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Through the power of love and an open heart you have everything you need to access the infinite love, guidance, and wisdom of the angelic and spiritual realms. Simply click the play button or link below to listen or right click (ctrl click mac, press and hold tablet) to download to your computer. As you fill yourself up with love energy with these love meditations, you will be able to overflow your love and light to the world and you will also attract more love and light into your life because like-attracts-like.
Remember that taking time to meditate daily is the best way to get more from your meditation practice and to experience more spiritual growth, more quickly!
Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several recommended partners who are available to help you get answers, right now! Hy I was in a dark whole then an angel was singing then i was encircled by a dragon like creature and lifted out into a burst of light which ingulfed everything setting me free, was very uplifting and enlightening. Thank you Melanie for your magnificent and beautiful meditation and messages from the angels. I am so depressed because of the way things are going with me, things are not working smoothly, is rising and falling in my carrier. How can I find my angels, and how many angels are with me, how do know that my angels are around? I have used your meditation before.tonight i felt very emotional and released tears during meditation is this normal?
Quand la musique commence, prenez une grande expiration et avancez le bras droit et la jambe droite en même temps. As the pace of living accelerates, the mind – your mind – is more and more easily bored. Even a few seconds of waiting, can feel excruciating. How much more so sitting still on a meditation cushion ? breathing in . What can you do with a bored mind? The conditioned response is to seek out entertainment and distraction.
Boredom is a symptom of surface living. Because the richness, the meaning, the fulfillment of life is in the depths.So, how do you free yourself from surface living and the inevitable boredom that ensues? You don’t skip away to a better, more distracting distraction.You return, rest, and settle into the deepening reality of this moment.
You receive all these bouncing states of mind with awareness and embrace them in a field of meditative observation. Meditative observation is being fully aware of moment to moment experience without identifying with that experience. If the experience that arises is boredom, you discover ? through practice ­? how to meditatively observe it.
This insight frees you from the impulse to escape boredom. It frees you from seeking entertainment. The mind acclimates to stillness. You settle into stillness and discover that ? stilling of the mind doesn’t mean the end of thought. The essence of Goddess energy is that of powerful Divine Feminine wisdom that you hold deep within you. Discovering the Goddess Within is an invitation to take a break from the busyness of the outer world and all the roles you play by calling upon the guidance of Divine Feminine Energy. Meditation has entered the mainstream of Western life and continues to be documented for it's healing effects.
This circular image represents the essence of heart rhythm meditation and the practices for learning how to meditate on this site. Love truly is the most powerful force in The Universe and offers you the key to unlocking the secrets of the Law of Attraction, manifestation and living a joy filled, fulfilled life. Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world. Laissez la musique douce et profonde de Karunesh circuler doucement à travers votre corps. Not too long ago, it felt normal to wait a month to receive the next edition of your favorite magazine or comic book. You learn how to be fully aware of the boredom, without becoming identified with the boredom.

It is just what it is – an expression of life energy that arises, pulses through the nervous system, and changes into another expression of life energy.
This revelation transforms the monotony of meditation into an ever?new process of life revealing itself breath-by-breath. As your capacity to fully experience the pulsation of life energy deepens – the desire for distraction and entertainment dissolves into stillness.
It has a vital message for all: not only for the confirmed follower of the Buddha and his Doctrine (Dhamma), but for all who endeavour to master the mind that is so hard to control, and who earnestly wish to develop its latent faculties of greater strength and greater happiness. The straight and direct path towards it, as provided by Satipatthana, and a continuous progress on that path, require, however, sustained meditative effort, applied to a few selected objects of Mindfulness.
It has the depth and the breadth, the simplicity and the profundity for providing the foundation and the framework of a living dhamma for all, or, at least, for that vast, and still growing, section of humanity that is no longer susceptible to religious or pseudo- religious sedatives, and yet feel, in their lives and minds, the urgency of fundamental problems of a non-material kind calling for solution that neither science nor the religions of faith can give.
In Buddhist usage, however, and particularly in the Pali scriptures, it has only occasionally retained that meaning of remembering past events. These commentaries, at least in their substance, date, almost certainly, back to the very earliest time of the Doctrine. Apart from its direct relevance to our subject, the Commentary contains a wealth of information about various important Buddhist teachings, and, besides, a number of stirring stories showing the determined and heroic manner in which the Only Way was trodden by the monks of old, and giving instructive glimpses into details of their practice. Still, in many a home, the Satipatthãna book is reverently wrapped in a clean cloth, and from time to time, in the evening, it is read to the members of the family. But this alone would not be sufficient to explain the persistence, through thousands of years, of such singular veneration. May it be a bridge between the races, by pointing to the common roots of human nature and to a common future of an ennobled mind’s mastery over human destiny! This anthology is firstly intended as a source book on its subject; but beyond its informative purpose it is hoped that it will serve as a book of contemplation to which the reader will return again and again for fresh inspiration. Notwithstanding the differences in method, aim and basic philosophical conceptions, the connecting links with Satipatthãna are close and strong, and it is regrettable that they have hardly been stressed or noticed.
The same publishing house also issued a German version of the anthology, under the title Der einzige Weg (Konstanz 1956) from which the present English edition differs by a few added and a few omitted texts. It is hoped that the present book will be helpful to many, in many lands, who wish to develop the human mind’s potential for greater calm and strength, for a more penetrative awareness of reality, and finally, for its unshakable deliverance from Greed, Hatred and Delusion. When you meditate with Goddess energy, you awaken and open to receive power, love, and a strong connection to your true self, others and the universe. Let the following meditation pictures inspire and uplift you and guide you in your practices.
It enters us through the top of the head (the crown chakra) and passes through us, through our hearts and down and out through the bottom of our spines, our feet and even our palms.
Almost any nature scene can be meditative and going out into nature is one of the best things we can do to deepen our connection with earth.
Scientists at the HeartMath Institute in California have shown that the heart's magnetic field is 5000 times more powerful than the magnetic field of the brain, and it reaches out several feet from our body.
His spiritual teacher (PIR) requested that he travel to the western world bringing teachings of Unity, meditation and music. Relax, and breathe as you listen to this powerful meditation with Saint Germaine and Archangel Metatron. I know the way now and your meditation has allowed me to connect , and last night I experienced the most beautiful eye opener listening to your meditation.
And here’s the harsh paradox of this bouncing life: when you live on the surface of life ­? you’re going to be really bored. Suffering is the common human experience, and, therefore, a method for radically conquering it, is of common human concern. For the purpose of such a satipatthãna dhamma for all it is essential to work out, in detail, the applications of this method to modem problems and conditions. The complete original, however, of all the old commentaries to the Buddhist Pali Canon was no longer extant in the fourth century A.C. It has, however, been utilized in the explanatory notes to the Discourse, and a few passages of general interest taken from that Commentary have been included in the Antho­logy which forms Part Three of this book.
Often this Discourse is recited at the bedside of a dying Buddhist, so that in the last hour of his life, his heart may be set on, consoled and gladdened by the Master’s great message of liberation.

It must be attributed also to the effects of a long and successful practice of the Way, throughout twenty-five centuries, which has enhaloed the Sutta, as it were, with an aura of power that inspires deep reverence. In common are, for instance, the direct confrontation with actuality (including one’s mind), the merging of every-day life with the meditative practice, the transcending of conceptual thought by direct observation and introspection, the emphasis on the Here and Now. The shorter version of the Discourse was replaced by the longer one which, with its detailed explanation of the Four Noble Truths, embodies the essence of the Buddha’s Teachings. We also strive to expose our hearts forward so that we can receive energy into our hearts just from our posture.
Using the downward breath (the water breath) we can imagine being under a waterfall and we draw that water into us on the inhale and send it deep into our hearts. For example in the water breath meditation (downward breath meditation) we imagine drawing energy in through the crown chakra on the top of the head. These scientists are also showing that feelings of love, gratitude, and appreciation in your heart boots your immune system, increases your heart's vital capacity, reduces stress hormone levels and high blood pressure. This great Heart is in fact the centre of all the blood streams pulsating through the entire body of the doctrine (dhamma-kãya).
Though the final victory over Suffering may, in the individual case, still be far off, the road to it has been clearly indicated. Here, within the limits of these pages, only brief indications can be given in that respect (see, in parti­cular, pp. But still more frequently, its use in the Pali scriptures is restricted to a kind of attentiveness that, in the sense of the Buddhist doctrine, is good, skilful or right (kusala).
The version we possess now is a re­translation, and partly perhaps a recasting into the Pali language, from the early Sinhalese version that was found in Ceylon.
Though ours is an age of print, it is still customary in Ceylon to have new palm-leaf manuscripts of the Sutta written by scribes, and to offer them to the library of a monastery. Some of Santideva’s succinct and beautiful formulations may well be regarded as classic, and should be ofren remembered by those who walk the Way of Mindfulness.
Paul Christiani, for his kind permission to use this copyright material in an English version.
Prenez de nouveau une expiration, faites les mêmes mouvements avec cette fois le bras gauche et la jambe gauche. And more than that: from the very first stages of that road, the method of Right Mindfulness will show immediate and visible results of its efficacy, by defeating Suffering in many a single battle. For these reasons, special attention has been given here to the general aspects of Mindfulness, i.e. A collection of nearly two hundred such manuscripts of the Satipatthãna Sutta, some with costly covers, was seen by the writer in an old monastery of Ceylon. Since the literature on Zen has grown considerably in the West, it would have been repetitive to include here illus­trative texts often reproduced elsewhere.
You might experiment with different images to see which ones have the best effect on your attitude and feeling state. On the exhale we send the energy to the depth of the heart and then out through the bottom of our spine, the root chakra. Such practical results, in terms of happiness, must be of vital importance to everyone, in’ addition to the efficient help given to mental development. And in that endeavour he will be, for a long stretch of the road, the companion of his Theravãda brother. This is the road that all Liberated Ones have gone and will go, be they Buddhas, Pacceka-Buddhas or Arahants (see the stanza in Part III, Text I).

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