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Click here for a brief description of each chakra, its location, colour, elements, characteristics and effects of malfunction is all given on the following pages. When people talk about meditation, the first thing that comes to many people’s mind is a person  in a room filled with candles, incents, and sitting in a very awkward position, with their eyes closed, no movement, and for long periods of time.
Harvard Medical School conducted a study in which 20 people who meditated regularly, and 20 people who never had meditated before, had their brain tested to determine what parts of the brain are affected and become active during meditation. What makes an investment banker who is making over $500,000 dollars a year loose his mind and quit his job at the height of his success and become some monk in a far away country? But instead of beating your head against a wall or quitting your job to move to Cambodia, why not take a stab at meditation? When you meditate, you help the body rest and regenerate through decreasing your metabolic rate, and also lowering your heart rate. While few people will admit it to personally doing it, over 14 million Americans visit some form of licensed therapist a year.
When a person meditates, their mind tends to calm down, and the constant chatter of thoughts and ideas that rush through our minds nearly all day, vanish in an instant during mediation. You can discover negative patterns in your mind and keep negative emotions in check that would otherwise ruin your upbeat emotional state.
My favorite way to meditate is to sit down, consciously breath and count my breaths up to 100.
I have never been more relaxed, peaceful, calm, poised, stoic, and present than when I have meditated. Another suggestion would be to focus on your inner body, and simply visualize and feel your heart punding, or the blood circulating through you. I mean, when I meditate it allows me to see things for what they are, accept them, and just be myself regardless. The more I meditate, the more I disassociate with the fear when I’m in social situations. It is suggested that you keep aside a specific time when you can meditate without any disturbance. It is important to meditate at the same time each day as your biorhythms will naturally adjust to it as a habit like eating and falling asleep.
In India, many individuals burn incense sticks or use fragrant oils to create an atmosphere conducive to meditation. You may notice your mind getting distracted towards other things but bring it gently back to your breath.

The most important aspect about meditation is not how long you do it but that you do it regularly. The Steady Gaze or Trataka Meditation is a popular meditation technique among many religions, including Christianity and Sufism.
The Vipassana Meditation is another meditation technique which aims to provide you a vipassana or insight into your inner self to be able to identify the cause of your suffering and get rid of it in the process through self-observation.
Zarzen Meditation, with the image of one sitting in a lotus position, is perhaps one of the most well-known and most depicted among the meditation types. The Raja Yoga Meditation technique is a technique practiced by yogis who wish to experience the highest form of bliss and enlightenment. Finally, there is the Nada Yoga technique which focuses on meditation using the body’s internal sounds. If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.
With all the distractions around you, even at home, it makes it difficult to find that 20-30 mins of quite time. Like there’s an itch on my shoulder, I accept it fully, and then I CHOOSE not to itch it.
It helps you unleash the unlimited potential within you that has been untapped and remains to be explored. Sitting in a specific place for meditation helps, as spiritual energies gather in a place where you meditate, which makes it easier to concentrate. The best time to meditate is in the morning as an early morning meditation helps us to carry some of the energy and peace of mediation into our daily activities.
Your nervous system will also get used to meditating at a particular time allowing you to enter deep meditative states more easily.
It has been seen sounds of nature like a running river, chirping of birds, sea waves hitting the shore are all relaxing and helps the novice to concentrate.
It has been studied that fragrances such as jasmine, cinnamon and sage have the power to release emotions and memories.
Close your eyes and focus on the breath moving in and out of your nostrils or on the rise and fall of your belly.
No matter what the feelings or thoughts are, try to bring back your focus to the breath again and again .With some practice you will be able to maintain your focus for a longer duration.
It can take many months of practice to reach the theta level during your meditation practice.

Adding on to this, one suggestion is to wear loose clothes than tight fittings that would still make you comfortable. It is also one of those exercises that have been practiced by man for millenia, harking far back into the ancient times. The purpose of this meditation is to discover these chakras in our body (seven all in all) and be able to bring integration and balance not only to each of these chakras, but to the whole body as well.
This body meditation also allows one to study any sensation felt in the body like itching and pain.
This technique is also used by yogis who wish to be closer to God and be detached from all worldly things.
By using the thumbs to plug the ears, one who practices this technique will notice these sounds which are faint at first before it gradually becomes louder. It has been seen that some of the greatest scientist, inventors, and philosophers conceived their life transforming ideas during their meditation sessions. However, all those individuals who are facing time constraints can meditate in the evening. And as the practice spread across the world, the history of meditation evolved over time as various meditation techniques have made their way into being practiced by many people today. The word “mantra” itself comes from the Sanskrit language which means “revealed sound.” This mantra may be given by a meditation guru or you can choose your own. Trataka meditation involves fixed gazing over a particular object like a candle along with deep breathing and alternating with the closing of the eyes. It is important to create a boundary between you and outside world when you are meditating.
In mantra meditation, it is believed that speaking the mantra emits “vibrations” directed to one’s “chakras” or man’s force centers that will attract divine powers which heals the body physically, spiritually, and psychologically.
Apart from improving eyesight, it is also said this technique develops one’s “psychic eye” as well. If you meditate regularly, you would know that meditation does not require any extra effort.

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