude can equate to abundance in our lives — an abundance of happiness, an abundance of love, an abundance of healthy relationships.
Like a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a spouse or any loved one, it would probably show up more if we did. My badass life coach, Janne Robinson, recently taught me a little about my worth and money.
We put up the we-don’t-need-money-to-be-happy wall built on and by our financial instabilities.
I need money to invest in my well-being and to create a positive energy so I can turn around and channel that into helping the people around me. If a good man falls into your world, and you operate like you’re unworthy of his time and attention, he’s probably not going to carve out a permanent corner of his heart for you. The goal is to stop asking more of it before I’ve even thanked it for what it’s already doing.
In money’s case, thank it for putting food on your table, thank it for putting gas in your car, thank it for the roof over your head. Thank money for how it has showed up, and stop hating on it for all the ways it hasn’t. Because If you can’t,  it may go find someone more appreciative and receptive to settle down with. Rebelle SocietyRebelle Society is a unique, revolutionary online magazine reporting daily acts of Creative Rebellion and celebrating the Art of Being Alive. July 8, 2013 by MJ · 1 Comment Here are some great inspirational and motivational quotes about life to raise your vibration today. A very small percentage of the population is living the life of their dreams with more money than they will ever need, living in the home of their dreams, driving the car of their dreams traveling where they want to when they want to - just having it all.
March 26, 2013 by MJ · Leave a Comment Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become.
March 22, 2013 by MJ · Leave a Comment Many who have studied the Law of Attraction realize that when we feel so great we're at our best,our energetic vibration is at a high frequency and it's there that we are able to make manifestation of the things we want the easiest. My good friend, Sallie Keys wrote a truly wonderful article about the real meaning of abundance and I want to share it with you. The reason manifestation doesn't work the same way for everyone as it was portrayed in the Secret movie is because we are all completely unique Souls and as such we all have a slightly different way of manifesting. February 25, 2013 by MJ · Leave a Comment I'm really enjoying finding and posting the positive quotes each week!  For me reading positive quotes is a quick way of improving my mood or state of mind. Sign up and you will receive tips and insights from the Akashic Records about manifestation and creating the prosperity you want for your life! Truths and Little Known Facts About Successfully Manifesting What You Really Want For Your Life. Mary Jane is available for speaking engagements and presentations to groups both large and small. Most people have the false belief that the biggest cause of financial stress is earning too little money. The truth is most Americans spend 105% of their income using credit to go deeper into debt. Many people associate managing money with cutbacks or depravation, when in fact it’s about learn how to manage energy.
Through my innovative programs, you’ll learn how to transform your life by resolving emotional wounds, overcoming limiting beliefs, releasing ancestral patterns (DNA) and creating sustainable results. TRANSFORM Your MONEY $tory goes beyond thinking about receiving more money or reciting affirmations. For a $470 investment you will learn how to master the tools that help you manage your money and energy in a completely new way — and live a wildly abundant life.
Throughout this program, you’ll learn about your current money story and how to change it. These are a few of the powerful tools we will be using to release the beliefs caught within your cells. Through the use of energy work we can transform your DNA to be programmed with a new message — one written from a place of abundance. During 2016 Mercury will be retrograde during Taurus (2nd House), Virgo (6th House), and Capricorn (10th House).
Mercury supports our mental cleansing — therefore your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions around money will be heightened. You may see your bahavior around money when you learn which Houses are in the various astrology signs. We are all meant to be abundant, but it’s up to us to learn what stops us from getting it. Each of the modules begins with 22 days of exercises and challenges that take between 30-60 minutes.
Mercury retrograde in Virgo — determine your practical steps towards creating abundance and wealth. In learning the practical side of money, you’ll feel more confident in the way you manage, spend, and invest money.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius and Capricorn — define and develop your Superpowers by discovering your purpose and passion. Defining your purpose and following whatever you’re passionate provides direction in your life. After retiring at age 30, I lost everything within 5 years and had accrued over $40,000 in debt.
This program helps you take a deep, personal look at your money reality by learning more about your astrological birth chart.
There are hidden clues in our birthchart, what I call the Shadow, where we get insight into some of the limiting beliefs we hold.
I’m passionate about providing innovative solutions to help you breakthrough your limitations, glass ceilings, and emotional blocks so you create abundance. This course helps you bring the unconscious elements to the forefront so you learn how to move beyond them. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. For years the medical establishment has considered autism medically untreatable and utterly incurable, and has limited ADHD treatment mainly to symptom suppression. Bock’s remarkable Healing Program, drawing on medical research and based on years of clinical success, offers a safe, sensible solution that is individualized to each child to help remedy these root causes.
Bock in collaboration with critically acclaimed author Cameron Stauth, you will meet children and parents whose dramatic stories will inspire you to change the life of your own child. Thank you.Couldn't make it for the Sedona Fair and now I see you're doing this online event.
We never talk about what would happen if we took the time to tell money we were grateful for it.
When you spend enough time developing into a human without them, you’re hardened by the hardships their absence created.
It’s been crouching behind the I-don’t-need-you wall too, like a little bitch — keeping its distance. Not exorbitant amounts of it, but enough to eat, to clean myself, to go to Yoga, to do things that feed my soul. You know when you just can’t find it in you to say, “I’m sorry, can we be over this already?” That’s where I’m at with this relationship. I carry it around in my pocket as a reminder of each time life kicked my ass and money wasn’t there to help.
I’m feeling unworthy because it didn’t choose my family.  Now, even if money wanted into my life, it wouldn’t be long before it was running in the other direction.
Many of us work hard and still struggle to make ends meet, but if you have the above things, be grateful. Rebelle Society is also a virtual country for all creatively maladjusted rebels with a cause, trying to lead an extraordinary life and inspire the world with their passion.
It's unfortunate, because as you may know on the conscious level, wealthy people are just like those who live in lack and poverty, except they have more money. When I woke up this morning I was thinking about the blog and my readers and clients and I wanted to post something that would inspire you, motivate you, give you a boost and a lift, to help you wherever you are in your life. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines abundance as "marked by great plenty (as of resources) - as in a fair and abundant land".  Well, it's actually more than that, a lot more.
We are all meant to live abundantly in the way Sallie describes it and through finding our life purpose and using the Law of Attraction to manifest what we want we can ALL enjoy the fantastic benefits of living in this beautiful way. It was an excellent introduction to the topic of the Law of Attraction and manifestation for the world. If you have difficulty here, and some people do, look on-line.  If you would like a new house, what will it look like? I use the Akashic Records to heal you energetically and get you the answers you need to help you create the prosperity you want for your life! Transform Your Money $tory combines the practical tools related to managing money with spiritual principles to empower you by learning how to overcome emotional blocks, incorrect beliefs and patterns. You’ll go through engaging exercises and challenges to help you understand yourself and how you relate to money.
You don’t necessarily need to know how these work or much about them, you just need to be willing to be open, listen to audios, or watch videos, and participate with exercises to help you breakthrough the incorrect beliefs and emotions around money. This program will change your vibration and the vibration of the planet as you release your ancestors emotions around money, and feeling worthy or deserving.
How we feel and behave related to money is the message we send out to the Universe, and what we attract — or magnetize to us. Mercury retrograde reminds us to slow down and address these incorrect thoughts and beliefs so that we cleanse them and align with truth. The 2nd House in astrology relates to your resources — do you feel you have resources to work with, are you resourceful? The 10th house in astrology relates to structure and the container for your purpose and passion. Well, there are 3 money houses in each of our astrology charts, the 2nd, 6th, and 10th Houses.
By understanding the Shadow side (fears) of these and the lessons you’re here to learn about them (the Gift), you can consciously make choices that help you reclaim your abundance. The 3 Houses we will be working with relate to Astrological Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. I know what tools help you shift your vibration and help you release limiting beliefs and emotions. Anytime I’m going through difficulties there is obviously something for me to learn, but more importantly, there is something for me to teach. Over the two years prior to my retirement, I had created an income stream that replaced my accounting income.

The module during Capricorn provides exercises to help you learn more about what you’re passionate about so you can align with your purpose. You’ll learn energy releasing tools that may be applied to all areas of your life, so you create lasting transitions and live an extraordinary life. So, as a defense, I’ve gone and told money it’s not important to me and that I don’t need it in my life. I’m holding their opportunity against them, and dwelling on my own lack of financial freedom. Hay, my assignment is to tell money I’m thankful every time it shows up, and to make amends with the times it didn’t. If you're seeing your manifestations becoming reality or working to make them your reality or if you're in the thinking, hoping, planning, wishing or processing stages it is my hope that these quotes and the info in this post will help you move into the doing stage.
I know you will enjoy this article - it's what is waiting for you and what is MEANT for all of us! However, the majority of people are not able to manifest as easily as the Secret movie portrayed manifestation to be.
Would you rather continue working a 9 - 5 job that is uninspiring and always feel like you are "waiting for the weekend" OR would you rather be working in your life purpose and manifesting what you REALLY want for your life? This includes learning about the false beliefs you hold, the emotions you feel, and the behaviors you have around money.
Did you know most people spend more time and money on learning to drive then learning how to manage their money? I teach them how to overcome limitations that hold them back from creating the life they want.
You’ll create solutions that make the intangible (abstract) concept of energy, tangible and relatable.
During 2016 each of the earth astrology houses, Taurus (2nd), Virgo (6th), and Capricorn (10th), are affected by Mercury going retrograde. In looking at your birthchart you can learn your patterns, perceptions, and potentially blocks or fears around money.
Each of these astrological signs play a significant role in unlocking your optimal level of abundance. You’ll be prepared for success, because success happens when preparation meets opportunity. Through this module you’ll develop clarity around your life, discover your true passions and find the message that is stirring in your soul.
You’ll have a game plan to get there and tools to help you refine yourself in the process.
I also know how to unlock your ancestors’ patterns around success and money stuck in your DNA.
After many years of struggling financially, I had a clear understanding of why so many people worry about money. We will also use ancient Chinese secrets from the Gene Keys (I Ching) to support resolving your ancestors beliefs around money. Bock and his colleagues, however, have discovered a solution – one that goes to the root of the problem. Bock and some of America’s finest integrative physicians, is one of the most promising and exciting medical movements of our time.
I was taught that I didn’t need money, because that’s what people do when they don’t have any of it. They're not wrong or nasty or negative as a group - just regular people who happen to have some money in the bank.
Through the Law of Attraction and manifestation you can achieve your dreams.  Sometimes we need to make adjustments to the way in which you are going about manifesting your dreams to make them come sooner or easier into your life, but they always come if you put the manifestation energy into the process. Why?  Because the Secret movie portrayed the Law of Attraction working under ideal circumstances for someone who is in exactly the right place in life with ALL of the information about the Law of Attraction. Minding your money creates flexibility to spend, peace of mind, clarity, and a plan for financial freedom. The answer is to work smarter, to stop trading your time for money, and to make your money work for you. You’ll learn how to recognize your behaviors and patterns around money, so you Transform Your Money $tory. Each of these houses are in earth signs, and earth signs are where we create or manifest in physical form. For example, Taurus helps us find the beauty and value in life, Virgo provides the practical steps and day-to-day aspects of money, and Capricorn helps us align our purpose with our career.
They have found that deadly modern toxins, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic imbalances, genetic vulnerabilities and assaults on the immune and gastrointestinal systems trigger most of the symptoms of the 4-A disorders, resulting in frequent misdiagnosis and untold misery. If you love to travel you'd probably love to take 3 or 4 nice trips a year or more!  Is there an incredible house or dream car you would LOVE to own? I’ve combined the practical tools of money with principles of the Law of Attraction to help people learn about money, raise their vibe and create abundance.
It provides the practical steps, presents ideas, and purifies your thoughts and beliefs to align with Universal Truth. As you uncover this information you can create a plan to follow your passion to serve your soul and humanity. When you make these changes, your vibration shifts and you attract higher vibrating, good stuff to you — like money. When we align our thoughts and beliefs with Unviersal Truth we are synchronized and effortlessly attract what we want.

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