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Between work, family and what’s for dinner, sometimes we need a little help telling our minds to be quiet.
For Ultimate Wellbeing Everyone needs healing, whether it be on a physical, emotional, mental, psychological, or soul level. This guided meditation will lead you into deep relaxation, aiding the mind body connection to receive the fullness of a restorative practice.
Enjoy some relaxing "me" time as you wander into that space between sleep and wake as you quietly release tension and stress with simple breath work and reclined postures.
Once a woman has fully grasped her feminine nature, she blossoms, and can share that knowledge and beauty with others. This powerful meditation will help you clear your 2nd Chakra and embrace your sacred sexual nature.
Meditation is a time-honored practice that helps reduce stress, inspire peace and revitalize mind, body and spirit. Expand your capacity for creation- explore the ways that you could create the life of your choosing by considering the question “What are you busy creating?” This consciousness-shifting guided exploration is led by Founding OUTLAW Justin Kaliszewski and features the LIVE accompaniment of Marco DiFerreira. **Parental advisory of explicit content - Outlaw Yoga classes may contain strong language inappropriate for children. The free online classes are based on level of difficulty, length of class, yoga style and teacher, go higher in the comfort of your own home.
David Procyshyn, a Vancouver yoga instructr began taping his own classes to post online, and then other yoga instructors began to get involved.
To get the latest updates from National Holistic Health Examiner Tina Ranieri ‘click’ the subscribe button above. Tina RanieriHolistic Health ExaminerTina has been counseling with her special gifts in spiritual work of the Body, Mind, and Spirit for over 40 years. Six Earth-friendly alternatives to your autoConnecticut consistently ranks as one of the nation's most educated states. Let's synch our breaths together, squeeze out all the air, inhale inhale inhale, hold the breath, exhale.
Feel yourself being fully capable to be everything you are here to do, everything you are here to be.
This class works on the kidneys, to confront our fear, and opens the heart, to lead us forward.

Archer Pose: Aligns all ten bodies (soul, 3 mind bodies, physical body, 5 energy bodies), focus on connecting with your brightest destiny. Chanting Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Wahe Jio with Kunchun Mudra: Connects us to the Cosmic Divine Intelligence as our beloved friend. Translation: Wow Transcendence, Wow Transcendence, Wow Transcendence, Wow Great Beloved Soul.
When done accurately, Kunchun Mudra powerfully allows total relaxation of the body, it is equivalent to exercising for 48 hours straight.
This class supports and protects us by nourishing the body and our connection to endurance to follow through on our goals. Bringing prana into the heart, expanding it, we tap into that universal consciousness, the part of us that knows worlds beyond what our finite self knows. Humility is being willing to acknowledge that we are not the most powerful thing in the universe. Meditation is a powerful practice that disciplines the fluctuations of the mind so that in our everyday lives, we experience sharper focus, more confidence, creativity, problem solving, reduced stress and healing up those old, unresolved emotional blocks. This meditation practice allows for healing to occur in every area, in a self-directed way so that you are the source of your own wellbeing. We start with gentle flow close to the earth to warm the spine, then melt into the long, mellow holds of the Yin practice. If you have trouble sleeping or feel anxious during the day, use this meditation to help drop back into a state of ease. All your cares melt away as you drift into a space for your body to restore and nurture itself. Although this meditation is geared towards women, men can benefit from practicing it as well. This meditation will take you further along your evolutionary path. By using the wisdom of your body and mind, you can reap the rewards of inner calmness and improved focus. The site started out with a small handful of students, to students all over the world enjoying the free classes.

Make sure to feel the connection between the tongue as it strikes the roof of the mouth on “Har” at the same time the navel pulls in. The practice is non-dogmatic, suitable for all faiths, based in science and the ancient power of our dynamic potential. Yoga Download’s variety of online guided meditations are perfect to help you get your mind on track to total relaxation. Use this meditation to deal with chronic stress, injury or illness, or simply as a tune-up to stay tip-top. Great to add at the end of any physical practice to complete your personal practice, or can be used on it's own.
We can do yoga all day long, but until you start to address what is holding you back in your life, you will not progress. Get that joy back with your connection to source and with the Earth in this joyful meditation. The basis of yoga is to connect the self with the divine but like most things in Western culture that idea is watered down ore left out entirely to stress the form of exercise. It’s easy to maneuver and the classes are rated by a four-star system that allows the user to identify poses, breathing and anatomy videos. This class increases our agility through wisdom and brings the tone of cultivation to remove fearful conditioning and generate courage. By doing Kundalini yoga, the anatomy of our hands and knees and spine is fundamentally strengthened to prepare for such an awakening.
In any case, this meditation connects you with a deeper part of yourself that knows how to create long-lasting health.

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