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I can almost bet you have not heard of this migraine headache medication that is being used to treat migraines in Europe.
The chemistsa€™ fact sheet says that a€?PEA is a food supplement based on a natural and fatty-acid like compound, found in eggs and milk. Study results show that pain decreased after one week of treatment proving that PEA was better than ibuprofen.
Besides being a neuro-protective, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever:a€?PEA has the ability to suppress overactive mast cells that release inflammatory histamine and cytokines into the body.
Will They Ever Stop?My story begins all the way back in 1997 when I was 7 years old and I had my first ever migraine.
Relax through meditation: Consider making stress-relievers such as yoga, meditation or massage a regular part of your routine. So it's medical migraine food! I cana€™t tell you how excited and hopeful I was a few weeks ago when my new doctor said "have you tried PEA?"Confused, I replied a€?No. It is not accepted by the FDA in America, and ita€™s only available through compounding chemists here in Australia.
In fact it was first isolated from soybean lecithin, egg yolk and peanut meal back in 1954. More specifically, the analgesic and anti-inflammatory nutraceutical PEA holds great promise for reducing the inflammatory response in the treatment of chronic pain states like interstitial cystitis, bladder pain and irritable bowel syndrome. These are the most important things I use to help me keep records and cope.You will also receive my free e-zine called Surviving Chronic Migraine periodically where I share more tips about pain management strategies and becoming resilient. There are a million reasons to quit smoking, and the fact that it can make a bad headache even worse is reason number one million and one. Learn to remember to stretch your neck and upper body, especially if you work at a desk, in front of a computer, behind the wheel, etc.
A little caffeine is OK, but drinking beverages every day that give you more caffeine than what you would get in two 8-ounce cups of coffee can cause headaches.

Food additives, such as monosodium glutamate or MSG, sulfites (often used in dried fruits and wine) and nitrites (used as a meat preservative in some deli meats) are often culprits when it comes to frequent headaches. Over one million patients have used this treatment for various syndromes associated with chronic pain and found success. What is it?a€?And she handed me the sheet from the compounding chemist, the only one in Australia from what I can gather, that is supplying this new product. It heals over-stimulated neurons and returns them to normal, just what we need to help stop migraines.PEA was largely ignored despite its success. The clinical trials proved that it executes a number of biological functions related to chronic and neuropathic pain and inflammation. But anything you can do to reduce stress and tension in your life will help decrease your chances of getting headaches. Palmitoylethanolamide for nerve pain or migraine, is the title.PEA is a new migraine headache medication that sounds very, very promising. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. It could have strong impacts on these neuro-degenerative diseases: Alzheimera€™s, Parkinsona€™s, Multiple Sclerosis, AND MIGRAINE! Palmitoylethanolamide For Pain (no date) About Palmitoylethanolamide (PeaPure): introduction and use of a natural painkiller.
One theory of why some people get severe headaches is that headache sufferers simply have fewer endorphins than other people. Foods, after all,  affect your brain chemistry and can change the size of your blood vessels. Have you heard of this being used for migraines?This migraine headache medication is tempting us with a cure and at the very least a very significant reduction in pain. The skin on my forearms raised up and turned white like it had been burnt, but there was no fluid under it.And on the top of my knees.

If you cannot swallow pills, you can sprinkle the contents of the capsules on your food or mix it with yogurt (or something).For severe migraine pain in acute attacks you can open the capsule and place the contents of the PEA cap under your tongue and wait for a few minutes before you swallow.
Learning a few simple yoga or other stretching moves can be effective in helping you to meet both these goals.
In addition there are certain foods and beverages which can be headache triggers in certain people. He says that our society on the whole often dismisses new unfamiliar yet effective treatments that dona€™t fit into the status-quo. Careful though: very strenuous exercise can cause the type of bodily stress that contributes to headaches.
Even though numerous studies were done from 1957 to 1992, it was not taken seriously until Nobel Laureate Levi-Montalcinia€™s paper in 1993 validated PEAa€™s effects in mast cells. This should enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.If there is no improvement or pain reduction after one month you can double the dose.
The studies have shown that doses up to 16 capsules a day a€“ 100 mgs per kilogram of body weight per day a€“ is considered safe.It may take up to three months for the PEA to reach its maximum effectiveness and for you to have results with pain reduction.
Stick to exercises and activities that make you feel good and reduce stress, not those—say, bungee jumping--that might increase it. The hot flash started about forty minutes after I took the PEA after breakfast, and then it only lasted for about 40 minutes. Don't let my results stop you from seeing if this migraine headache medication cures your migraines forever.

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