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I was so moved by that peace and I knew I talked about -- -- in our personal lives about that moment when he had a panic attack.
I wrote a memoir about a fidgety, skeptical newsman who reluctantly becomes a meditator a€“ and in the process of publishing it, I occasionally, to my embarrassment, found myself failing to practice what I preach. For those of you considering a New Yeara€™s meditation resolution, but who are held back by the thought, a€?I could never meditate,a€? Ia€™m here to tell you Ia€™m no avatar of perfection myself. In a funny way, my missteps only reinforced my conviction in the practice, as well as the changes it can produce in your life. My biggest fear, other than that the book royally sucked, was that I was revealing details about my personal life that would torpedo my career. I also wrote about how meditating helped me deal with my competitive feelings toward colleagues, and persistent a€“ if largely irrational a€“ fears about losing my hair, and what kind of impact that would have on my TV gig.
My anxiety truly went into full-on, mindless hyper-drive when, just weeks before the book was to come out, I received an alarming email from my mom. She urged me to consider pulling the book, even though thousands of copies had already been printed and were sitting in a warehouse somewhere.
Even though I had had the book vetted by dozens of smart friends and colleagues, including my own bosses, hearing these concerns from my mother shook me to my core, both because Ia€™m very close with her and also because I respect her enormously.
As it happened, right around the time that email arrived a€“ like a little, digital grenade a€“ in my inbox, I was scheduled to meet with Diane Sawyer, then anchor of ABC Newsa€™ evening newscast, and Ben Sherwood, then president of ABC News.
Diane assured me that everything would be OK, and that she and the rest of the news division would have my back; Ben even offered to call my mother on the spot.
As Joseph Goldstein likes to ask his students, a€?How many great meals or fantastic vacations have you had? Meditation, as I professed repeatedly to readers and anyone who would listen, is supposed to help you transcend this internal hamster wheel and find a bit of balance. But listen to what happened when, shortly after a€?10% Happier a€?came out, I got a call from my literary agent, informing me that the book was No.
Notwithstanding my little bouts of wanting more, I did recognize, in my more lucid moments, that the unlikely success of the book was a dream come true. In a chapter entitled a€?The Self-Interested Case for Not Being a Dick,a€? I had argued that kind, friendly and compassionate people tend to be happier, healthier more popular and more successful. In my relationship with my publishers, however, I wasna€™t always as compassionate as I would have liked.
In my book, I had quoted the Buddha as saying that anger has a a€?honeyed tip,a€? but a a€?poisoned root.a€? Nevertheless, in the heat of the moment, this newly minted public evangelist for meditation may have allowed himself to send a testy email or two. While my behavior hardly constituted motiveless malignance, just as the Buddha warned, after the initial rush of self-righteous satisfaction, my tart little missives ultimately left me feeling as if I had toxins running through my veins. One final example of my bumping up against my own advice: Nowadays, I spend a lot of time on the road, giving speeches about meditation. The whole game, I explain, is just to notice when youa€™re lost in thought, and start over.
Jud and his team connected a bunch of electrodes to my head, then had me meditate in short bursts, during which time they measured the electrical activity from my so-called Default Mode Network, the brain regions that are active when youa€™re engaged in mindless, self-referential, past-and-future-oriented internal chatter. Having now trotted out my many missteps, I will say this in my own defense: as I argue in the book, my whole 10% thesis buys me a lot of leeway to continue being a schmuck.
While I may sometimes struggle to practice what I preach, my post-mistake recovery time has dramatically improved. And therea€™s the rub: just because youa€™ve started meditating a€“ or even if youa€™ve written a whole f------ book on the subject a€“ doesna€™t mean your life is going to become a nonstop parade of rainbows and unicorns.
The bottom line is that the lessons learned through meditation run so counter to our instincts a€“ to let the voice in our head run wild, to chase pleasure blindly, to grasp at things that wona€™t last a€“ that we need constant reminders, and constant permission to fail and begin again. The more I travel around and talk about meditation, the more convinced I am that this practice is something truly and universally useful. But 10% happier a€“ even if it is a completely unscientific estimate a€“ is doable for pretty much anyone. Finding God Through Meditation is the second book of Dan Burkea€™s Navigating series that brings the wisdom of the saints into your hands. While Transcendental Meditation practice will definitely bust the stress of holiday shopping, we lend you a helping hand in avoiding the unnecessary head scratching and anxiety in the first place! Here’s how to inspire your close ones with a beautiful gift – a book on Transcendental Meditation, perfectly suited for their unique character. Do you need a present for someone who cannot part from his or her sporting equipment, even when taking a nap? Valerie Gangas speaks to her contemporaries in their language and writes about their lives. A great sense of humor is a good vehicle to get a message across to anyone, but some people just can’t take seriously anything that isn’t funny. For those blessed souls, The TM book is the ideal introduction to Transcendental Meditation where even the science is  presented through the prism of humor. The Transcendental Meditation TM Book: How to Enjoy the Rest of Your Life by Denise Denniston and Barry Geller. Those whose hearts are stirred into song by words lined up in celestial perfection like pearls on a string – in short, all true lovers of poetry – will appreciate the way Ann Purcell uses both prose and poetry to express how Transcendental Meditation can turn happiness and bliss from unreachable goals into your everyday reality. Alternatively, Lyric Benson Fergusson’s French Kissing God: A Journey to Enlightenment is a Rumi-esque mystic poetry book which has received the equivalent of a standing ovation from everyone who has come across it. Need a present for someone whose headphones are constantly blasting out latest street anthems? If you need a meaniful gift for someone positively obsessed with healthy lifestyle, then Mark Bunn’s Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health is the book you’re looking for.

Bunn’s investigation of the longest living people on earth leads to his seven easily graspable nuggets of wisdom.
No matter which creative expression the recipient of your gift is into, David Lynch’s Catching the Big Fish is the book that will keep on giving. For someone with a tiny bit more time to spear, go with the appropriately titled Work Zone Madness!
Learn more about the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation technique at a free introductory talk with a certified TM teacher. Transcendental Meditation is the most widely practised and extensively researched programme of self-development in the world. Would you watch it -- I just felt -- as a journalist as -- on TV the pressure sometimes can be so great.
I was kind of like a dog that soils the rug, and the universe kept shoving my face into it. One of my main arguments in a€?10% Happiera€? is that meditation a€“ despite its unfortunate association with people who use the word a€?Namastea€? un-ironically, and who are prone to grandiose claims about a€?spiritual awakeninga€? a€“ can make ambitious people even more effective, by helping draw the line between a€?constructive anguisha€? and pointless rumination. I wrote about how I had covered wars for ABC News, gotten depressed, self-medicated with recreational drugs, and had a panic attack on television a€“ all of which, combined with some other strange developments, ultimately led me to meditation. Although shea€™d been reading various drafts for months, and had claimed to be comfortable with the material, shea€™d now concluded that the book would ruin my professional life a€“ that no one would take me seriously as a journalist once it came out.
I was now genuinely contemplating trashing four years of work; I was on the cusp of calling my publishers and pulling the plug on the whole endeavor. Thanks in large part to the backing of ABC News, people actually seemed to be reading the book and, more importantly, benefiting from it. It literally became the first thing I did in the morning, and the last thing I did before I went to bed, with hourly checks in between.
Moreover, I pointed out that studies have shown that meditation can actually make people nicer.
Even though things were going swimmingly overall, we had a few disagreements about promotion and distribution. Not long afterwards, I happened to be watching the movie a€?O Brother Where Art Thou,a€? and was particularly struck by the scene where George Clooney and his gang of misfit fugitives are watching a manic bank robber being marched off to prison, hollering as he goes. During the Q&A sessions, I constantly find myself reassuring people who feel they are failed meditators. Every time I thought I was meditating correctly, the screen in front of me showed that, in fact, my DMN was spiking like the Dow on a bull run. When I talked it over with Jud, he theorized that I was getting in my own way by trying too hard a€“ or, as meditation teachers like to say, a€?over-efforting.a€? Not long afterwards, I related this story over brunch to my friend, the meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg. In essence, I had forgotten the basic instructions; the stuff I tell audiences all the time. To wit: Ia€™ve since lightened up and improved my meditation practice, and Ia€™ve patched up my relationship with my publishers. In the rest of your life, this means seeing when youa€™ve messed up, engaging in a little bit of what the Buddhists call a€?wise remorsea€? (as opposed to unconstructive spirals of self-flagellation), picking yourself up, and getting back into the fight. I find this notion hugely comforting, and so should anyone who tells themselves theya€™re not cut out for meditation. Ia€™m not saying Ia€™m going to move to the Himalayas and become a monk or anything, but I will probably write another book about meditation. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
This series is a goldmine for Catholics to deepen your relationship with God and to grow into a deeper union with Jesus Christ.Finding God Through Meditation by St.
Well, for those people, the best book to give on Transcendental Meditation is Transcendence by Dr. The story of John Leslie Fultz – a pro basketball player who was able to put sex, drugs and rock ‘n‘ roll aside and rise to the top of the European basketball scene with the help of Transcendental Meditation – is the perfect gift for them! That is, once they can stand again after being blown away by Lyric’s bold and passionate verses. Steven Verney’s The Best of All Possible Worlds – a work of fiction about a philosophy teacher practicing and teaching Transcendental Meditation. As the beautiful and gripping story unwinds, the main character re-discovers the principles of Eastern philosophy in the works of the Western transcendentalists such as Walt Whitman and Henry David Thoreau.
Sands’ brilliant book, Maharishi’s Yoga is based on the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
Ellis’ book A Symphony of Silence covers it all (arts and music, science and philosophy), it also contains lovely discussions on Transcendental Meditation by Protestant ministers, Catholic nuns, and a Jewish theologian. Russell Simmons’s Super Rich will appeal to both the young and the old, teaching them how meditation leads to being really and irrevocably super-cool!
Written with great compassion and humor, this book delivers good health by both its wise content and delightful form. Lynch is a living proof of how the Transcendental Meditation practice opens up an awe-inspiring fountain of creativity. In Switzerland it is taught under the auspices of the International Meditation Society Switzerland. And yet, in the weeks before publication, I nearly made myself sick with counterproductive worry.
I seemed to have temporarily forgotten a supremely helpful nugget of wisdom imparted to me in the pages of my own book by the meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein. We are insatiable; we hurl ourselves headlong from one cookie, one promotion, one sexual encounter to the next, and yet wea€™re never fully sated. The goal, rather, is to manage your urges and impulses with more wisdom, to not get so carried away, so addicted.

For example, preschoolers who were taught a practice called a€?compassion meditationa€? were more likely to give their stickers away to strangers.
Norman Rosenthal – a great overview of all the amazing (and peer-reviewed!) scientific findings on the technique.
Note: this honest book contains language that might not be appropriate for younger readers. For those desiring a perspective on how the tenants of their religion resonate with the practice of Transcendental Meditation, this is the book to give! In this book, Lynch spells this out in concise images, memorable anecdotes, and without much further ado. On the air but thank goodness that you were able to take I mean it's the ultimate turning lemons into lemonade isn't. When it spiked, I experienced a little starburst of elation, quickly followed by fantasies of what it would be like if it went even higher. Yeah I mean it's -- I thought a lot about -- to tell the story in a lot of people even surprised that I -- that I -- in the book not only but -- -- but a lot of other things hand. And then, just as the surge of dopamine was cresting, another thought crept in: Why am I not #1? Youa€™re breaking a lifetimea€™s habit of walking around in a fog of memory and projection.
Teresa of Avila on difficult questions she had about prayer, for which she has written about in her Interior Castle. John -- Thank you -- I -- don't listen to the person we're bat and wears bathrooms on that. Here to be surprised how hard it is yet it is that it is the mental exercise -- and I can do it from very limited periods it's like.
You will find here the gems that God has in store for all who truly desire to grow in relationship with Him in prayer. Say you don't it's like holding a live -- in your hands and we did our minds are crazy that point is not to stop taking the point is to start over again. If you can just catch yourself and start over that's the whole game is it hard to go to the gym yes you're doing it right same thing -- and.
That's in the years of ice and meditations going to be like the next technical and it's getting out of that the invention that takes us that's going to annual Houston -- -- -- but he also said one thing about -- -- your mind is not that you have to.
You know what happens there is standing in your regular life you know when you're driving down the street is -- cut you off you have this thought.
I'm angry right and then immediately you inhabit that -- can become angry but meditation you noticed getting angry.
All white lights can only making 10% happier and as you seem like one of the center and wonderful happy people -- -- an adorable it's a big time NG. And they promise and I think -- -- very destructive way that they can solve all of your problems. That is scientifically tested it will have a good return on investment and there's not going to be you know make you taller regret your hair fixed so you don't know -- -- -- lottery things that are at. Sandra site -- yeah Harris of CNN -- It is the way to delay in the forecast -- -- same thing and never -- never be upset. So it really hits seventy but to forget but what are some of the things that people who were watching them they might as you said have that stereotype or that it had a negative connotation with.
Meditation what are some things that you think he can help went in terms of I guess anger but what else can can people gathered from this problem that they're saying -- -- -- -- that's not.
A man of -- -- -- -- short list of the things that meditation and shut the -- Focus blood pressure immune system. Irritable bowel syndrome your brain metabolism and as it's been shown to rewire key parts of the brain. Literally grow in the gray matter in the in the parts that have to do with self awareness of compassion and shrinking it where it has due to stress wow that -- -- -- Also didn't say yeah yeah 81 cent at city it immediately positive problem nation here but I meditating for -- -- here -- and as my life -- of their blood tests.
And it did you -- did you see -- from the yeah by the way am I haggard infringing colleges he knows the game being on -- -- an elite so it's not paying off -- We're glad that -- that isn't Blair's message not -- yeah you know you and you know. Cigna we don't know and so -- question on the town leaders and happier and -- Do -- -- you answer a question from humorous to definitely yeah I think it -- oldest daughter and we yeah you look like killing pull it.
The first couple years me on TV looked like you and economic justice yeah no -- -- can't attack in Chattanooga you know for sure what is your fever congregants -- writing. Yes I'm tired doctor wife yeah I -- doctor animal has always important we're OK we need to know one -- he might -- your -- -- like any -- -- Yeah.
And it's worth saying this is a little plug for days BCA doesn't really united -- well we all believe in strongly there are millions of animals and impose on every year because they have a good home sales but -- Yeah seven.
His evenings you ask me -- I'm Linda let me clarify yes -- -- excellent candidate that -- -- It is not my hand and not my Cat Stevens what is my prayers are -- testing and I mean in Miami that we're tracking Eyewitness News. All right guys thank you so much for your questions here at social square thank you -- parents are helping us all become.
Now we -- backyard -- never -- it is yeah I wish you can do like how to meditations that we can do that and -- bring me back LT -- and it.

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