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Your ad will be boosted back to the top of the ad category (just under the Featured Ads and Top Ads). Stained glass window Two windows designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) in 1912 for the Avery Coonley Playhouse in Riverside, Illinois.
Mount Grace Priory, in the parish of East Harlsey, North Yorkshire, is today the best preserved and most accessible of the ten medieval Carthusian houses (charterhouses) in England.

Architect Tamara Sawatzky designed the bookshelves along the living room wall of her Toronto live-work abode out of Ikea components: one-inch Lagan butcher block countertops and inexpensive Ekby Lerberg brackets.
The Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic - A controversial concept at the time, the building, which was designed by Vlado Milunic, is an homage to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers and was formerly called ‘Fred and Ginger’.

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