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If you're willing to look past the "things" aspect and just find a guide whenever you get stuck, the game is really fun.
There's a clue as to the Giant Pokey boss -- the battle kicks off with the phrase "Play Ball!" on the screen. Quote from: Jonnyboy117There's a clue as to the Giant Pokey boss -- the battle kicks off with the phrase "Play Ball!" on the screen. After reading this review I'd say this game was given a well deserved perspective, however a 7.5 is a little low despite the obvious (for lack of a better word) "flaws". Truth be told, I was very close to going with an 8, but I just found the scouring for "things" to be too much for me. The entire contents of this Web site, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright © 1999 - 2016 NINWR, LLC. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form without consent from NINWR, LLC is prohibited.
This Star Coins hunt is worth the effort, because collecting all of them in each of the 9 worlds makes sure you can unlock the paths to the 80 overworld levels and mushroom houses! STAR COIN #1: In the beginning of Level One, the third Question Mark Block contains a Power Up. STAR COIN #3: Right before the final set of Note Blocks, you will see a Brick Block and a Green Warp Pipe that will shoot Mario up into the sky and land him in front of the Blue P-switch. STAR COIN #1: Above the Green Warp Pipe is a Koopa enclosed in Brick Blocks, and the first Red POW Block. STAR COIN #3: Hit the Block and get the Power Up then continue on until you see a POW button.
STAR COIN #1: First, get the Super Leaf out of a question Block in the beginning of the Level to turn Mario into Raccoon Mario. STAR COIN #2: There is a Coin Roulette Block on the Platform to the right of the first Star Coin.
STAR COIN #1: Mario starts at the bottom of the tower, under a Question Mark Block that contains a Power Up.
STAR COIN #2: Continue up, stay to the right and go into the first Red Warp Pipe after the Checkpoint.
STAR COIN #3: Exit through the Green Warp Pipe and continue up the Level to the left, where the last Star Coin is waiting next to an undead Piranha. Reznors Boss Fight Tips: The bosses in this tower are two Reznors located on a wheel with four rectangular Question Mark Blocks. STAR COIN #1: In the beginning of this level, a Goomba guards two Question Mark Blocks, one of which contains a Power Up.
STAR COIN #3: After the Checkpoint, more tilting Platforms follow and a Red Ring, where Mario can collect the 8 Red Warp Pipes, to get a power-up. STAR COIN #1: This underwater level starts in front of a Gold Warp Pipe going through the water. STAR COIN #2: Continue on to the first Golden Pipe on the bottom of the Level, enter it from the right side avoiding the water stream.
STAR COIN #3: Exit through the Green Warp Pipe at the end of the room, warping Mario near the Checkpoint flag and two Question Mark Boxes, containing a Fire Flower.
How To Unlock Level 1-A: Use five Star Coins to unlock the alternate path to this Level on the overworld map. STAR COIN #2: Another Green Cannon Pipe will take Mario to the Checkpoint where there will be another Power Up in a Question Mark Block.
STAR COIN #3: Go all the way down the Warp Pipe maze and enter the Warp Pipe at the very bottom. STAR COIN #1: At the beginning of the Level jump up to the rope to cross over the lava, avoiding any fireballs that shoot up. STAR COIN #2: At the end of the rope jump on top of the floating Brick question Blocks and jump up to reveal hidden Blocks. STAR COIN #3: After the Checkpoint, a Brick Block can be turned into a Gold Block then use the rope swing to earn Mario some Gold Coins. To access this Rainbow level, jump the Flagpole of any World 1 level exactly when the timer ends with last two digits both being ones, the number 11. About the authorBy Laura Jones: She blogs about and reviews video games to recapture her misspent youth, growing up gaming on hand-me-down consoles and cast-off computers with three siblings fighting over the controllers and helping each other beat Bosses. Our game has changed drastically since the last time we posted screenshots, which was pretty much last year. Also, that red bar on the left of the screen is called the DDP Meter, when you grab this large heart called a 'Super Heart', it extends your Hit Points to a maximum of 4. Nothing wrong with making a new topic if the old topic is really old and full of outdated content that might distract from the current progress.
I'd also put the Doki Doki Panic lifebar from the left side up on top to the other HUD elements so it's not that seperated.
I know what you mean, but the HUD will look even more ugly that way, and the HUD wouldn't look as organized as you see in the picture, the HUD is tightly packed enough for the player to see the screen and know where he or she is going. You can lazily recolor all the shit you want, but unless you get the game's actual art style down in one and not have SMB2 on SMB3 in the same picture, this just looks ugly to say the least. The game has A LOT of promise, I've never seen such nice and polished things in a Mario fan game before, but the sprites just kill any interest I have for it.
Why not open with Bowser transforming Pipe Land or whatever, so we get an example of what the Star can do, then cut to Mario, et al reacting (Maybe they see the sky darken on the horizon and all run off to help), Choose your character, bam. EDIT: I also stopped making the "clashing sprite styles in Mario games" argument when Nintendo added SMW2 sprites to SMB3 on the GBA and gave zero fucks about sprite style consistency.
You have yet failed to realize that this game has graphics coming from Super Mario All-Stars. Now this brings up can you make better graphics than Nintendo did when it was first released? This makes the screen more able to be seen, I like your suggestions, I'll see what the team can do in the future. Quote:one question i have is why do you have simple clouds in some of the screenshots but you use shaded clouds in the sky area and 2 other areas?

About the clouds, I have no idea what you're talking about, the area is supposed to be scenic, you didn't have to judge about why are there clouds in the FG area and the Background.
Quote: Why not open with Bowser transforming Pipe Land or whatever, so we get an example of what the Star can do, then cut to a reaction by Mario, et al reacting (Maybe they see the sky darken on the horizon and all run off to help), Choose your character, bam. Very nice idea, with Bowser transforming Pipe Land and what-not into a Factory Zone, however, the graphics needed for this area is not 100% Completed. Out of everything I'm hearing about this fangame in this thread out now, upsetting all the comments are either not a sign of "A job well done" or any people that want to contribute to this project, we've been doing the best we can with graphics. I've read a few other opinions on this game, and the general consensus seems to be that such a reliance on "things" really does hinder the title quite a bit.
I had hoped that after the mixed bag that was Super Paper Mario they (being Intelligent Systems) would take the series back to it's roots a little bit.
The battle system is easy and simplistic, but I think the most fun is trying to figure out how to get out of battles without getting hurt. The game even gives you blatant hints- it's up to you to take them.As for the Things, they're like, summons, or special attacks.
Having party members always made the mushroom kingdom feel more fleshed out, like it wasn't just goombas and koopas everywhere.
Other than the revamped battle system, I'm surprised when people say it's significantly different from the first two Papers.A  It's right in line with them and is just as charming. I expect other bosses have similar clues.But that involves being set up for a "gotcha!" moment at most bosses.
This locations guide for the Nintendo 3DS game will show you the locations of all 240 big hidden coins. Continue to a row of Note Blocks where the first Star Coin is sitting right on top of, jump up and grab it. Push the button and run along to get all of the Blue, at the end the last Star Coin of the Level will be waiting. It will let Mario out in front of a Blue P-switch, jumping on it will turn the Brick barriers in between Mario and the Star Coin into Golden Pipes. Jump on the nearest Koopa Troopa and use its shell to hit the POW button to break the surrounding Bricks and open the path to a unique Pipe.
Keep using Mario’s flying ability to stay on the upper Level, fly to the next Green Warp Pipe and go down.
Activate the Blue P-Switch and ride the moving Green Blocks up until Mario can jump on the Level above where the second Star Coin is sitting at the very top. Continue through the Level to another tilting Pink Mushroom Platform with a Blue upside down Warp Pipe above it.
Continue through the Level until Mario reaches a very wide Red Mushroom Platform with several sets of Brick Blocks and question Blocks with the gap between two question box. Down the Warp Pipe, the first to Star Coin can be found at the bottom of the Level, near the first Blue Cheep-Cheep.
The second Star Warp Pipe will be on the bottom of this room, where strong current will be pulling down.
The next set of Question Mark Blocks, one will fly away when hit, catch up to it for a One Up Mushroom. Continue until Mario comes across a four-way Pipe with four piranha plants popping in and out.
Jump up onto the hidden Blocks and run to the left into a hallway where at the end will be a floating question Block containing a Super Leaf. Mario will continue to dash until the end of the level, and completing this course unlocks World Mushroom. The engine we're using, also called the All-Star Engine is literally packed with content, and if the content has not yet been inserted, the graphics have been completed. We changed several graphics to make it more diverse like Subcon Potions and Grass, and revamped Mario and Luigi, as well as a SMW Yoshi with nice graphics. During this state you can get stunned whenever you get hit by obstacles or an enemy, but when you have no more HP in your DDP Meter, you lose it, so you'll have to grab another Super Heart. Aslo, I'm a fan of heading zeros on right-aligned numbers as it avoids the blank space between label and value. As for the DDP Meter, that can be edited so it won't look too separated from the rest of the HUD, but you can't see it in the screen shots, there is also a Ammo Meter, a Card HUD like in SMB3 when you get a card when clearing a level, and there is a Bonus Star Counter right next to the Card HUD, and a Cash Counter, right above the Bonus Star Counter. We can possibly remove the "world" and just put the score counter there because of the "world" HUD would appear quite redundantly on the World Map and the "Level Start!" Screens, so you'll know what area you are in the game from the things I just mentioned, that way, the score won't look "weighty" toward the whole HUD. Also I'd mode the HP bar a little higher, because the in the middle, it looks like actual objects instead of HUD icons. Also, those SMW2 sprites were e-card extras anyway (afaik) so even if they clashed, they weren't all over the place in the main game (which is the case in this game).
And not only have you criticized without any things that I can improve on, you just blatantly ignored that this game features SMAS+SMW graphics with nearly the same pallete. We DON'T have enough people to satisfy everyone's critique about clouds, and everything not coming in the same style which isn't even an issue, Iceman404.
I don't think that it will be enough to hurt the enjoyment of the game for me, but I'll certainly be keeping the internet handy to stop those frustrating moments when I pick this up on the European release. Not that I don't want the series to evolve, it's just that the real strength of the first two games were the characters and the battle system. There IS no reliance on them- especially since you can play the game just as easily without them.
I haven't played Sticker Star yet but I too have found the lack of party members a little worrying. It's my favorite game ever just from the fact that it throws back to the 64 version so much (my previous favorite).
If you can deal with some frustration and walkthrough reliance (or lots of exploration on your own), it's worth playing.
All Star Coins are spread throughout the levels, 3 Star Coins per level, and give the game more replay value for those players willing to hunt them down to unlock alternate paths on the world map. Above this set sits a Brick Block which can turn into a Gold Block when at least ten times.

Hurry to the Star Coin before the timer runs out and the Gold Coins change back into Brick. Follow the direction of the arrow by using the raccoon tail to fly to an upper Level, where a Star Warp Pipe will be waiting out in the open.
The first Star Warp Pipe will be sitting on top of an orange Mushroom Platform near the beginning of the Level. Jump up into the Warp Pipe and maneuver Mario through the tilting Pink Mushroom Platforms jumping off the last one onto the second Star Coin. Pound down on the Bricks to break through and continue down through three trapdoors to the first Star Coin above, near a Red Koopa Troopa.
Drop down under the first piranha plant and jump up to reveal a hidden Block next to the Warp Pipe. On the next rope, wait for a pillar to appear under the Star Coin sitting on top of the lava. Go back out of the hallway and use the raccoon tail to fly up, following the Gold Coins in the sky until Mario reaches the second Star Coin. You also see the DK Hammer Item Tanooki Mario is holding and several SMB2 Enemies and the Blowhard from Yoshi's Island and the Pipe Lakitus that throws Spiny Eggs and Bob-Ombs. I and Mikeystar have recolored some of the FG seen in those screenshots using the SMAS-SMB3 palette, but some of them were ripped from Legend-Tony980's SMB3 Recoloured GFX pack on the NSMBX forums and the Knux's SMBX forums. As for no-action, do you see most of Nintendo's 2-D platformers having a large in-depth story about Bowser's unfolding plot?
You can't expect the best graphics to satisfy you out of a game we've been working on for two years and failed to release a demo because of lagging issues and what-not. I've always been a fan of the Paper Mario aesthetic, and this game truly looks like its going to continue to uphold that visual fidelity.
With Super Paper Mario the characters were annoying would and never shut up and the battle system was removed entirely.
However, in the latter half of the game, they merely become "powerful stickers" rather than instant-win buttons, which is nice. Having a colourful cast of partners journey around with you, for instance, was half the fun of Thousand Year Door. I just feel that the likeness between the two games is uncanny, and reminds me of back when I first played Paper Mario.Even though I'm so accustomed to these games in the first place, I wouldn't let something as small as exp or partners get in the way of a good game.
After the first 6 Worlds are done, the Star Coins are changed into New Super Mario Bros 2 Moon Coins for the Special Star World, and although they can’t be used as Star Coins they are still the same collectible. Past the Checkpoint Flag, another row of Note Blocks then appear and a Star Coins is encased in a floating Brick box. This level is full of Koopa Troopas and POW Blocks, which breaks empty Brick Blocks, and triggers items like Power Ups. Get the mega Mushroom to turn Mario into Mega Mario then run through the Level until you see the last Star Coin encased in stone. Mario will fall down right on top of the last Star Coin, backtrack slightly to the left and drop down.
Stay to the left of a stone wall that separates the Level, where the first Star Coin sits above a group of Snake Blocks.
A P-Switch, being Blocked by the Cheep Chomp, can be activated to create Blue Coins which Mario can collect.
Drop down on the first trapdoor to bring it down and then step onto the second trapdoor until the first door releases to its original position. Another Question Mario Block will contain a Power Up and a gap in the ceiling will lead to some Gold Coins. Two Coin Roulette Blocks appear, and more Coins begin falling after that, along with a 100 Gold Coin. The old topic was wiped because of the old screenshots and the old in-game content like the developing Prologue idea, so now this is the official topic. Sticker Star at first appeared to be addressing some of these problems, but it now seems that they've simply replaced them with new problems.However, because I'm eager to have a more meaty 3DS game to play I'll probably end up picking this up anyway. But attempting to beat the first batch of bosses without them is a delicious challenge, and one that I enjoyed very much.
The first Star Coin of this Level can be found buried underneath two POW Blocks, guarded by a Red Koopa. This will turn the floating Coins into Bricks and Mario can climb up to the last Star Coin or fly up if time runs out. Mario will come across a super Thwomp which will pound down on two rows of stone Blocks so that Mario can get to the last Star Coin.
Jump on Roy’s head and he will then perform a shell attack, which Mario can easily avoid by wall jumping an using the Raccoon Tail to slowly float down. Pound Mario down on the second POW box to break open the Bricks and reveal the Star Coin, jump down and claim it.
While Mario is Mega he can pound over a Golden Pipe before the last Star Coin, going down that Warp Pipe can earn Mario two hidden one up Mushrooms, by hitting the POW Blocks as they line up.
Warping through it takes Mario to the roof of the tower, where several Snake Blocks can be found.
Finally, after more Coins shower down, jump off of the Platform to go back to the World Map.
We have a 5-minute scene with Bowser and then when he's about to finally do something, we cut away. After that, a Warp Pipe leads back to the overworld, where another staircase of Brick Blocks contains a POW Block, which you can use to jump the Flagpole.

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