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We teach meditation courses in London in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to people from anywhere in the world and from all walks of life.
Additionally, we also offer a diverse and engaging programme to learn about Buddhism in a way that is both completely authentic and fully meets the needs of men and women in modern times. Students can apply different aspects of these teachings to their lives in ways that bring inner development and benefit to others – and without necessarily having to think of themselves as ‘Buddhist’. Rigpa UK has been holding meditation courses in London since 1970, and for the last 20 years we have been located on the Caledonian Road – just 5 minutes from Kings Cross.
Meditation is the way to bring us back to ourselves, where we can really experience and taste our full being, beyond all habitual patterns.
Whether you are new to meditation, or a seasoned practioner, we offer a variety of ways to explore and deepen your understanding.
Rigpa offers access to the wisdom and compassion of the Buddhist teachings as openly and as widely as possible, to be of service to people everywhere, of any background or faith. We offer a full public programme which explores authentic meditation practices, methods for cultivating compassion and support for living with illness. We can apply different aspects of these teachings to our lives in ways that bring inner development and benefit to others - and without necessarily having to think of ourselves as ‘Buddhist’. Led by experienced meditators, this course offers a complete introduction to meditation and shows how it can unlock our natural confidence, compassion and creativity.
Students will gain a genuine experience of meditation and all the tools they need to take the benefits into every aspect of their life.
In some way we are all suffering—be it from pain, loss, frustration, dissatisfaction, or an unfulfilled desire for happiness. In the course students are introduced to a complete picture of what compassion is, why it might be beneficial to us and others, and how to train in a more wholesome way of being. If you are within 20 mins drive of the Sydney CBD, then meditation classes can be in the comfort of your own home or office. If this is not the case, then you will need to come to one of my offices – either in the Sydney CBD or Woollahra . As my office is shared, I will supply the address upon the confirmation of an appointment to avoid people turning up when the office is unattended. Please note that with all Sydney Meditation Courses, sessions are about 90min- an hour and a half. There is a fee structure for individuals, couples and small groups of three persons as follows below. Please email or telephone me with questions or preferred course start dates for your course. Ten million American adults now say they practice some form of meditation regularly, twice as many as a decade ago. Join the millions of people in the Meditation Community and take one of our Sydney Meditation Courses Today! Can being “In The Zone” more often turn our Good-Enough into Above-Average Work? As an initial step, when learning how to meditate you should always first decide the type of meditation that best fits your particular style.
Usually it is difficult to control the mind and it seems as if it can flit here and there, like a tissue in the high wind.

When we train in meditation, just like physical fitness training, our mind can learn to do more and to cope better with a given situation.
The reason these companies are offering wellness and meditation classes, according to Promega’s medical officer is that they help employees to stay healthier in the long range. From the standpoint of legitimacy, a medical company promoting classes on meditation is huge.
Meditation videos and books on meditation can help you to learn meditation if you are not able to take a meditation class.
There are a wide range of different meditation classes and meditation retreats available to people in nearly every city in the world. While, as mentioned, those formal classes do exist, you can effectively learn how to meditate using other methods. Another method that you might care to try when you determine to learn how to meditate is purchasing a meditation CD or DVD.
Just as you have to exercise physically to obtain a given level of fitness, so training mentally or doing exercises in meditation can help you to learn how to meditate more completely and more effectively.
By meditation training and exercises we can get a greater clarity and a greater focus that will allow us to control our mind more completely and to step away or distance ourselves from external issues.
Gradually the mental balance or equilibrium comes with new meditation routines but it does take practice. Meditation exercises are not, as many people call them, something that has no benefit to anyone. Green Mountain learned long ago what some people are just learning, that meditation works and training is necessary.
They begin the shift when they arrive at work with exercises in breathing that are designed to help them to focus on the tasks that they have to do that day.
There are exercises and tips for meditation that are incorporated to teach relaxation techniques for children, as well as simple meditation methods and other meditation techniques for anxiety that can be used to help to lower the feelings of stress. One of the first decisions that you need to make when initiating your journey into meditation is the meditation type that you want to start with.
Of course, when choosing your own type of mediation, it all goes down to your personal preferences, particularly with spiritual meditation, where your personal beliefs will be a strong deciding factor. One very simple meditation exercise that is taught to beginning students of meditation involves simply breathing and focusing on that action.
If you lose focus and your mind moves away from what you are doing, simply refocus it and watch how easily you can relax. Do the exercise for about two to three minutes per day until it is very easy to focus on one thing.
Once you are able to maintain that focus, then try to do it for slightly longer time spans until you are able to hold your own attention and clear your mind. Although we focus upon this method which most students do find to be the most effective,  you have the option to explore 10 other different ways to meditate.
Each student is expected to practice his or her meditation twice daily for at least 20-30mins, six days per week in between classes.
If you require bank (EFT) details, please allow for this in an email and I will confirm with you and send bank details.
When the mind is more peaceful it is freed up from the day to day worries, allowing us to be more calm and more relaxed.

So many different things flood and inundate the mind over the course of a day that it’s difficult at best to concentrate on just one or two things. In fact, many companies today offer these classes for their employees to help them to be better able to cope with the stress of the work day and to keep their minds sharper. It tells us that meditation corporate classes, whether formal or informal can be a workable solution to help us to become more relaxed, more focused and more productive. Some people can naturally do so and train their mind to accomplish what they want, while others require formal clases on how to meditate. Most of them are formal in nature and will include different types of meditation techniques as well as different forms of meditation. Many people who are learning to meditate don’t want to be part of a formal class because it is a very private and sometimes an unnerving thing to them to be in a group of people. Self-help books on the topic are available from companies such as Amazon or from online booksellers.
While the meditation CD can help you by means of guided meditation, the DVD may be more effective in that it will give you clues on relaxation postures and positions that may make things easier for the person who is new to meditation. Over time with training and exercises in meditation methods we can get the kind of balance and clarity that will help us to focus more on self as opposed to external influences. Everyone does not achieve a good mental state or a good state of meditation naturally, although some people do. Companies large and small have proven the power of meditation and what training and meditation can do for you. The coffee roasting giant has their employees begin the day with a very simple meditation exercise.
But if you are undecided, you may want to go for a simple Focused Meditation exercise that will help you get a first feeling about what meditation can do for you.
It is a simple yet a very powerful meditation procedure that allows for people to clear their mind more readily. Over time this will become much easier and you will find that as you do so, you’re more relaxed, more open and more ready to face the rest of the day. We can experience true pleasure and happiness when our minds are focused on one thing rather than myriad worries and concerns. We’ll find that we are able to experience a deeper sense of relaxation, even in very stressful situations and we can be happier even in difficult circumstances. Even those who seem to have a natural balance and who are able to meditate without any problem can benefit from meditation routines and they may even consider adding yoga to their meditation habits as a way to combine the mental and physical benefits that both techniques have to offer.
They are helpful if you are someone who learns well from reading or can take information well from books, but some people find them difficult in that they do not offer the voice cues or the imagery that someone who is new to an art may require. One example of this kind of meditation exercise is one that is used every morning at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. They believe that these exercises bring with them mindfulness and they advocate it for their employees. Don’t try to hold your breath or to control your body movement, just focus and concentrate on it.

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