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The covers of our meditation cushions are made either at Westerwolder Dharma Toevlucht, our sister temple in the Netherlands, or at North Cascades Buddhist Priory in the U.S. Goal: Your sitting must be as comfortable as possible involving no muscle tension whatsoever.
Shoulders: Pull the shoulders back and then release to get a naturally open and relaxed position of the chest. Hands: The palms are placed in Dhyana mudra, the first joint of the lower palm placed under the fistbones of the upper palm. Attention to the body: Keeping or regularly turning attention to the back and especialy to the lower back between the waist and the tail bone helps reducing tensions in the posture. Scope: Most of the principles above can be applied to other meditation postures like Padmasana, Siddhasana, Vajrasana, Swastikasana, Bhadrasana, Gomukhasana. Extras: Sitting on sand is absolutely great because sand both takes the exact shape of your body and sustains it firmly during sitting. Taking it further: The purpose of a proper sitting posture is to fascilitate (formal) meditation practice. If you don't get an e-mail with your access data, please make sure that you have already registered with us. If you are sure you are already registered, please check the e-mail address you entered as user name.
These little owls will be winging their way Down Under – a commission for two little girls in Australia. My first finished crochet project, and when I told people I was making a skirt with motifs they all looked horrified. My very own crocheted interpretation of the knitted Noblin Bunny by Abi Flynn Jones (magknits April 2006).
The body must be biomechanically balanced in such a way that it stays erect without applying any (or absolutely minimal for that matter) muscle tension.
You may feel the hardness of your sharp sit bones as you grab your buttocks with your hands. The right leg being up is more energizing as it stimulates the Pingala nadi and the right, active part of the body. This means the back is visually straight however if the sitting posture is correct you will internally perceive the infamous anatomical S-shape. Check the position by pushing the elbows down: if the shoulders go vertically down or slightly back rather than forward thus closing the chest, then your position should be alright.

The chin is slightly in and down allowing for the back side of the head to be a straight extension of the spine.
The tongue is glued to the palate towards khechari mudra but no need to put it there forcefully -- it will assume the position naturally with attaining a meditative state. This will leave your internal and external face expression in a neutral-positive state which is very beneficial.
If you find that your body twists and turns during sitting, relax fully, center the body and keep on holding this position consciously throughout stting. Go to the beach and enjoy natural sitting!Integrate crossleged sitting into your daily life.
Thereby for example the session information or language setting are stored on your computer. Do not sit with chin up, back side of the head bumping back and sight pointing at the horizon. The level of the palms is somewhere near the middle between the navel and the genitals but may be lower if you place them on the feet. The moment your buttock touches the cushion the horns of the half-moon come up from the ground to a horizontal position. At present I often sit still in Ardha Padmasana for good 2:30 hours and only the pain in the skin on my sit bones would make me move by the end of that period.
It is when the weight of the breast cage rests on the lower spine at the point at the level of the solar plexis (this is where the upper part of the erect cobra slightly bends back). This position of the chin allows for natural tensionless opening of the throat for seamless breathing and release of the jaw and neck muscles.
Shoulders, arms and palms must be fully relaxed and without any tension, elbows weight down. For example, if you work on a computer put it on a low table and sit on the ground to use it. The feeling of the lower back is straight in any case (this is the lower part of the erect cobra). I find it crusial to wear proper pants like Thai fishermen's pants or kimono that allow for forming a good base for placing the hands, in case that your palms do not rest on your feet. It's better not to touch the cushion with the heel because the skin may hurt after a while. It's best to keep the monitor on a level to match your slightly downward pointing sight while the keyboard is placed in such a way that your elbows are at 90 degree angle.

However, whatever your personal posture is, use the long sitting test because it is the only criteria that matters in regard to formal sitting meditation posture. Sorry, it seems not to work with t-shirts nor with sweaters nor with other upper body dress but a towel or a blanket folded along the long edge may do the job.
Put the right foot on the lower left leg so that the big and second toe will stick out in the air.
Unfortunately to achieve this setup you'll need to use an external monitor and keyboard for your laptop. You can play with the position of your hands on the pants to adjust the tilt of the torso, if needed. If fact, many people who sit too low do not sit properly, even in India and throughout Asia.
You can play with the position of the fingers (how much they overlap) to open and close the chest and shoulders. You may use other mudras too, like Chin or Jnana mudra, but remember to keep the palms relaxed. While bending the legs hold the pants loose at the knees so that when bent the pressure of the cloth won't produce pain in the course of a log sit. Eventually all these would be behind you after a certain point in time but then you shouldn't be reading these instructions anyway. Now grab the knees with hands or just raise them slightly to make sure they bear only their own weight but not the weight of the hips nor the body. Muscle tension, especially in the back, shoulders and legs, is extremely unfavourable for proper sitting. If you find out that you cannot sit properly it's quite feasible that it's not only your lack of flexibility but the tension in your muscles caused by thoughts and emotions too.
If you don't have good flexibility in the hips you'll hurt yourself sooner or later so you'd want to invest time and effort in preparation through the Yin Yoga.
You may put a hard piece of material under the back of the cushion to "harden" it a bit and give additional tilt. Props: If you feel pain in the lower ankle you may like to use a little soft padding 30 x 15 cm and 1-2 cm high to ease the tension by putting it in front of the cushion (forming a T-shape).

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