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Karlie Kloss holds onto her coffee as she takes a stroll on Thursday afternoon (February 18) in the West Village area of New York City.
The 23-year-old model has been walking in tons of shows during New York Fashion Week and says meditation helps her stay relaxed when things get crazy.
Karlie explained to Vogue that she uses a guided meditation app that leads you through breathing and mindfulness exercises. Get our Meditation Made Easy Beginners Guide along with weekly articles and free resources delivered to your inbox.
Want to join the the community of teachers and practitioners who write for About Meditation?
Be part of the Pranamaya Yoga community in Nepal and join our daily yoga classes in the yoga studios in Kathmandu (Thamel and Patan) and Pokhara. Be part of the Pranamaya Yoga community in Nepal and join our daily yoga classes in the yoga studios in Kathmandu (Thamel and Patan). This class is taken the student a step further in his practice, giving some time for warming up the body, opening the hips and heart, focusing on breath, to finally be able to sit in a comfortable sitting posture for meditation. In the classes you will practice poses (asanas) as we stand, sit and lie down.A In all poses you will learn how to lengthen and bring suppleness back to the spine by standing tall, bending forwards and backwards and sideways and twisting safely. Ashtanga yoga classes focus on a specific and dynamic sequence of postures, which are linked through movement and breath. Ashtanga is an athletic flow combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice.A The practice includes engagement of internal locks and deep breathing which are used to assist the regulation of the flow of energy.
This yoga class is accessible to all yoga practitioners regardless of their level or previous practice, and the classes are modified to the student so that all can participate fully at their own level. In Vinyasa Flow we use the breath to move through variations of Surya Namaskar and a series of asanas, practising with awareness of the connection between breath and body, and flowing dynamically between postures.
Each week a peak pose is selected and a sequence developed based on the muscles and alignment required to achieve it, to open and prepare the body ready to practice the peak posture.A This also enable you to learn about some of the more advanced yoga postures and to have a play with them to build your practice. Depending on the group environment, there will sometimes be challenging and difficult postures and sometimes a very simple and gentle flow. Yin a€“ the feminine principle a€“ evokes the moon, darkness, passivity, receptivity, reflection, coolness and introspection. Maybe youa€™ve been out of practice for a while and want to do some yoga in a caring and friendly environment?

Join us for a workshop introducing and exploring some of the basic principles of yoga, a bit of breathing, yoga poses and ways of keeping your body safe with different props and variations.
This retreat will be focused on establishing a grounded home based practice of yoga and meditation in order to feel confident and connected to an insightful yogic tradition. Philosophy discussions with look at the roots of the tradition as a practice that can be applied to our contemporary lifestyle. Yoga sessions will focus on the holistic aspects of healing and transformation that arise through asana, pranayama, and meditation.
Enjoy morning and afternoon sessions of yoga, explore Yoga theory and philosophy, revive with wonderful food, relax with a favourite book and new friends among the beautiful grounds, find peace with a guided evening meditation, and take an introduction into Buddhism from the monasterya€™s highest teacher. On this retreat we will experience how different sequences of poses influence our body, mind and energy and explore the art of sequencing poses to enhance our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We will see how our breath changes our mental state and how we can use breathing techniques to pause our reactions, taking time to make all of our decisions come from a calmer, more settled place inside ourselves. Take this time to become aware of your thoughts and how you can affect your thought patterns.
A three-day yoga retreat costs USD $295 per person all-inclusive on twin sharing basis (if you prefer your own room, there is an additional supplement charge of $25 per night, bringing the total to USD $335). We also organise regular yoga workshops and yoga retreats in the Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara, Nepal. Most students are familiar with practicing with the body on the mat to gain more focus, balance and sense of Self.
Beginners and advanced practitioners alike can join, concentration is the focus in this class, which can only be improved by practice.
Learn how to adjust the arms, legs, shoulders, hips, etc, so you can hold the pose comfortably, with calm and steady breath. The sequence is designed in a very systematic way to help you to begin fully realising your potential, and to help condition you for greater health, wellbeing and contentment.
We cultivate balance, strength, flexibility and openness, both physical and energetic, and finish with seated, supine and inverted postures to promote the relaxation of the nervous system.A The practice willA help you feel both relaxed and vitalized, challenges you to experiment with the potential of your bodya€™s range, and to explore and open your state of mind. Using gentle, long-held postures (2-5 minutes), yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue to expand flexibility and to support healing, while stimulating the meridians to increase energy flow. The practice cultivates the ability to observe, rather than engage with the ups and downs of experience.

Sound helps restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the out-of-harmony parts of our mind, body and soul.
In a simple but power packed 3-minutes, they give you a boatload of digestible data on the science of meditation.
Scientists are trying to discover why meditation is able to help reduce stress and increase physical and emotional well-being.
Whether you want to relax, stimulate creativity, gain enlightenment, or cultivate compassion and mindfulness, we help you learn how to let go. While this practice has many benefits for our physical health, it is important at the same time to practice with our mind for mental health.
Classes based on Iyengar Yoga practice a slow-moving form of asanas that help you build strength and flexibility, and to foster an overall sense of wellbeing which includes improved enjoyment of life. Class normally ends with lying on the back and letting go of tension with each exhale to enable the body mind and spirit to become calm and relaxed. To realize this, we bring awareness to the breath, pulse, heart beat, chakras, areas of tension, stretching, and any sensations that arises and disappears. Just as the need to feed ourselves to survive physically, sound is there is feed our soula€?. Gently work with your mind and body to overcome your limitations, to experience your true nature and to feel truly present and alive. For mind is that powerful tool, that can put us down or lift us up, depending on how well we know it and on how we use it.
By focusing on details and precise movements we clear our minds of any stresses and gain peace and mental clarity.
The long holds in a single Yin posture become a time of inner reflection, meditation and peace.

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