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These classes are set up as warm, respectful and fun places of exploration for self discovery and meditation. The first half of the class involves learning a spiritual tool that when applied consistently each day can bring about a positive change in your life.
I shared with the class how it was important for us to look at ourselves as awareness rather than then mind. The article in the New York Times shares how technology, for example your smart phone, can take your awareness from one thing to another in an uncontrolled manner training us to be easily distracted and less concentrated. Join me in a series of four meditation classes structured to help you begin a meditation practice. For more information or to register for these introduction to meditation classes, click here.
Join me in a series of four meditation classes structured to strengthen your meditation practice.
Vedic Odyssey’s 2-week meditation retreat in South India begins in Kochi marked by the blue plane in the upper left corner of the map.
From Periyar we travel towards Alleppey (spelt Alappuzha) by Lake Vembanad and from Alleppey a train ride takes us south to the beach town of Kovalam marked by the pink pin at the bottom of the map. Bright, colorful and saturated in sounds and smells to tantalize your every sense, with exotic foods to take you on a culinary voyage all its own, friendly locals with warm smiles, Kerala will charm and mystify you in every way.
Gary did an excellent job in explaining the subconscious mind and how to clear patterns we don’t want from it.
Tracey taught us about the power of affirmation and the key ingredients behind making an affirmation successful. Peter guided us in how to develop our will and gave 3 clear methods on how we can implement this in our daily life. We are certainly well settled in Darjeeling now and in the comforts of our beautiful hotel. After our morning class today part of the group headed to a sari shop in town to purchase some saris plus visit a tailor to get the appropriate blouses stitched for the saris they purchased. Last Fall, I was lucky enough to be a part of a huge photo art project entitled “Yoga In New York.” The photographs are by Artist and Yogi, Wari Ananda from Barcelona, Spain.
Outdoor yoga has been practiced for ages now and New Yorkers have made it their business to reintroduce it and make it a trendy activity.
Make use of those $98 Lululemon yoga pants you just bought with these free vinyasa classes organized by the funky yoga-apparel line. With programming that includes capoeira, film screenings and Shakespeare performances, Socrates Sculpture Park has come a long way since its days as a landfill. The New York Restoration Project, which has successfully beautified 52 community gardens across the five boroughs, offers intimate open-air workouts every Saturday in two locations. On Saturdays, Laughing Lotus Yoga Center leads a family-friendly version of its signature Lotus Flow vinyasa class in the Meatpacking District’s unsung 14th Street Park, situated beneath the High Line.
Our classes and workshops combine simple, effective meditation techniques and ancient spiritual wisdom for the modern world.

Learn simple, powerful meditation techniques and ancient spiritual wisdom for the modern world. If you don’t see a class that fits with your schedule, please use our contact form and select the boroughs you are interested in. By doing so, we find lasting peace and happiness and learn how to effectively solve our life-problems and realize our highest aspirations.
Our meditation classes are given by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre – people drawn from many different walks of life who share a common interest in meditation. All of our classes, concerts and other events are inspired by meditation Master Sri Chinmoy, who devoted his life to making meditation as widely known and practiced as possible.
Breathing techniques – how to use calming breath to put out the fire of emotions and thoughts. Mantra – how to properly use the repetition of spiritually resonant phrases to calm the mind. Heart meditation – focusing on the heart center, the safest and most effective energy center (chakra). Visualization techniques – guided meditations to invoke a peaceful and expanding inner landscape. Illumining life habits – we are often painfully unaware of our own destructive habits and tendencies that continually bring unrest into our lives. Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction is presented with the simplicity and clarity that is the hallmark of Sri Chinmoy’s writings. Flute Music for Meditation: These solo flute compositions were played by Sri Chinmoy during a high state of meditation.
You'll learn a simple but highly effective and systematic meditation technique that takes you within yourself and brings you back out. If you are keen to learn about meditation and to make a change in your life that you can sustain, you'll enjoy these classes. Each hour long class will comprise of breathing exercises, instructions on meditation and a guided meditation.
Each hour long class comprises of 20-minutes of instruction and breathing exercises, followed by a 40-minute guided meditation. The closest international airport to Kovalam is in Trivandrum where most of our travelers will depart from. He shared about the topic in a beautiful poem he composed overnight leaving the class speechless. The free sessions are led by seven rotating instructors from studios including MindBodySoul Yoga and Beloved Yogi Harlem, so expect a variety of styles and practices.
Show up to the earlier 9:30am class for a smaller, more intimate group (and a better chance of hearing the instructor) than you’ll find at the 11am session. Bring the whole family and your own mats (or just stretch out directly on the grass) to enjoy the upbeat, music-accompanied teaching style of LLYC’s staff, all of whom have youth training experience.
Methods for awareness and transformation of bad habits are shared, as well as secrets for maneuvering through a challenging contemporary lifestyle.

This book will take you from the beginning stages of concentration and meditation, through the advanced practice of contemplation. Herein lies the love, power, wisdom, peace and freedom that can be discovered by listening to his music. The steps for the meditation including the goal is clearly outlined allowing everyone to easily follow even if you are a beginner. I went on to share that one of the key concepts to grasp in understanding the mind is to understand the difference between awareness and the mind.
These classes will provide you with the necessary tools to help you begin and establish a consistent meditation practice. Those of you who have attended previous workshops or classes will find this highly beneficial.
Each person was given a topic yesterday and it was left to them to teach the group everything they knew about it.
Our main excursion for today was to head out to Tiger Hill to watch the sun rise over the Himalayas. Monique Schubert, who taught the same series last year, leads the group through a gentle flow and always takes time to demonstrate the poses; she focuses on the Kripalu system of hatha yoga, which incorporates postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Seasoned practitioners should not expect to be challenged; instead, consider it a chance to introduce your passion to the uninitiated yogis in your life. It is very important to know that you are awareness traveling through different areas of the mind.
Through Sept 27.), which are taught by more than 15 instructors from various studios including Pure Yoga, YogaWorks and Sonic Yoga. That said, beginners are also welcome to attend (and may e-mail to inquire about introductory classes scheduled at other times).
The classes were filled with smiles, laughter and applause as each teacher elucidated their topic as best they could. Hundreds of people take part in the hour-long practices, so arrive early to stake out your favorite spot on the park’s picturesque westward-facing lawn.
Using your willpower and concentration, you can take your awareness to any area of the mind and hold it there for a given period of time.
On the way back we stopped at a Tibetan monastery just in time for their morning ceremonies. Through Sept 6.), which draw 60 to 80 participants to each session as well as instructors from studios such as Yoga Sole, Park Slope Yoga and Abhaya Yoga. Though the sessions are considered open-level, beginners might have a tough time keeping up—it’s no walk in the park!

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