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Well, one will never know but if you are serious about following or joining them, its best you know a few facts before you make the experience or go through it. For instance, if everything is GOD as predicated by ISHA, why should you charge GOD to come to your classes?
The core principles as taught by Isha yoga founder and Yogi,  Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev are based on yoga basics and are good pertaining daily practice of body flexibility and mental calmness as in meditation. For someone who  apparently led a wild western lifestyle in India, as even shown in both types of classes taught by his volunteers or by himself. But the teachings differ in slowing leading you to believe there is no God!  Everything is GOD and you should not question what they teach. There are more red flags… a problem for me, a man of faith and perhaps you too, if you like the warm and fuzzy feeling but also very strong in your faith!

We're still doing monthly book discussions so book readers are welcome to join and participate. It helps ground you and calm you and anything else is upon daily thougths and daily actions done or not done by the person. Beyond that, there is a whole lot of  “icing” that borders religion, theology, self growth and purpose in life and also who is GOD?
He had apparently had a transformation and changed into a saint and a monk; a yogi at that. It seems and teaches misguided view  of self (nothing new from spiritual teachings and from yoga, from the Bible and also from Buddha),  from who you really are, to appreciating the present moment, on more to on ones way to self-realization, seeing God’s presence in everyone and appreciating  everything around you.
Alternately if you'd like to step up and organize some activities, feel free to hit the contact link on the left and volunteer.

He married, had a kid and death of his wife was a mystery scrutinized by the cops and he had associations with political atheist in the southern Indian state called Tamil Nadu.
Otherwise if you are looking for a general purpose social group in Eugene you may wish to check out Eugene Mix n' Minglers and the New Eugene Friends Group here on meetup. I also buy that  one can find a solution for stress and struggles in life by relaxation and by principles taught in yoga and meditation!

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