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Meditation is an integral part of Reiki and was practiced by Dr Usui's students each time they attended a Reiki class.
Usui Sensei practiced Gassho meditation as a part of his personal Reiki practice every day, twice a day.
I teach this technique to my Reiki Level One students and we practice for a 21 day period after they receive their Reiki Level One attunements. It is recommended to use the Gassho hand position before and after a Reiki Meditation practice.
You can practice Gassho meditation every day (after waking up, before going to bed, when dealing with stressful situations…anytime!) as well as before and after Reiki practice.
Joshin Kokyu Ho is the method (Ho) of breathing (Kokyu) to cleanse your mind (Joshin) as well as increase our ability to channel Reiki energy.
5-Concentrate on your breathing, breathe through your nose and imagine the Reiki energy as white light that enters your body from the top chakra (top of your head) and travels down to your belly and to the whole body.
7-As you continue to breathe, feel it flowing into the room and then the residence you are in, filling it with Reiki energy. End the exercise with a Gassho, breathing in and out, letting your mind settle into a peaceful, meditative state.
I teach this technique during the Reiki Level One class.You can do this meditation technique as part of your regular meditation practice or just before performing Reiki. The American actress and model Alyssa Miller has co-designed a line of sportswear with the luxury brand Live the Process to raise funds for David Lynch’s meditation charity. The internationally acclaimed fashion model Miller has personally benefited from Transcendental Meditation, the technique supported by David Lynch Foundation. I had wanted to learn it for quite some time, but taking time for myself wasn’t something I really knew how to do.
Although David Lynch himself was not involved in the production of the sportswear collection, his sound and vision are present.
Admittedly, there were meditation sessions that were harder to get through and there will be in the future too, but I quickly learned that those are the times I need meditation the most.
I think that avoiding these feelings is destructive behavior with which we all struggle, but it’s hard to know how to deal with them all.
When offered the chance to collaborate with Live the Process to support David Lynch Foundation, Miller did not hesitate for a second. A NEW YORKER: “Living in New York City, I feel like we’re always so over stimulated all the time, so it’s really nice to be able to find a sense of calm in all of that.
In addition to benefitting from meditation herself, the model has another personal reason to support TM courses. Enjoy a weekend or some substantial sessions of relaxing and nurturing meditation practice and inspiring dialogue?

The Meditation and Relaxation home based weekend retreat is designed to help you relax, reconnect and deepen your relationship with yourself.
A variety of techniques will be experienced and each participant is welcome to work at whatever level suits them, from beginners to advanced.
The retreat is facilitated by Lisa Forde, director of the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies and author of the Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation.
Receive the nurturing and rest your mind, emotions and body deserve by attending this beautiful retreat with us. You can choose to enjoy your retreat in small sections over a period of days, or you can choose to enjoy the retreat over a whole weekend.
At a fraction of the cost of attending a weekend retreat, why wouldn’t you make this a regular part of your winter nurturing time?
To attend this wonderful retreat you would have paid over $400, but here it is for you to access in the comfort and ease of your own home and time for only $179! We invite you to create this self loving time and enjoy the necessity of self care and peace.
The Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation trains and qualifies you to run meditation groups and teach meditation techniques.  You will learn a powerful combination of Meditation techniques and develop the trust and confidence required to create and deliver original meditations in any environment. Upon successful completion of the course you will be eligible for International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT) and  Membership and Professional Insurance with OAMPS insurance brokers.
Watch this 5 minute video by Lisa Forde, course author, detailing the content, philosophy and teaching style of our Accredited Meditation Teacher Training. In next short video, Lisa explains the electives available that allow you to customize your study.
In this course you learn by doing and the emphasis is on a practical learning experience that helps you develop confidence and grace when facilitating guided meditation for others and a solid understanding of technique in order to teach others.
The course is suitable for psychologists, counsellors, teachers, hypnotherapists, fitness instructors, yoga teachers, social workers, massage therapists, group facilitators, team leaders and even for people who want to guide their family or friends through meditation. The Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation can be completed at your own pace and in your own time, and close contact is maintained with your personal coach through one on one tuition and the course facilitator Lisa Forde through regular online class meetings. For full course delivery, units of study, cost and assessment details enter your name, email address and contact number in the opt in box on the home page so that you can access our full course prospectus.  You will also be able to access free guided visualization meditations so that you can experience the technique that we teach in this course. This course is enjoyable, relaxing and enlightening and so many people have benefited from this type of meditation. Usui taught his students that receiving the Reiki empowerments was not all that they needed to do. We sit together (virtually) once a day for five to 15 minutes focusing on the Reiki energy. With each in-breath imagine that Reiki is entering your crown and filling your entire body - with each out-breath visualize that you are exhaling Reiki from every pore in your body and off out into infinity.

Feel it intensify as the Reiki energy flows outside onto the property and beyond into the neighborhood.
One of the t-shirts reads “Change Begins Within”, which is the concept and belief of David Lynch Foundation. That sounds young, I know, but I have a lifetime of experiences that started to become a weight on my shoulders, as I have a tendency to hold onto feelings. Learning TM was such a beautiful experience; I felt energized and clearheaded after just a few meditations. Thoughts and images pass through my mind, while I meditate, that show me emotions I am not allowing myself to feel.
For me, TM is a reprieve from a world of distraction and has become a state that my mind automatically wants to enter,” said Miller. It’s an issue that is very close to my heart and one that isn’t really addressed in this country.
Meditation provides a wonderful, supportive setting in which to experience soulful meditation that inspires and uplifts.
By the end of the course, you will be able to conduct and teach meditation in a variety of settings.You will have the ability to create meditations that are suitable for corporate group relaxation and stress management, meditation therapy, community groups, children and support groups. No discussion of meditation would be complete without exploring the benefits of meditation for spiritual growth and insight, however holistic in this context is non-denominational.
See it filling the region in which you reside and then beyond into the country, then whole globe and finally out into the cosmos. She has done print and runway work for numerous leading companies, including Vogue, Elle, Guess and Victoria’s Secret.
Working through those with meditation helps me to focus during the rest of the day and into the evening. Along those same lines, the Foundation is also helping to bring meditation into schools, prisons, homeless shelters and to anyone else who is open to learning about it.
Expanding your meditation experience in this way opens you up to an expanded experience in your personal meditation practice as well. There is an extensive elective available for creating meditations for children and for running your own workshops and meditation classes. In doing so, this promotes a quieting of the mind, a centering of the heart, a deeper focus inward and a stronger connection to the Reiki energy.

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