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Which simply means that you cannot get to happiness by acquiring things or searching for it.
Just another bad Internet meme, with no source ever listed, but posted and re-posted as a Lennon quotation by the gullible souls who want warm-n-fuzzy thoughts to tinkle down on the rest of us. To discover million image quotes, simply type your search terms into our powerful search box or browse our topics and the authors pages.
Topics include motivational quotes, life quotes, love quotes, wisdom quotes, proverbs quotes, famous quotes, breakup quotes, random quotes, and more. The process of meditation starts with a spiritual state where the practitioner committee member. And the development students can lily teaching a group of yoga teachers replace a practice of daily mindfulness. Imogen O’Rorke participated in a meditation retreat at the Adhisthana buddhist centre in Herefordshire. Mindfulness has become a buzzword but it’s on retreat that you really start to benefit from the transformational effects of intensive meditation. Adhisthana is equipped to cater for up to 130 people at a time which makes it less intimate than the order’s smaller retreat centres; but despite the large number of guests, it never felt impersonal.
On the first night there’s always a temptation to stay up chatting but it’s a good idea to get to bed early, otherwise the 6.30am bell is a truly rude awakening. After breakfast at 8.15am, there is an hour’s work period when you are expected to participate in jobs like food preparation, cleaning and shrine decoration. Despite the rigorous schedule, there are periods (for example a couple of hours after lunch) where you can disappear to explore the beautiful countryside, read or sleep.
Groups are followed by a third meditation session and supper at around 6.30pm (it’s surprising how ravenous sitting still can make you). On the last day everyone was buzzing and faces looked wide open and relaxed (in sharp contrast to the expressions in the minibus en route to the centre five days earlier). Queen of Retreats is the leading independent travel website that helps you sift through the healthy holiday hype, set up by Times journalist and retreat expert Caroline Sylger Jones.
All the material you find on this site has been meticulously researched and written by a hand-picked team of professional journalists with a passion for retreating.
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With all this energy buzzing, Mindful is ending 2015 on a high note, and with an expanding and highly engaged community of readers. And what’s the best way to come down from a high-energy buzz like the one we’re feeling right now? In our busy, high-tech, low-touch lives, it’s easy to operate detached from our own bodies. DescriptionLet the gentle resonation of this Woodstock Chimes Zenergy Meditation Chime calm your mind, refocus your energy, and decrease your stress.
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Woodstock Chimes Brand StoryImagine yourself in the Hamptons, sitting on your porch, drinking a cup of tea as the sun's rays cascade over rolling waves.
Husband and wife Garry and Diane Kvistad co-founded the company in 1979 with the hopes of producing affordable, high-quality musical gems that are appealing to everyone. We just sent you a confirmation email - once activated, you will receive your Promotion Code as a welcome gift! It seems like we can’t go anywhere on the Internet these days without running into a story about the benefits of meditation. These 10 meditation blogs will inspire you to break out your cushion and make meditation part of your daily routine.
As Wildmind’s founder writes on this blog, meditation is as much about simply noticing how chaotic the mind can be as it is about cultivating mental stillness—which is where the name “WildMind” comes from. As one of the biggest publishers of Buddhist literature, you would expect the Shambhala blog to have great content—and they do not disappoint. is the online branch of Mindful Magazine, and their website is brimming with fantastic articles about how to bring the benefits of mindfulness to everyday life. Transcendental Meditation was made famous by none other than Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, one-time spiritual advisor to The Beatles. This visually stunning blog is all about inspiration; you might even think of it as the Pinterest of meditation.
In keeping with its Zen affiliations, author Leo Babauta keeps it simple and gets right to the essential nature of his blog.
Wisdom Publications is another big publisher of Buddhist authors, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama himself.
Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world.
If you haven't booked a massage, a session at your local isolation therapy tank or a lazy day at the beach to celebrate the joyous holiday that is National Relaxation Day (August 15), do not panic.
In 2011, a group of sound therapists and a band called Marconi Union put their heads together to create, what they claim to be, the most relaxing song ever.

Aquariums are a blast, and according to some research, watching those fish go by might have a lasting, stress-relieving effect -- at least among psychiatric patients suffering from pre-treatment anxiety and depression, according to one study. It'd be only in the spirit of National Relaxation Day to enjoy a simple cup of tea, which has been shown to lower blood pressure and abate stress. There might not be anything more basic than a deep breath to trigger the body's relaxation response. We couldn't do the photoshopping for you, but just imagining yourself on a vacation in a peaceful place has relaxing powers. If you've got a big project you have to really focus on, or especially if you have to drive, hit the hay.
Napping at work is serious business: A little shut-eye can keep your stress in check and, believe it or not, promote productivity on the job. A recent study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management showed that bringing your dog to work could help to lower office stress and boost employee satisfaction.
The study, which looked at the pet-friendly company Replacements, Ltd., showed that employees who brought their dogs in to work experienced decreases in stress throughout the work day.
Noise activates the body’s stress reaction, and living in an environment of chronic noise pollution leads to a condition of chronic stress. Making a friend of silence will go a long way towards building your concentration and enhancing your meditation practice. Get Michael's new book The Mindful Geek, and learn to meditate without religion or beliefs.
Donate to DYDeconstructing Yourself brings you some of the finest meditation writing on the Internet, all without ads or subscriptions. While that may be the most often quotes line on happiness from Wayne Dyer, there is a story about an Alley cat that I have read in his books and heard in some of his speeches that I have really enjoyed so I will share it with you.
That’s what the energy monitor was showing me a moment before I plugged in the kettle. I’d been on Triratna retreats before but this was the first one at their new centre Adhisthana, in the glorious Malvern Hills of Herefordshire, which also happens to be the home of the Buddhist order’s founder Sangharakshita.
As I’d opted to do just the second half of the ten day retreat, I was anticipating an obvious division between the retreatants who’d been there over Christmas and the new influx, but this simply wasn’t the case.
Some people even prefer larger retreats precisely because you’re more anonymous and there’s “less pressure to socialize,” as one woman put it.
All the rooms are twins and therefore earplugs and eye visors are advisable in case, like me, you prefer sleeping in until the last minute. The absolute beginners are taken off into a smaller shrine room to be taught good posture and the two fundamental meditation practices of the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana (cultivation of loving kindness). Triratna emphasise the importance of the spiritual community (the Sangha) and mucking-in is an essential part of it. You are encouraged not to use tablets and mobile phones during these periods, which tend to break the spell of being fully present. The day winds up early with a Dharma (Buddhist philosophy) talk at 8pm, followed by a short puja or ceremony.
We’ve accomplished most of our goals from the start of the year, bringing you our iPad digital edition, more videos, as well as more conferences and collaborations. Get in touch with the body. When was the last time you noticed how your body was feeling? Not just when you have a headache or you’re tired or you have heartburn after that spicy taco you ate for lunch. They too easily become vessels we feed, water, and rest so they can continue to cart around our brains. At 7 inches long, this meditation chime mounted on a hardwood base is perfectly sized for your meditation space, desk or nightstand; it can also be easily mounted on a wall or entryway to draw a group's attention or focus. Simply return your new and unused merchandise back to us and we'll gladly refund the original payment method.
Shipping rates are calculated in real-time at checkout and displayed by entering your zip code when reviewing your order. Being a professional musician, Garry Kvistad is committed to fine tuning and great sound, which is why every single WoodStock chime is perfectly constructed to have the best pitch. And it’s 100% true—studies show that meditation can decrease stress, increase focus, and even provide relief for suffers of chronic pain and illness. With our busy lives and the often welcome (yet unfulfilling) distractions technology provides, it’s important to make time to simply sit with your thoughts.
This blog addresses the struggles newbies face and provides tips and tricks to make it easier to keep practicing meditation, even when it’s hard. Whether you’re new to the practice of meditation or looking for resources to deepen your practice, this site has something for you. Their guided meditations and essays from meditation experts will help you get in touch your own wild mind. In addition to their poignant Daily Wisdom posts, they also frequently post essays from big name author who publish with Shambhala, including my personal favorite Buddhist writer, Pema Chodron. They host several blogs on their website, and their bloggers write about everything from mental health issues, to leadership, to education, all through the lens of mindfulness meditation. They publish posts from staff bloggers and guest writers alike, so the voices represented on this blog are uniquely diverse, and comments and conversations are always encouraged! Today, TM.Org promotes the practical benefits of this form of meditation, including lowering stress and anxiety. Art of Dharma encourages its viewers to get involved and spread their message of mindfulness, selflessness, and authentic happiness throughout the Internet. The writing is straightforward and conversational, and the clean white background is a welcome break from the techno-clutter we’re all used to.

Their blog is broader in scope than the others we’ve mentioned, covering a wide range of topics about Buddhism in general, but their content is so well-written and thoughtful that it’s always worth a read. More research conducted at Connecticut's Mystic Aquarium found contemplating the sea creatures helped with anxiety.
Kick your zen up a notch with a tea meditation, or just allow yourself to be entranced by the mesmerizing, virtual beverage above. The breath counting exercise above should work wonders if your brain is especially buzzing today. If the rest of the workday looks like smooth sailing, or you often have trouble sleeping at night, skip the nap. Meanwhile, self-reported stress increased for people who didn't bring their dogs, and for those who don't have dogs.
Just as I was getting really focused, a neighbor busted out his leaf blower and started making a terrible racket. Your nervous system was engineered by natural selection for an environment of almost total quiet. It’s not that you can’t meditate with sounds around you, but just eliminate the ones you can. Rather than list them all here, this article is a good summary and contains links to the science. Another major advantage of the Newcomer’s winter escape is that it is always led by the LBC’s most senior and inspiring teachers: this year it was Maitreyabandu, Jnanavaca and Subadramati. The rest of us practised in the main hall around a shrine which got a thematic make-over every day. This year the talks were around the White Lotus Sutra, which is about finding yourself after wandering in the wilderness. But just noticing how your body is feeling right now, while you’re sitting or standing or lying down. We don’t pay attention to the information our bodies are sending us or the effect that forces such as stress are having—until real health problems set in.
Peaceful, relaxing, and inspiring, these carefully crafted chimes, bells and gongs bring pleasure to people of all ages.
This family-owned business is located in beautiful Hudson Valley, New York--a place as beautiful in scenery as the chimes are in tone! But the fact remains that meditation isn’t easy, especially for those of us who struggle to turn off the mental chatter and the buzz of thoughts of work, bills, family, and all the other stresses of modern day life. Check out their recurring “What We’re Reading” feature for excellent, spiritually focused book recommendations! Don’t forget to look for the reading Buddha symbol at the end of each post, which is meant to remind readers to use technology mindfully. Their inspirational photos, videos, and photo-filled articles will motivate you to live your best life. With so many overly flashy blogs out there, it’s easy to see how this one is different—and why it’s gained over a million readers. Plus, their weekly Meditations Illustrated feature is a fun way to get a new perspective on common meditation principles. Second of all, we've compiled a list of six of the most relaxing things ever -- all of which you can do right now.
But if you don't have time to sneak away to your local aquarium today, this virtual fish tank above could do the trick.
I have pretty good concentration skills, so I could continue working, but I noticed how much mental effort it took to ignore the screeching din. Nature is mostly filled with soft, quiet sounds: leaves rustling, water trickling, insects buzzing.
Instead, little by little, reduce the number of hours per day that you have intentional background sound turned on. Trying?’A learn a song from an old songbook or sheet music can be difficult unless you already know how the song goes.
By the second half of the retreat, guests are asked to stay in silence until after breakfast the next day.
How about noticing how your body feels while you’re sitting in an important meeting or walking down the street or playing with your children? With a wide variety of styles, songs and sizes, there is a perfect product for everyone's taste.
You can even download a mini course on how to get started meditating, and the best part is, it’s totally free! They often feature fun (and exclusive) interviews with celebrities about their meditation practice. While more research is needed, one review of the literature found that "BWE," as it's known, could have a benefit when it comes to targeting stress. Children, in particular, are negatively affected by sound pollution, which has been proven to lower reading skills and impair memory. This silent period will give your mind a chance to get concentrated first thing, which will help you to feel clear and concentrated all day long.

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