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The Rich & Healthy Witch by StarFields - The essential survival guide for real magical people - see here. If you look into an old book of spells, what you won't be finding in there is how to be successful on the World Wide Web!
I asked that very question and the result is this awesome set of 7 magic meditations for the WWW! Here is a metaphoric Native American trance dance for Fat Women - The Dance of the Fat Women. Full length trance dance experience - let the Medicine Man lead you in a magic dance of change, freedom and beauty. A winter solstice meditation - just like a lucid dream, if you can make it real, is IS real, and real magic, at that. Here is a special  Winter Solstice Meditation for you to enjoy that will bring you closer to your friends, guardians and angels and if you allow yourself to step inside, then you will really receive 12 beautiful gifts that will bring you joy, and more besides - enjoy!
A good, ongoing, working relationship with your guardian angel or guardian spirit is OF THE ESSENCE if you want help, work magic, or need powerful protection.  I am constantly surprised at people who want to try and do magic without such support, and others who really should know better who just put in few requests with their guardian angels or guardian spirits once in a blue moon during a ritual - and otherwise totally ignore them! The Wish Bird (a spell to make a wish come true) is a magic spell that combines art and magic - one of the oldest forms of spell and reality creation known to mankind.

This is a very nice art magic spell that is easy enough for kids and absolute beginners, and deep enough for the most advanced practitioner of energy magic to learn something new and expand their range and power. Message: i would like some sort of spell or a way to find out if a friend feels the same way about me as i do about him, or if im just imagining it. This truth spell or meditation is a spell for the brave, a powerful meditation to see yourself through another person's eyes and find out the real truth. A word of warning: This spell meditation can be as disturbing as listening behind a closed door and finding out things that you'd rather you'd never heard at all.
Someone wrote to me and asked do you know a spell or meditation so can I get more strength, how can I get more power for a friend of mine who has none? I immediately thought of a fabulous energy ritual or meditation in which the two most powerful spiritual energy sources we have are brought together and aligned in Even Flow in your body - from the Earth, and from the Sky.
Most spells have the "make it so" punch at the end, which gives the instruction for our champions and all parts of our self to get to work. Precious is a very hypnotic meditation that evokes highly unusual energy states whether you read it or read it out aloud.
A simple but profoundly effective meditation just before going to sleep which is useful to combat insomnia, and to draw healing energies of just the right frequency towards yourself.

This is a hypnodream induction for you to read, use in meditation by yourself or with others in order to overcome a particularly form of limiting beliefs which are directly created by suggestions or ideas gathered from misunderstanding astrology, the zodiac or what your star sign means. A magical, hypnotic story meditation that teaches the principles of object dedication, programming, and using human consciousness and will to change the nature of a thing - in this case, a plain glass to a healing chalice.
A truly magcal person, for whom magic is very real because you can feel it tingling in your fingertips, shooting up your spine, setting your heart and soul alight? Mantra Spells, Spell Loops, or Spell Chants don't have that instruction and are designed to go round and round, for as long as is desired or necessary.
Designed to enhance the psychic circuitry, as all Hypnodreams are, this is a powerful experience.

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