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If you attend a yoga class, it is very likely that the teacher starts the class by reciting the sound of OM three times. The Sanskrit word OM (also written as AUM) is a composite of three letters "A" (?
As we can see from these sutras by Patanjali, chanting of OM can make us free from obstacles (defined in sutra 1.30) and provide us a glimpse of the inner self.
Even though chanting of OM as a mantra by itself is advocated in the above sutras, it is common to use OM in conjunction with other mantras. As Patanjali states in sutra 1.28, OM should be chanted keeping its meaning and significance in mind. Sit in a comfortable cross-legged seated posture with the spine upright, head, neck and spine in a vertical (if comfortable) alignment. The continued recitation of OM (called Udgita Pranayama) fills one with peace, calmness, tranquility and serenity. Hinduism has answers for anything and everything, practicing its sastrams could be considered utmost education. Kundalini is the divine liquid fire that rushes up through the interior of spine known as Sushumana Nadi and pierces through the six chakraone by one.  Chakras are the internal energy centres in the astral body. When the Kundalini pierces the Chakras one by one , there are some subtle inner experiences of subtle worlds to the yogi and he achieves many siddhies(divine miraculous powers and knowledge). Kundalini can be awakened by Pranayama, Asanas and Mudras by Hath yogis, by deep concentration and training of mind by  yoga, by extreme devotion and perfect self- surrender by emotional men or bhakti yog , or by Tantras and Mantra by tantriks or by grace of guru as shaktipata. A yogi concentrates to awaken his Kundalini at the earliest through the purification of his body, mind and spirit, through special postures, asanas, pranayama (controlling life force through breath control), bandhas, mudras, satkarmas, and meditation. The unseen life force (prana) is subtle, hidden and difficult to control, it governs our physical body automatically. As always, we had a delightful breakfast get together with the participants of the currently ongoing pranayama intensive.
Even before the material creation came into existence there was only the natural humming energy which resembled the sound of OM. In many of the Upanishads, it is revered as representing everything that is manifest and yet has its roots in the unmanifest. Since OM is the representative sound and symbol for Ishvara, it is important to keep the essence of Ishvara (sutra 1.24) in mind while chanting OM. When we recite it with the understanding that OM is nothing but a representation of Ishvara, it brings us closer to our true nature, our own pure self. As for impact of OM chanting on the endocrine system, I don’t have access to any research report which mentions this kind of an impact. I am proud to have the Hindu way of life and proud to see such enchanting contributions from believers like you.
According to the Hindu religious tradition it was revealed to [humanity] by [The Lord] and even gods gained immortality and their supreme powers by its practice." Werner, Karel.
Self realization is possible by awakening the Kundalini Shakti and rushing up all the chakras and merging with lord Shiva in Sahasrar.  Kundalini yoga practices helps faster in the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. Samadhi is not possible without awakening of the Kundalini and no self realization or Mukti is possible without merging of kundalini with lord Shiva in Sahasrar.
It is received through Medulla Oblongata, distributed in the body through Aggya(Obey) chakra and other chakras.  The prana is flowing downward in the spine outgoing into the sex organs, through a coiled passage at the base of the spine in the coccyx known as Kundalini sleeping in Muladhara.

Today, we know that one form of energy can be converted to another form – electricity to sound, electricity to heat, heat to electricity etc.
As mentioned above, OM is the primordial sound and this entire creation is a manifestation of this mystic sound.
I would love to get your feedback on this article and also would like to know about your own meditation practice. Without the awakening of kundalini Shakti is said to be the cosmic energy force or power of the divine that created the universe and it is constantly evolving and developing new materials, atomic and sub- atomic particles and their different innumerable forms. After the awakening of the Kundalini the impact of Maya is gradually removed as the Kundalini rises up and pierces the chakras.
This outgoing life force stimulates the sex instinct unites male & female, and is utilized or wasted in sexual activity. According to the famous equation by Einstein – E=mc2, all matter is nothing but waves of energy. In the Upanishads, OM is mentioned as being the same as Brahman (the supreme consciousness).
It is the supreme spiritual power in the human body and lies coiled and sleeping dormant at the base of the spine until awakened in Muladhar chakra in human body . Kundalini is the super intelligent cosmic energy behind consciousness responsible for the involution of human beings.
According to MU, the three letters A, U and M represent the waking, dream and deep sleep states. As you continue the chant, feel the vibration moving upward toward the base of the throat.
Meditating on these thoughts can bring us closer to other human beings and lift the veil of separateness.
It claims to destroy the defects and diseases of the body and mind, to establish health and bestow happiness, to develop intelligence, and reveal true knowledge of Self, and to extract the nectar of all things." Bernard, Theos.
The God and the divine can be grasped only by awakening of Kundalini through devotion and true sadhna. In the spiritual tradition, those who wish to meditate on a regular basis get a personal mantra from their spiritual teacher.
Kundalini Shakti is awakened by regular practice of yog – sutras, yog kriya, pranayama kriya, intense devotion and grace of God.
If Kundalini is awakened without prior purifying of the body mind and spirit, it may give or create great trouble or problems like mental problems, or some unaspected diseases or mysterious symtoms to most of the yogis.
These three states correspond to the conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious states of the mind. Continue to feel the vibration moving upward until it reaches the crown of the head (called Sahasrara Chakra). 86 Antecdents of yogaYoga in particular refers to widely diffused spiritual methodologies which on the one hand can be linked to with such thoroughly Brahminical practices as tapas or 'ascetic heating' and yet, on the other hand, seem clearly to have originated, at least in part, in non-Brahmanical circles and to be widely practiced without regard to specific ideological allegiances. According to Rishi muni , yogis the kundalini Shakti is a coiled snake sleeping in two & half round at Muladhar Chakra. Some times its huge mysterious power is uncontrollable by the yogis as the inner passage of sushumanain the spine is not prepared for it . Maya completely vanishes only when Kundalini Shakti arises and meets the Lord Shiva sitting in Sahasrar  chakra at top of the skull.

Ian Whicher and David Carpenter From Yoga: The Indian TraditionWhen Yoga is userful to you?
Yogi should not be afraid of awakening of his Kundalini, if he is practicing and following all the Yog-sutras properly.
At the end of the final chant, continue to sit still and feel the vibration of the OM sound permeating the whole body – every single cell of the body.
The mind cannot enter on the path of yoga because yoga means a methodology to reveal the truth. They are for your personal and spiritual growth not for copying and posting on your website. If you want to promote our website please write an introduction and post a link to it on your blog or website. However, please do not copy information from the website and then tell us that you were trying to give us publicity. So, you can enter yoga or the path of yoga only when you are totally frustrated with your own mind as it is. If you are still hoping that you can gain something through your mind, yoga is not for you. Acarya Rajneesh, From Yoga: The Science of the Soul The Meaning and Purpose of YogaYoga means a state or condition, a technique, auspiciousness and union. The practice of yoga leads to mental stability, equanimity, concentration, meditation, good health, supernatural powers, devotion, self-transformation and liberation.
All the chapters in the Bhagavadgita contain the word yoga, signifying its importance in Hinduism and in achieving liberation.
Through the practice of yoga you reach the highest state of yoga, which is union with your inner Self or with the Supreme Self. Yoga is a multidisciplinary tool extremely useful to purify the mind and body and gain control over our minds and emotions.
It is useful for both the wordily people seeking mental peace and ascetics seeking liberation.
The most popular forms of yoga are classical yoga of Patanjali, also known as Ashtanga yoga, karma yoga, jnana yoga and bhakti yoga.
Inherent to all these yogas are Sanyasa Yoga (the yoga of renunciation) and buddhi yoga (the yoga of one pointed intelligence).
Yoga is an ancient ascetic practice which is mentioned and defined in several early Upanishads such as the Katha Upanishads.
But it is essentially a Hindu practice whose origins are rooted in the Vedas, more especially in the Upanishads.
Jayaram  VYoga practiceFor yoga practice to be successful, there can be no separation of practice and philosophy. Indeed, new approaches to practice have always come out of philosophy, while practice prepares the intellection for philosophy.

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