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Thank you for your faithfulness of a new day bringing new hope, new light, and new opportunities. If you are yearning for a simple, joy-filled life, as opposed to a complicated, over-committed, stress-filled life, these six simple steps will help you. I know that I am not alone, because my friends are all dealing with providing for their parents in some way.
More than ever, stressful times call for leaning on God for peace and guidance, and what I call Divine time management. Our connecting with God and practicing ways to be contemplative aren’t limited to prayer, meditation and writing. Have you ever stopped to think of simple things you do – Preparing a meal, walking your dog, painting, gardening, cleaning your house or apartment, sitting in the presence of a loved one and not speaking, fishing – almost any kind of hobby?  All of these activities lend themselves to putting your whole heart into it. Praise, Worship and Reflection in Scotland and England By Jackie Trottmann I haven’t posted on my blog in a while because I decided to unplug myself from the computer. I was doing some spring cleaning the other day in my office when I came across a yellow piece of paper.  It was folded neatly into four parts. I suggest you say this prayer, or at least, touch  this piece of paper anytime you are going to talk about “the issue” in the next days. I have to say that I am pretty fortunate as a writer that my mind is constantly spinning with creative ideas.
While I have always admired God’s handy work in the form of sunsets, clouds, mountains – I had no idea how many species God created. I have to admit that I struggle as I get older with realizing the concept of having less time than in my youth. New flash, plastic everything, and a sneaking suspicion that some things were better off left as-is. As of November 2010, Wool Wood and Whiskey will also feature rugged vintage clothing for men harvested from the wilds of Maine. The genius of the food mill is in the delicate consistency that is created by mechanical simplicity.

You're likely to score one of these at a good antique store, or you can find sweet ones CHEAP on ebay. It's not really all that necessary to point out that cell phones aren't doing great things for us these days. Let the spoiled boomers live out their silver years "camping" with granite counter tops, I'm down for broken AC and wet dog smell in the Dodge. My son is off to college, I’ve started my own, growing consulting business and was looking forward to unbridled freedom. While I promote prayer, meditation and journaling as powerful tools, there are many simple ways to feel the love and presence of God every day.  By incorporating mindfulness of the presence of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or all three, through simple acts we perform, we can bring a sense of peace, wholeness and clarity into our daily living. This is a guided meditation which is something I recommend for beginners or anyone who has a tough time slowing down. It yields perfect apple sauce-never watery and never chunky baby food-and the best mashed potatoes ever.
Check a Foley out, you can thank WWW after you've finished happily churning out something delicious. We all work more, drive crazier and are completely disconnected from people who surround us in our everyday lives-it's pretty obvious. Not because "retro" is all the rage in Front Gate, in fact, not for aesthetic reasons at all (although, come on!).
But in my quest to slow down and live in the present moment, I chose not to take my laptop with me on a choir tour to Scotland and England.
This pose is typical of her personality because she always felt more comfortable performing on the stage. That’s when you sit down with your pad of paper or plop down in front of the computer and nothing comes. Because I have hit the over half-way mark in my life, I feel a sense of urgency in wanting everything NOW! This particular meditation focuses on bringing awareness to various parts of the body which I've found in the past to be a great way to relieve tension in the muscles, stress, and good for anyone with chronic pain.

This is what food processors looked like before there were food processors-simple, easy to use, no electricity required, undeniably functional. According to a certain WWWer who works a certain renown restaurant with certain slow food leanings, a mill gently loves starches while a processor thrashes them grainy and sour. At Wool Wood and Whiskey we like communication-sitting on porches and stoops, spinning yarns and chewing the fat.
That grief can entail mourning the loss of a mother due to death, losing a child or mourning the absence of the loving mother daughter relationship. Considering all that she has physically to deal with, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and asthma, you would never guess that she is 94 – more like 70, and she certainly doesn’t act a day over 16! It's a little over 5 minutes, is great to do in the morning, and will start your day off on the right foot. The apparatus itself is simple: the food mill body is essentially a colander that tapers in to an inverted cone at the bottom of the bowl. When you're anchored to a single spot in your home talking to someone on the phone becomes an activity again. Have a wonderful day!PS- Meditation tips for beginners,  what to do with your hands when in meditation, a favorite inspirational quote about pursuing your vision of excellence. Rather than worrying about trying to pass that semi up ahead or if that the crazy guy who rides the 38 is going to want to sit next to you again, you have to sit down (or pace in the general vicinity) and listen.
One Sunday they featured “Creatures.” I had no idea that there are 1.8 million known species!

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