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Loneliness is a feeling that can overwhelm us whether we live in a remote area or in a crowded city. Jesus went on to say, in John 16:32 and 33, “I am not alone, because the Father is with me. Help me to know in my heart and remember that according to your Word; I am never alone because you are with me.
Need help in quieting your mind to experience God’s peaceful, loving presence and to let go and let God love you? I don’t know if my loneliness is just a phase that I am going through since I have always been kind of a loner and I tend to live in my head. After my divorce, I attended a seminar where the pastor leading it said, “Fill in the blank. Hi, i’m a teenage girl who have always felt empty in some way, i was never the first choice of a friend and never had a real support system among family.
It appears that the person you are with is still married(?) You mentioned being separated and not divorced. On another note, any time someone looks at phone messages, reads emails or picks up another person’s journal or private messages, that sends a big red flag to me of lack of trust.
This is not to say that you are wrong in feeling hurt because of the interaction that is going on with his ex.
Thank you SO much for your courage and for sharing how you have healed, found wholeness and have overcome loneliness. I read Kay’s book in one sitting and balled my eyes out what this precious woman that I met on the train had to suffer as a precious, little girl. I am an extrovert and love to give parties and attend them and have done that and many other activities so as not to feel my loneliness—stayed busy, busy, and then I could numb out the loneliness. And then I began research on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of which we have all known about, especially where soldiers were concerned. There are more thoughts I have about my experience with God and how God has worked in my life in relationship matters. In the mean time, I truly wish I could take away your loneliness and the loneliness of those here. And to be honest, I came to trust God, fully, to love God (not fully, probably, only He loves fully). I do not dwell on this – brushing it aside I look for God Whom help could come from.
I wonder if I see this in any age-group though, some more acute than others… What a modern world, that is.
I would also ask if you live by the greatest commandment – to love God, love your neighbor and love yourself. I am a young lady, suffering from an extreme illness of sin that I feel there is no more hope. I grew up in a family that was not what you would call privledged, my parents constantly together or a part, being taken in and out of my home. My record and charges prevents me from finding a job and I cannot attend college or survive with no income.
Most prayer is powerless because most people praying confessing theoretical sin to a theoretical savior and therefore receive theoretical grace. This prayer is powerful because it is incredibly vulnerable but it is also incredibly scary because it is, well…vulnerable.
When we treat God as a genie that primarily exists to bless us, protect us and enrich our private pleasures we commit spiritual adultery as if we control God instead of coming to grips with reality, that He alone has the right and the authority to control me. Notice too how open the psalmist is to God’s corrective hand and insightful wisdom when he boldly invites the Lord to search to him to see if there be “ANY” wayward way in him. The benefits of such a prayer life are that you’re inviting God into your recovery process.
When you start relating to God at such a level of depth and intimacy you start healing in ways that you never could’ve imagined otherwise. Another benefit of an authentic prayer life is that you actually have time, margin, focus and energy to look inwardly to the real emotions and realities going on in your own life.
Real relationship with God opens up a whole fresh possibility of not just knowing God, but ironically, truly knowing yourself. As you pursue sobriety, wholeness and healing don’t forget that the greatest advocate that fights for your sobriety is the God of the universe Himself. You, like the Psalmist of Psalm 139, can invite God into the deepest holes of your own heart because He is ready, willing and able to do the redemptive work to transform you from the inside out. About the Author: Ryan received his BS in Bible and Theology and a minor in counseling from Multnomah University.
He’s been married to his beautiful wife Michelle for 13 years and they enjoy raising four crazy, unique and special kids together. Addiction Hope is proud to announce the initiation of a special Christian Track of blogs and articles to commemorate the blessing of our sister site, Eating Disorder Hope’s 10th year anniversary.

The opinions and views of our guest contributors are shared to provide a broad perspective of addictions.
We at Addiction Hope understand that addictions result from a combination of environmental and genetic factors.
How Pornography Addiction Can Impact the Entire Family – Learning How to Support Your Loved One"Thank you for sharing Clara, and we are so sorry to hear of your struggle with this situation. Addiction Hope promotes ending addictive behavior, developing healthier coping skills and living a value driven life of health and well-being. I am able to be in community with others to share my joys, struggles and questions I have about my faith. I don’t really know what to do now but I have been feeling pangs of loneliness for some time. I pray that God will fill you with love, comfort, guidance, clarity and discernment in your life. While this post is a prayer for loneliness, I know that you are not alone in your circumstances.
I can have an addictive personality and can easily lapse into being a workaholic because I am very driven. I hope that you will find ways to love and nurture yourself so that work is not all consuming. I have felt depressed, angry and lost all faith in god for a while and i feel lost myself like i can’t find good christian friends or evolve as a person. I’m so sorry to hear about your situation and the pain and loneliness that you are feeling.
For everyone reading this post and the comments, I met Kay on a return train ride from visiting Robert’s son and grandchildren in San Antonio, Texas.
We discussed this prayer for loneliness and the comments and I requested that Kay share her story and triumph over loneliness. Until we realize that we are more alike than different, we will not have peace or peace on earth. I was constantly driven by feelings of jealousy for all my close friends who seemed to have the world.
I felt I had no one to turn to and once I turned 18, still dating my second boyfriend, began looking for something to help me. True prayer and meditation begin where our acknowledgment of our need and dependency begin. He doesn’t stop at mere behavior (symptoms) but moves deeper in the heart and motivations and asks God to examine the roots and foundations of his life. Instead of “using prayer” (and coincidentally using God) you now are now “leveraging prayer” and allowing God to have full access to the deepest hurts, pains, and struggles in your life. He has pastored students, families and is passionate about Christ-centered recovery and healing.
These are not necessarily the views of Addiction Hope, but an effort to offer discussion of various issues by different concerned individuals. If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction, please know that there is hope for you, and seek immediate professional help. It provides outstanding resources for adderall addiction and other prescription and non-prescription addictions, as well a treatment locator, a forum, and detailed content via articles and blogs. There can be a gulf of hurt, anger and resentment so wide that feelings of loneliness and isolation fill that gulf. If you don’t attend a church (sadly, that part of our society is dwindling too), I would recommend you find a church where you can be involved.
I have tried to amuse myself by watching movies, reading books, or playing games and such but nothing has really worked for long. I pray that God will provide you strength to carry on for your daughter and for your sake too.
I pray that you will find peace in knowing how much you are loved by God and that you would accept God’s love. I feel embarrassed of myself because i suffer from a condition , hirsutism and anxiety, everyday i have low self esteem and try to cover the marks, hair my skin got now.
Is there any way that you can keep up communication with your children by asking about them and not necessarily expressing your loneliness?
I can’t say it any better than what Kay has said to help you overcome your loneliness. Unfortunately, out of our desperation to be loved we seek outside of ourselves and look to others to provide. My boyfriend was a negative influence on me and all I could see was that I needed to turn him to God. I want to thank you and pray that God richly bless you to enable you continue all the great work you’re doing for people like me. We encourage establishing life enhancing habits to replace former self destructive behaviors.

When we can fully comprehend that God’s love, Spirit and power is within us, always, we can dismiss those thoughts of loneliness and isolation. I don’t know how old they are, but I would think you and they would want to keep communicating and remain strongly connected. So, I would do all that I could to be a positive influence in their lives, regardless of what happened that was unfair.
You don’t have to give the letter to him, but you can get out what you feel and look at it to evaluate where this relationship is truly going.
Because we live islands apart, my children avoid to text me because they would want to avoid to hear the truth, the fact that their father is lonely and all by himself. Our conversation lasted only a few minutes, because we met just before Robert and I were being called to dinner in the dining car. The last few days have been filled with caring for my mother and other family concerns, so I am not able to respond at length at the moment.
That you in turn would be lovable, and that God would deliver the right person for you to share your life with. Privilege in the form of housing and clothing and nice things does not mean that lives are not empty and that love and support are there. I’ll be following up this prayer with how to turn the pain of loneliness into the gift of solitude. Truth be told, if you have one friend that will stay with you though thick and thin, you are probably in the company of few. Marinating takes time and adds flavor and tenderness to to a dish, so I wish to offer a thoughtful response. You find that the success and accumulation of things don’t hold the meaning they once have.
He wrote the word health because his father had died in his 50s and he was concerned about his own health.
Sometimes i feel unloved and suicidal, it’s hard to deal with economic issues and family problems as well as my own alone. I know so little from a paragraph that you have written, but that would be encouragement that I would offer you. I have deeply involved myself in prayers and daily masses, but as human, pain and loneliness prevail.
It’s great to know there are great thoughtful and helpful people out there like you Thank you. It wasn’t until we were able to let go of that baggage that, I believe, God saw to bring us together. Hormones are complicated as it is during this time, and I’m sure that this adds to your feelings of low self esteem. We both love God, our neighbor (depending on the neighbor, this is not always easy) and ourselves. If you don’t belong to a church, I would tell you to seek out a good church with a good youth group where you can find support and fellowship. So, I would recommend you find a good faith community that you can join that will welcome you and where you can find connection. I pray that God gives me peace, balance and the ability to enjoy life with or without a partner.
I would ask the question (not asking you to answer here) if you are getting out into the world to meet people?
At this point, I’m just feeling hopeless and need an intervention from the big man upstairs. Jem, if you have reached out to others and they are not friendly or give in return, then they are not the right people. I just know for sure that meditation, being still, seeking out others for spiritual connection and finding a church home have turned my loneliness into a meaningful life of connection with God and with others. From what I read about hirsutism, there are things that you can do to make your life better. Then I came home around 1030 and he was in our room with the doors closed on the phone with his ex. She was saying to him I do not want to get back with you, and doing something for the kids is not enough.
He continues to tell me he loves me and wants me as his wife and there is nothing going on with her.

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