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Perfect for those who can’t seem to find the time to get their daily reading and AA meditation done. The study found that just seven minutes of Loving-kindness meditation (LKM), a Buddhist practise that promotes unconditional kindness towards oneself and others, is effective at reducing racial bias.
Lead researcher Alexander Stell said that this indicates that some meditation techniques are about much more than feeling good, and might be an important tool for enhancing inter-group harmony. LKM is known to engender happiness and kindness to oneself and others through repeating phrases such as 'may you be happy and healthy' while visualising a particular person. The researchers found that just seven minutes of LKM directed to a member of a specific racial group (in this case, a black person) was sufficient to reduce racial bias towards that group.
Additionally the researchers measured levels of positive emotions that were either 'other-regarding' (e.g. University of Sussex researchers found that just seven minutes of LKM can help reduce racial bias. In the study published in the journal Motivation and Emotion, 71 white participants who do not practice meditation were given a photo of a black person of the same gender. After both procedures were done, the researchers utilized the Implicit Association Test in which they tallied and scored the reaction times of the participants. In 2012, 51 percent of Americans expressed explicit anti-black attitudes compared with 48 percent in 2008.
Racial and ethnic racism in the United States have been a national issue since the colonial and slavery era.
Not just making you calm and creating a feeling of kindness, a mere seven-minute of meditation daily can help reduce racial bias too, a new study shows. The Loving-kindness meditation (LKM) is a Buddhist practise that promotes unconditional kindness towards oneself and others. Some previous studies have shown that inducing happiness in people, for example by exposing them to upbeat music, can actually make them more likely to have prejudiced thoughts compared to those hearing sad music. May the beauty of the world within which we live radiate through our hearts, through our groups and throughout the world.
Life starts quickening and relationshios become more rewarding as you show up with more of yourself. I have been enjoying doing these meditations, sometimes I also end my day with them – it is a wonderfully grounding thing to do to help wind down and get into a quiet inner space.
Besides (re)connecting to beingness and Mother Earth, the 7-Minutes Meditation feels as anchoring consciousness in the body.
Support yourself to meditate daily by joining me as I create a new meditation for Gaia every single week. Thank you Klara with whole my heart, for these meditations give me ground to stay connected with myself and my surroundings.

Take these 7 minutes to enter sacred space, and remember we are not two- and to awaken to the full presence of yourself and Gaia. The Sunday after Easter 2015 I challenged myself to offer the world for a year and a day a FREE daily Healing Meditation of 7 minutes, released early morning Amsterdam Time. To me, being a Priestess means just that: to remember we are not two and to awaken to the full presence of ourselves and Gaia.
My vision is these 7 Minutes will also function to create together an energetic field for all of us working towards this shift- each in our own unique way.
Please feel free to do the meditation anytime that fits your schedule and timezone. Actually spreading over the 24 hours will help to keep the field alive so we can all tune into it anytime of the day and night.
I will be recording the sessions live early morning, something like 8 am, unless I have no access to internet and have to record a few days ahead of time. The first step to get more involved is to sign up, and jump into this flow and do a 7 minute meditation from a Priestess daily. DEPENDS… for those of you who subscribe early, yes- for the first year and a day, that is until Monday after Easter 2016, ALL meditations will be free. The Meditations released on Wednesday and Sunday will be free for everyone, the whole year and a day. ALL daily Meditations for a year and a day: Sign up on this page to receive reminders, extra information and links to the page.
The Priestess lineage goes back at least 10,000 years, to a time when the Sacred Feminine was revered all over the earth. A new study says that seven minutes of loving-kindness meditation (LKM), or metta bhavana, can significantly reduce racial prejudice. They were then given either prerecorded LKM instructions or directions to look at the face of the person in the photo and take note of facial features. They were asked to match positive and negative words with the faces that belonged to their own ethnic group or another. Every aspect of life including land acquisition, wealth, health, employment, immigration, politics and the justice system are affected by racial discrimination issues. A field we can all lean into as we daringly leave behind old safeties and comforts- and open ourselves up to living from a place of trust and connection. It opens and connects to the multidimensional realms which surround us and of which we are part. Often a few more come during the week, and when you’re on my mailing list you receive access.
This would be you daily sacred space to remember we are not two and to awaken to the full presence of yourself and Gaia.
To me it is the root of all our beautiful and heart opening attempts to grow beyond the old paradigm and to shift into the future we sense emerging.

After half a year, I needed a break, and now I am picking it up again at one meditation a week.
A field that we can all lean into as we daringly leave behind all safeties and comforts and open ourselves up to living more from a place of trust and connection.
Come to this page, scroll down to the player, click and listen to this week’s meditation.
For now, you can listen back to meditations up to a month old, by subscribing to these 7 Minutes Meditations.
When subscribing after a still-to-be-determined date, a small fee will be asked. My commitment is to offer you daily meditations sharing the essence of living as a priestess for a year and a day, starting Sunday after Easter 2015.
What is little understood, is that this is not only a tradition honoring Gaia, the Great Mother, it is also the first nondual tradition. The practice begins with having a loving acceptance of one's self to overcome feelings of self-doubt and negativity which will develop loving-kindness towards others. Though there was no marked reduction, the procedure was adequate enough to somehow lessen the feelings of racial prejudice. This makes me realize again that we are multidimensional divine beings living in a physical temple. Sign up and get active to live without duality and to awaken to the full embodied presence of self and Gaia. Wherever you are, all you need is a space to stand, stretch, move, and turn to the East- the place where the sun rises. Then you get access to a page with archives, plus to to new meditations every day of the week. As firekeeper you can add on to the mystery and magic of any ritual through your handling of the fire in all dimensions.
Also day-long Mini-Quests in Netherlands, a Journey to Avalon (Glastonbuty, UK) to heal the womb of Gaia, live Tandava session in Amsterdam where we take 1,5 hour for these healing meditations, and much much more. It is my life contribution to find the full depth and width of this ancient priestess tradition back and connect it back to still living traces of itself.
You noursih the other and yourself when you show up more fully, with more tenderness, more vulnerabilty, less harnass. This tradition reminds us that we are not two and awakens us to the full presence of ourselves and Gaia. You can root yourself in this tradition through these 7 minute meditations. From this space of sacredness; of being and presence and as a divine being I can offer something to the world.

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