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Remember that fish-shaped thing, that cute little symbol that is supposed to be associated with Christianity? One  Minute Meditations is an ongoing series of short videos, poems, and commentary intended as a meditation. The Day After Mother’s Day: The Debate Over Who Works Harder—Stay-at-Home Moms, Working Moms, or Part-Time Moms? Smosh is the home of the best funny videos, games, photos, memes, blogs and galleries online.
If all that isn't enough, our friends are serving you free movies in HD for your viewing pleasure. One commonly practiced method of meditation is called Mindfulness Meditation, where a person directs their full and complete attention on some object or activity. Walking meditation, called kinhin in the Zen tradition, is often practiced by contemplative monks to keep them physically healthy.
If you walk for exercise, or would like to begin, then moving meditation may be the way for you to combine meditation with your exercise. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. USC students wear red robes outside the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. One might be mistaken and believe this small group of individuals are the Magnificent Seven. What I find interesting is to compare these type of people to the photo of the squeaky-clean modern-day Poona Three sannyasins that accompanies the above article. Which group might comprise people of a rebellious nature that might on occasion break a few rules just for the hell of it? If the word ‘dummy’ were to be attached to either group, which group would you say contained the most dummies? How about potential candidates in the enlightenment stakes, or enlightentertainment stakes? This lot definitely get my vote, as opposed to the lookalike Methodist Youth Club members in the Pune 3 pic. Last time I was in Pune in 2010, Amrito had started to give introductory talks on the subject of meditation and the meaning of being present, or something like that. I see my own role being actually in the beginning of the third wave, also in other things in my life.
The problem with power generating and charismatic gurus is that you can mistake their energy for your own and one day down the line find out that you are the same sleepy head you always were. I have been focusing on Osho’s techniques, dynamic and mystic rose, because I have such trust in him for my meditation. Instead, I just have several moments that are kind of meditation or watching what happens on the outside and inside – not all the time, but at some moments. I have kept a journal from time to time, and personally have found it at the very least, to be a very therapeutic tool, particularly in times of great emotional distress.
A few years back, me and my ex (of many years ago) discovered that we carried different memories of events we both had lived through and experienced…My conclusion is that memory is selective, and to be honest I no longer trust mine. If you let go of the ego, or the idea that what happened was special, the memories look different. I was reading a while ago that when we recall memories we do not actually recall the original event, but rather we recall the last time we recalled that memory! It seems evolution has given us a memory good enough to find food and keep us out of trouble. What I think is fair to say on this topic is that some rules are certainly maintained by dummies as far as the Resort is concerned. What I have in mind in particular is the continuing practice of obliging almost everybody who goes there to undergo a blood test for HIV.
There may have been some justification for this testing in the immediate aftermath of the disease being discovered when there was still a lot of uncertainty around the various means of transmission and so on. Interestingly, some of the more enlightened Osho centres, such as OshoRisk in Denmark, do not bother with the test, whilst some of the more unenlightened, like the Humaniversity, Holland, do!
The current management has been very thorough in outing almost everything identified as being pseudo-religious e.g. Last year I talked to a sannyasin woman who infomed me that she knew of a woman who frequented the resort and harboured a major chip on her shoulder. You don’t seem to have registered with SN, but seem to know us from somewhere, any special reason for not registering? Newly inducted Indian from Los Angeles said in his acquired American accent, “I have an idea. Moral of the story – After the death of the master, few disciples become smarter than the master.
Yes, Madhu, they (mindfulness Buddhists) talk about the happiest Buddhist monk (the French one), they did scan that in his brain and scanned a lot more.

But there are a lot of female sides in issues not discussed here and it would delight me to have more of that energy here too. See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums. Try finding a quiet place, I mean a really quiet place, where you can be undisturbed by people or man-made sounds for a half an hour. The activity can be anything, as long as attention is fully focused only on the present moment. Fully focusing on the process of playing and the melding of self and sound makes it moving meditation. One begins by moving slowly, seeking to find a rhythm to their movements and their breathing.
Don’t use headphones, leave your cell phone at home, and fully focus on the activity itself, rather than the outcome. I am sure his whole property was sold to pay the tickets because every day he was driving on the right side on the streets of London. Possibly just a short step away in my opinion before he starts preaching sermons every nite at the EM. In all movements (communism, women’s or environmental movements like Greenpeace and even entrepreneurs who start a new company) the “first wave” people are the most creative ones. I seem not to be in “the first people” in anything, but get interested in something that is still creative and idealistic.
Especially because there was always an element trying to change myself, not to accept who I am.
What I say is that I have an option in what movie to watch… while most think there is only one movie. However, that is not the case any longer, and therefore to continue with testing falls into the category of maintaining a pointless outdated religious practice, similar to the prohibition of the consumption of pork by Muslims, for example.
He mentioned it one day as he calmly observed me work myself into a lather over the usual career frustrations and corporate political struggles.
However, what survival means for the 21st century is far different from what it meant 100 years ago. My hunch is that you would have to travel quite some distance to find such a Shangri-La type of place.
There are various types of meditation, many of which people don’t consider to be meditation at all. Many of us do this unintentionally when we are fully engaged in an activity and are fully focused only on that activity and nothing else. If you are fortunate enough to be one of those people, then you may want to consider it as an opportunity to practice mindful, moving meditation. After you hit that sweet spot where movement and breath get into sync, you can move at any pace you want and walk as long as you like. Don’t think about why your doing it, weight loss, lowering your cholesterol, or bringing those numbers on your annual bloodwork down into the normal range. But these  cureent rules are historical,  and most likely to put off modern day  free spirits. Those are the rules inside the black, pyramid-shaped auditorium at the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India.For meditation you need quiet, or so the Oshoites say. They are in fact a gathering of seven of your average, everyday, garden gnome variety Poona One sannyasins. She is out for revenge and makes a practice of having unprotected sex with sannyasin men in order to pass along her message. On the one hand the Resort authorities want to “decult” the place, on the other they keep one thing which easily identifies it as a cult!
Over 2,300 “For Dummies” books have been published in the past twenty years, littering coffee tables and Barnes and Noble discount sections the world over. We do not produce most of what it takes to survive, we exchange activity we do for other people for coupons we then exchange for our needs .
Doctors, counselors, therapists, and wellness experts of all types recommend meditation as a way to slow down both mind and body, improving physical and emotional health. At that moment, your mind is on autopilot, you are engaged in an activity and the activity itself takes on a kind of timeless quality.
The goal is not to make it an effort, but to make it effortless and mind less, meaning that your mind is focused only on the activity itself and not the rest of your day, your problems, your work, or your to do list.
Just focus on the activity itself and the rhythmic synchronization of movement and breath in the present moment.
If you’re unlucky enough to be the one soul-searcher to get a dry mouth in a room full of silent meditators, a volunteer will ask you to take your throat-clearing outside.Those aren’t the only rules. I also think it important not to kid yourself about the awakening process, because ultimately it is your responsibility and nobody else’s. Swami Indian from LA was feeling elevated with the feeling of addressing boardroom meeting of world?s newest and tech-savvy spiritual movement.

Nine out of ten “For Dummies” guides are somewhat useful – a small handful, however, are too dumb to be believed.
We are disconnected from the basic activities of producing our own food, killing our own meat, building our shelters, and healing our own illnesses. You know, the way everyone thinks that Buddhists are so much more spiritual than Christians, just because they meditate? Despite all the modern improvements and creature comforts, we are more stressed out and in less direct control of our lives then it any time in human history.
Man made disturbances, whether it is automobile sounds, family members, dogs, cats, machines, or whatever are virtually everywhere. All devotees must wear the same color—maroon during the day, white in the evening—to rid the eyes of visual annoyances.
And like always in life and in meditations we start a new wave again, new breath in and out. While the practice has been clouded in mysticism, largely because of the way it has been portrayed in the media, it doesn’t have to be.
A guard at the center’s entrance will confiscate your phone if he spots it in your pocket with his metal detector.
Try to find a quiet place where you can spend 15 minutes and solitude without leaving your immediate surroundings. And forget about wearing perfume—the guards will turn away anyone whose fragrance might pique someone else’s olfactory sense. If you aren’t totally clear on the rules before you dive into the Osho lifestyle, the resort has that covered too. All guests watch a mandatory orientation video, which details all of the ways you might become a nuisance.It may seem extreme, but clearing one’s mind is tough work, especially when you’re meditating the Osho way. Every time you have a thought other than the word you are thinking of, you must (in your mind) pick it up and place it in an imaginary river flowing away from your God-Word. But praying is difficult because my mind tends to go all over the place, just like he said.Dear Jesus, Lord in heaven, thank you for this new day. And if I’m thinking of a God-Word, how could it be displeasing to God to use one of His favorite words? To prove that point, right now I want you to try and think of one word, just one single word, and repeat it for two or three minutes without letting another thought enter your mind.
Say BLANK fifty times without allowing another thought to enter your mind.I know, right?Most of us western Christians think of prayer in terms of a more active thing, like we want to get something accomplished with God.
It’s more like going blank and just listening to God rather than telling him what you want Him to do or what you think of Him. Then I felt like an idiot because I couldn’t even get past the first part of the spiritual discipline, which is simply choosing a word. Afterwards I explained to someone that it was like flushing a toilet in my brain and letting all the toxins wash away. By the way, I became much less anxious about choosing a word to use, so that was a big obstacle out of the way.
And overall, it’s been a pleasant opportunity to calm myself, focus on God or a characteristic or quality of God, and suck up some peace of mind for a little while. I am in the game, sleeves rolled up, tapping my instincts and experience as I make decisions all day long.
Right now he is working in more of a back-office capacity at one of their satellite offices here in the states.
My wife and I support him and his family financially, which is what you do for missionaries. He sends out these email updates to all of his supporters once in a while, which is not such a bad thing, to keep up with what is going on in his life.
Except sometimes he sends out an extra email or two about the most ridiculous, mundane things. His latest email alert was an earnest request for prayer to help him figure out how a printer works in his office. The act of surrendering my life means that I am fully collaborating with God in the life he has given me – my gifts, my passions, my ambitions, my ideas, my creativity, my love, even my doubts and struggles. It helped me see how I can integrate my very strong free will with an invisible God who is somehow pulling the strings from some other mysterious invisible dimension, and who is really the One in control. But at the same time, I am acknowledging that God somehow, mysteriously is in the midst of it.

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