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In Paulina Cassidy’s newest deck (not Tarot), she offers up the idea of choosing two to three of her Witchlings to combine their energy.
This spot will show you what type of meditation might benefit you most in terms of your creative processes.
Our lovely third Witchling suggest that relaxation is the third way to increase your creativity.
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The soothing paintings by popular wilderness artist, Jody Bergsma, merge images of myth and nature to help you discover the secrets of creation. Jody Bergsma is an award-winning children's book illustrator and is well known for her Natural Elements paintings inspired by her relationship to the natural world. Linda Ewashina has combined a nursing background with spiritual practices in her work as a professional healer. This deck has awesome artwork and three word reminders on each card concerning the meaning described in the little book that comes in the deck. Being of Native American heritage and brought up on the Native traditional path by my Blackfeet grandmother, I can honestly say I was very skeptical at first. The suggested layouts are unique and have a nice feel to them (the pipe and sacred circle are very good). If you are looking for Native oracle cards that will not offend your ancestors, your family, or your own cultural sensibilities, try this deck.
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I recently emerged from London's Liverpool Street station at 9am to find a woman handing out leaflets for a mindfulness app whilst shouting "Relax your mind!" as loudly as she could. After three minutes of mentally "scanning" up and down my body in search of mindfulness, the Headspace session came to an end.

A familiar voice like Oprah guiding me along would really help my journey towards mindfulness, I thought.
Another part of Calm is the accompanying book that can be found in almost every airport bookshop. I asked a friend who seemed particularly happy which apps she would recommend, and she mentioned that Omvana is one of her favourites. As soon as I chose to start my first Hear and Now meditation session, it triggered my phone flash and kept it on.
Whether you choose a single card or perform one of several spreads described, Spirit of the Wheel guides you with gentle prayers and powerful prophecies along the spirit pathways toward self-discovery.
Linda is a Reiki Master and teacher, an intuitive life reader, and an Angel therapy practitioner. My recommendation is to lay the cards out on the floor in a medicine wheel (chart Included) so you can see how each card correlates and is placed in the Medicine wheel. I was truly excited and elated when it arrived and I opened the package to discover a truly beautiful and powerful deck.
I have seen many pseudo-native oracles and decks of so called native teaching but this deck is genuine and accurate. The booklet has some powerful ideas to guide you, but the cards are so clear that you will interpret them spontaneously for whatever the situation is. Mindfulness is all about being aware of yourself and the world around you, something I'm not very good at. However, instead of making me mindful of the world around me, the meditation exercises just made me feel tired.
She made a very positive impact on Lindsay Lohan's life, as evidenced in the eight-episode Oprah Winfrey Network show "Lindsay." Maybe she could do the same for me.
I got out my headphones and settled back, ready to experience the calming influence of Oprah.

I kept getting emails from The Chopra Center, which is Deepak Chopra's guided meditation company. I chose the rainy forest background, and all of my meditation sessions received an added soundtrack of rain. It runs the reader through the principles from the app, and includes little sections you can fill in to document the things you feel most grateful for, or the things that made you feel calm on a particular day. The website for the app emphasises how much I could get for free, which was also appealing.
It started playing some ominous music that sounded as if I was inside a big vacuum cleaner that was floating through space. I also burned sage and walked in a circle around the wheel blessing it and giving it my own personal power.
What I did like, however, was the selection of one-off meditation sessions that the app included.
It used a strange principle, though: I had to hold my phone in a certain way in my left hand, with my finger resting on my phone camera. Having done tarot readings myself for many years and working with many many decks I can say I was impressed and delighted when I used this deck in a reading with a client for the first time. The app played a recording of a man instructing me to sit on a chair with my feet on the floor. This is a good cultural match for us, as most NDNs know that we all have to find our own path, and seek our own vision.
He thinks that genes can hear our thoughts and that humans can avoid cataracts by brushing our teeth.

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