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The human race is the progeny of the Sun and Earth.  We are unique among the galaxies of life, yet an integral part of the whole cosmos. But what would life be like if the history of our Earth had been different?  Would there even be anyone here to ask these questions today?
A super massive black hole of about 1,000,000 solar masses may exist at the center.  Our Galaxy contains about 200 billion stars.
In order to satisfy Kepler’s 3rd law of motion the Earth would have to revolve in orbit around this new Sun once every 298 days.  So one year would no longer be 365 ? days, instead it would be somewhat shorter.
The new Sun would emit more infrared radiation than our present one, causing the average surface temperature on Earth to be 20o hotter.  That is enough to evaporate substantially more water into the atmosphere, causing an increased green house effect, which would make life on the Earth’s surface uninhabitable for humans and most other creatures.
When the Earth formed about 4.5 billion years ago its original atmosphere consisted mostly of small amounts of hydrogen and helium. Trace constituents of water, hydrogen cyanide, methane, sulfur and chlorine were also present. Plant life in the oceans and on the Earth’s surface converted much of the remaining carbon dioxide into oxygen and other nutrients.  Photosynthesis powers this wonderful transformation. Today we live in a symbiotic relationship with plant life on this beautiful planet.  Don’t upset this delicate balance. So to answer the question if we lived on the Earth 1 billion years ago, we would all have to be vegetarians (a good thing) but the ultraviolet radiation and other environmental factors would have prevented us from existing as a human race. Well for starters, we could do away with the various myths that our civilizations have developed over the years, such as werewolves that come out at full moon, and peoples mental psyche (being lunatic) being disturbed by a full moon.  There would also be a major dent in how astrologers predicted the future as the Moon’s celestial influence would no longer be present. Animals that use the Moon for navigational purposes or for timing reproductive cycles would have to evolve other mechanisms. We would still have tides on the Earth produced by the Sun’s influence, but they would be radically smaller. What’s between our ears dictates how we see and interpret the world.  Do we see the beautiful sunrise and the promise of our children’s lives, or do we see another day of drudgery work, pain, and scrimping to meet our survival needs?  The world is as you are. In this blog posting we have seen that different events (the “what if” scenarios) occurring on the Earth would have shaped the appearance of intelligent life on this planet with a radically different outcome.
So take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and meditate every day.  Help steer the human race onto ever greater heights of love, harmony and bliss.
As the summer of life blossoms cease the opportunity to share earthly resources with your neighbor, in the sublime spirit of friendship.  Break down cultural, religious and mental barriers to see the world as it is, operating free from human judgment and misconception. All of the wondrous and beautiful qualities of flowers spring from a single source, their colorless sap.  So to, the colorless and formless value of absolute life gives rise to the multiplicity of creation. Because of their beauty and delicate structure flowers have become a key part of human civilization.
There are over 600 species of this beautiful flower.  Thought to have healing powers, ancient peoples believed that the odor given off by its burning leaves would drive away evil spirits. Cultivated for the last 2,000 years they hail from the Near East and Mediterranean region.  Used as Greek ceremonial crowns, in colors of red, white, purple and pink, today they are the national flower of Spain and Slovenia. Raised in Chinese nobility gardens for more than 2,500 years, they were once considered part of the privileged class. The images of Daisies have been found on gold hairpin ornaments in the Minoan palace excavated on the Island of Crete. There are about 500 species of this beautiful purple flower, which are found in temperate northern climates, Hawaii and the Andes Mountains of South America. The basic form of most Hindu and Buddhist mandalas is a square with four gates, containing a circle with a central point. The Maha (great) Mandala depicts our entire universe, replete with images of human beings living in harmony with each other, and an interdependent cosmos. The Eighth Awakening: Like a blazing inferno, birth and death are plagued with suffering and affliction. If Buddhist disciples recite this Sutra on the Eight Awakenings, and constantly ponder its meaning, they will certainly eradicate boundless offenses, advance towards Bodhi, and will quickly realize Proper Enlightenment.
Within the rings appear more squares, representing a four-walled, gated palace.  The presence of the Buddha resides at the center. There are many other types of Mandalas as variations in form and meaning differ among the various branches of Buddhism.
The Garbhakosa Mandala depicts the genuineness of the Buddhas as described in the Mahavairocana Sutra (Great Sun Sutra).
Many Mandalas have an associated text called a “tantra.”  This text is used to advise adherents on how best to draw the Mandala, create and visualize it in meditation, and which mantras should be used during the ritual.
There is another important aspect of Mandalas that is hardly ever discussed.  And that is, when the mind is very settled in meditation, a moving kaleidoscope of colors and shapes (Geometric Mandalas) can appear to your inner sight. If you decide to use a blindfold or a sleeping mask to block out any stray light, that is fine so long as there is no pressure on the eyes.  Do not strain.
You may see nothing, or you may see colors coming into and out of view; purple splotches dissolving into other colors of the rainbow.

The following website has an interactive display of what a mandala looks like, and its constant state of motion.
At even deeper levels of conscious silence the “third eye” (your spiritual eye) may be seen as a golden halo surrounding a blue circle, in the center of which pulsates a five pointed white star.
And at even deeper levels for the Enlightened, the siddhis as described by Patanjali’s “Yoga Aphorisms” manuscript, can also be seen; arrangements of stars and other wonders. But no matter where you are on your journey, whether you see anything or not, continue forward with your daily meditation practice.  Each and every day we take yet another step toward unfolding our full potential. As we travel on this beautiful and precious planetary landscape that we call the Earth look about and take notice of the multitude of creation, life in its expressed diversity becoming more complex and aware of itself.   We are separate and yet one with the cosmos. The current round of human evolution, after that of Atlantis is you believe in those stories, started about 35,000 years ago with further refinement of Cro-Magnon man.  For the first 25,000 years or so, progress was made in social, hunting, language, and adaptability skills. Euclid (300, BC) – an Egyptian and Greek mathematician in the Greek colony of Alexandria.  Today in our High Schools we study Euclidian geometry. Nicolaus Copernicus (1473 – 1543) – developed the heliocentric (sun centered) theory of the universe.
Galileo Galilei (1564 – 1642) – physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, who showed that the Earth is not the center of the universe.
Johannes Kepler (1571 – 1630) – mathematician, astronomer and astrologer, who formulated the laws of planetary motion. Blaise Pascal (1623 – 1662) – mathematician, physicist, inventor and writer, who invented the mechanical calculator.
Isaac Newton (1643 – 1727) – English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher, alchemist, and theologian, who invented calculus and formulated our understanding of the law of gravity.
James Clark Maxwell (1831 – 1879) through his theory of electromagnetism, conclusively proved the unity between electricity and magnetism and proved that light was an electromagnetic wave. Based upon the entire breadth of the electromagnetic spectrum, why is it that human beings developed the sense of sight (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, 400 nm-700 nm wavelength) over such a tiny sliver?  Why don’t we see radio waves? Radio waves do pass through the atmosphere, but in order to see them with the same resolution as our visual sight, our eyes would have to be 10,000 times larger.  The difficulty is also compounded because the sun emits less than one billionth as many radio waves, as compared to the visual range. So today, in order to extend our perception of the world, we developed and depend upon various instruments. The history of the human race is the story of the expansion of awareness.  We are actively exploring the physical realm, while making headway into understanding the more subtle planes of creation. Our body experiences sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.  Augmented by refined human consciousness, more subtle and silent levels of creation open up to our view. Meditate each day to accelerate your growth, to hasten the day when you shake hands with the absolute and encompass your full human potential.
Then the Ethiopian put his five fingers close together (there was plenty of black left on his new skin still) and pressed them all over the Leopard, and wherever the five fingers touched they left five little black marks, all close together. The idiom, “Can a leopard change his spots?” is used today to imply that just as a leopard cannot change spots, so to human beings cannot change their essential innate nature.
All too often we hear, “you cannot change who you are, people are set in their ways, and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  And no amount of trying will help.
Why the leopard has spots while the tiger has strips is not scientifically understood, but it is usually attributed to the nature of their habitat.  A January 2010 issue of the Genetics journal suggests that at least three different pigmentation genes are involved in the emergence of stripes, spots, and other markings on domestic cats.
Researchers at the University of Bristol have developed a mathematical model that links the patterning of the leopard and 34 other species of wild cats to their different habitats.
The more inert the mind, the harder it is to change.  But change indeed is what happens when we properly apply intellect (Buddhi) and heart (Hridaya) to our daily activities. A Zen Master once said that a single 20-minute meditation was equivalent to one life time of human growth.  Such is the benefit of closing the eyes and transcending the world of change.
People’s lives can change from suffering to greater happiness.  Your mood and vision of life mostly depends upon what is between your two ears – the content and quality of your mind.
Chakras are the energy centres, or vortices, connecting our physical and psychic energy systems.
With the complexities of modern life making it more difficult to find true joy of the soul, Mary Mays has set out a range of items to help you develop the tools required to make the most of life on planet earth.
So the last two weeks me talked about the aura and how this energy field is constantly radiating energy and colour and exchanging with our environment and the people me meet. But in addition to radiating colour from our aura me also have energy centers or charkas as they are often called, that radiate a specific colour too.
As me expose our body to different colours our bodies absorb that colour vibration, changing our own body’s energy vibrations which can bring our chakras energy back into balance. I work with the 8 chakras in the body during my consultation and workshops so I shall explain what these chakras are, their meaning and their corresponding colour. The eight chakra is Alta Major chakra, also known as the “zeal point” and has been described as a 5th dimensional chakra. Another way is to place your hands on each chakra point and once you feel a tingling then move on to the next center until you have completed all the eight chakras.

Lie down and place a crystal chakra set on the eight energy points and just concentrate on breathing. PressMarcia was invited to speak on UK's Natural Health Radio, discussing Colour Therapy and guiding listeners through her Orange Colour Meditation. Marcia also contributed a guest post for Standing Ren-Ovation, called 'How to Change the Personality of a Space' – bringing a new perspective to colour in interiors.
This is a wonderful short but powerful guided meditation, calling on Saint Raphael to help in your healing process. With the gentle sounds of the ocean surf and the gulls nearby, this is sure to have your stress melting away in no time at all. This meditation is designed to help you achieve self-awareness and the mental confidence to identify and become lucid in your dreams.
Music in this healing guided meditation is spacious and ethereal, allowing freedom for your mind to explore the new world of lucid dreaming. They were introduced to ancient Mesopotamia by Sargon the 1st.  Since the stem of a rose has thorns, they have come to symbolize both the joy and sorrow that accompanies human life.
Each gate is in the shape of the letter T.  In Vajrayana Buddhism, which is a Tibetan teaching, mandalas are also created in the exquisite media of sand paintings. At all times, day and night, sincerely recite and bear in mind these eight truths that cause great people to awaken. Bodhisattvas apply themselves and deeply appreciate study and erudition, constantly striving to expand their wisdom and refine their eloquence.
Therefore, great people resolve to cultivate the Great Vehicle, to rescue all beings, to endure hardship on behalf of others, and to lead everyone to ultimate happiness. Seven main Chakras form a vertical line from the base of our spine to the crown of our head. Energy-workers, spiritual healers and holistic therapists have used crystals in healing practices for centuries and this Chakra CD together with the relevant healing stones and crystals are brought together in one healing system pack for you to use in the privacy and relaxation of your own home. Where the Charkas are placed implies their respective levels of consciousness; each Chakra receives, stores and transmits energy while representing distinct frequencies of Universal energy. When energy does not flow freely from the chakras, the body does not function properly and this will mean that they will be underactive or overactive. This is our power center and influences the pancreas and liver as well as the digestive & nervous system. One way is to do a colour meditation, you can download my colour meditation audio for free from my website if you haven’t done so already. By lessening desires we can realize absolute truth and enjoy peace, freedom, and health in body and mind. They vanquish and defeat the four kinds of demons, and escape from the prison of the five skandhas.
Instead, they aspire to don the three-piece precept robe and the blessing bowl of monastic life. Each chakra spins at a different speed and has its own energy vibration or frequency and is drawn into the body via the endocrine system. I actually work with eight chakras, the seven major chakras and one minor chakra located at the back of our neck. Their ultimate ambition is to leave the home life and to cultivate the Path with impeccable purity. They sail the Dharma ship across to Nirvana’s shore, and then return on the sea of birth and death to rescue living beings. Each chakra is associated with a particular gland of the endocrine system which govern growth, development and daily physical activity. Life and Death is nothing but a series of transformations—hallucinatory, unreal, uncontrollable. Their virtuous qualities are lofty and sublime; their attitude towards all creatures, kind and compassionate.
They use these Eight Truths to show the proper course for living beings, causing them to recognize the anguish of birth and death. They nurture the Way, living a quiet life in humble surroundings—their sole occupation, cultivating wisdom.
They inspire all to forsake the five desires, and to cultivate their minds in the manner of Sages.
The red energy in this center means this center is linked with courage, physical and emotional survival, grounding and security.

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