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Would you like to try meditation, or have you ever felt lonely in your meditation practice? Candlelight Meditation offers a weekly community of meditation practice, discussion, and sharing, followed by tea. The Secret World - Builds and DecksThe Secret World - AnnouncementsThe Secret World - Player vs. I've only been playing for a short time (currently in Savage Coast), and I'm trying to refine a Blood build (with one resource consumer from Pistols). As we all wait for the patch eexcitedly, i wondered what builds would be Options for dps going onwards.
I've been trying to model damage outputs for different builds, but I'm completely stuck when I don't actually know the numbers that I should be using. I realize most of the faction decks are junk and often the names and descriptions make little sense, but I try not to hold any of that against them.
So, I'm currently working my alt through City of the Sun God and figured I'd drop my current build here for any advice. Since I received excellent advice for my build, and how to **** Beaumont, I wish to help out my sister.
After reading lots of guides this is my first draft for the major roles (Solo, DPS, Tank, Leech). I've come back to the game a bit after about a 6 month break, I'm just wondering now with Anima shot becoming a 1 second cast is it still worth taking over the likes of anima burst?

I've been doing some research on end game healer builds and three builds below caught my attention. I have almost no experience with tanking and I need help to point out the biggest flaws in this build. Pen rating is better than crit because 1) pen counteract enemy block on top of adding damage, crit counters nothing.
The Jedi are characters in the fictional Star Wars universe and the series' main protagonists. Floating Meditation, also known as Rising Meditation, was a Jedi meditation technique where one meditated while using the Force to float several inches off the ground. People say that you can do elites in 10B and I've seen some people say you can do them in QL9B. I played a little secret world a while ago closer to when it first released but quickly got involved in another game at the time and now I just reinstalled because I wanted to try this again. Not used to seeing it be concentrated in quite the way you post here, but I do get lag spikes in this game pretty regularly.
I have read that there is a Mod out there that lets you go into PVP in whatever outfit you are wearing in PVE. 2) crit is divided in two stats and would require a greater amount of secondary stats to be as good as pen than we have available 3) It actually make more sense: FF makes your pen rating irrelevant on your strongest attack, and since you have a lot of pen rating, EF is better to use.

I'm having a lot of trouble taking down Beaumont in Tier 17 of Dawning of an Endless Night. It is the one game I play where I will literally watch my frame rate go from 60 to 90 to 12 in the space of maybe five or 10 seconds. We assume no responsibility for, and offer no warranties or representations regarding, the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any of the content.
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Take the elevator to the B Level and turn right through the Golden Thread Gallery into the Public Chapel. I don't think there is a lot you can do about it, though if you look for the forum posts that gave advice on reducing lag during the Golem events, some of those suggestions might just help with lag in general.

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