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This 1-hour class begins by learning the meaning of a few simple Sanskrit mantras and how to chant them.
This class is open to students of all levels and for those who would like to learn a few spiritual exercises that they can implement in their daily lives. I thank you for spending time in the monastery, for the lessons you have learned from your teacher, and your desire to pass them on to people outside of the monastery.
Please bring a small cushion or a yoga mat to sit on for meditation (chairs available for those that can't sit on the floor). Many people think that Indian cooking is complex and too difficult to learn with its multitude of spices, seemingly long preparation methods and more. The ingredients for these recipes can be acquired in local stores in the Vail area making it easy for you to repeat this meal for your loved ones. Join us for a delightful and educational culinary evening that will inspire you to make authentic curries at home.
28 people packed into Yoga off Broadway’s lovely studio yesterday evening for a guided meditation class.

We then outlined the steps for our meditation so we would know what we will be focusing on during our meditation. Special thanks to Kelly Western for inviting me, sharing her Yoga off Broadway studio and organizing this weekend of workshops. Then we naturally move on to leaning a couple pranayama (breath control) exercises that helps with regulating the flow of energy within the body. The tools you offerred were quite literally the tools to set the foundations for healthy enriching relationships.
Then we naturally move on to a guided meditation session which implements the chanting and a few breath control exercises as well. The practices I learned on this trip were concrete, approachable, and immediately applicable. You will also be provided with a printout of the ingredients and techniques used for each dish. The class then concludes with a guided meditation session which implements both the chanting and breath control exercises as well.

Apart from your practical words of wisdom, you speak a language that flows from your presence and the feeling that you are aligned with your purpose, and not affected by modern ADD. In this hands on class, you'll learn about the various spices and the simple methods used to create delicious Indian vegetarian dishes.
I started the class by sharing some of Gurudeva’s insights on the mind, namely understanding the difference between awareness and the mind and how we can use our will to consciously take our awareness to different areas of the mind. After our cooking extravaganza we will partake in these sumptuous dishes and for those of you that are keen to learn the age old art of eating with your hands this will be the perfect opportunity.

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