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There will be meditations for all ages so parents and guardians encourage the kids to do the Silent Center For Kidz Meditation or do it with them. First, you will create in your mind a Sacred Shelf or Sacred Box where you will place all distractions.
What is important is you are letting go of the less than positive emotions and or distractions that would have connected to you and caused even longer and more intense distraction.
State silently or aloud, "Every cell accepts the Divine Light, Order and Love with every breath I take".
You have now energized and heart chakra, all events of day will flow in this source and direction.
If you want to keep track of your meditations simply write down your thoughts and how you feel immediately after. It is a simple way to keep track and be open to the wisdom and guidance that is being offered. This place can be as quick as choosing to go, taking a deep breath, and letting everything else just melt away. You are learning how not to think about what you do not have and be grateful for what is all good around you! See or just know you are walking into the smaller circle and sitting in a comfortable chair.
Just be, breathe, allow for a few moments of silence after allowing the feeling of peace and love to be with you.
While the practice of meditation has been around for thousands of years, only recently has there been actual scientific evidence proving that meditation can have a positive impact on your physical health.
On a physical level, the practice of deep breathing can lead to an increase in exercise tolerance, decreased muscle tension, higher energy levels and boosts the immune system. We all strive to achieve a more fulfilling life that is full of happiness, calm and success, but rarely do we take the time to focus on how we can bring these positive changes into our lives. Welcome and congratulations for having the wisdom and consciousness to decide to learn more about meditation. I have been meditating for over 40 years, I have tried many different meditation techniques. Learning how to meditate does not have to be mysterious or difficult and you don’t have to sit in lotus to become an accomplished meditator.
So whether you are just beginning your journey into meditation or are looking for help on the journey you have already begun, I am here for you. Larry shares with you, meditationPlus, the easiest and most effective meditation technique.
If you’re finding your life is getting high stress or you need to achieve some balance in your life, meditation can help. If there is a part of your life where you do something solo, such as running or other forms of fitness, bring your practice into it for a two-in-one benefit. Just like an regime (fitness, nutrition, even dental check-ups), consistency is the key to success.
If you find that it is difficult to be consistent or prioritize your practice, consider joining a group with others that will help with your practice.
A silent room sitting on a pillow might be ideal, but that isn’t the only place you can meditate. Keep yourself up to date, with what is going on in the Ecoki Community by subscribing to the Ecoki RSS Feed. There are a few very easy ways to tell if someone is an energy vampire, and some that are not as so easy. Here are a list of ten simple tips to help you when you are learning to develop your Spirit Guide communication.
Enough of me said about meditation benefits, deep meditation experiences and how to meditate.
If you’re not aware of meditation dangers, they can unexpectedly come and cause many troubles in your life, such as frightening visions, non-physical contacts or even insanity. So here, in no particular order, are the dangers I’ve encountered from my own meditations and those of others. For example, when I meditate, I sometimes hear conversations in different languages, see certain events from this and other worlds and see different beings.
I mainly see the colors though, especially the Blue Pearl (a blue colored circle) which some meditators believe to be their own souls. If you get attached to these experiences and keep exploring them and forget about the path to self-realization, your spiritual progress will stop. I remember during a Vipassana meditation course I was meditating and saw a vision of me meditating alone in a vast desert. There’s an even bigger danger if you lose the path to self-realization by enjoying the meditation experiences. Some lamas also believe that such meditators might be reborn in higher worlds too, but I could not find out how to distinguish which meditators will be born where. If you meditate for some years (or if you meditated in past lives, then this can happen very fast), you’re likely to develop some supernatural powers, such as generating heat and thus not getting cold. Those who start using this power soon start taking on more and more evil karma, because this bad deed invites its “neighbors”. This all leads to the rapid accumulation of bad karma and future births in low worlds, as well as a likely negative future in this life. Some meditators, having successfully overcome their attachments to meditation experiences and supernatural powers, come face to face with an even more dangerous phenomenon.
Some people go through this time with a calm mind, but I would say many more get frightened and stop their spiritual development, never to resume it again in this life-time. When you can accept this, you start seeing the reflection of yourself in every living and non-living being and event.
When kundalini, also called “the serpent force” or “the sleeping serpent”, awakens, it can cause a real havoc in your mind and your life. When my kundalini energy awakened I started seeing snakes everywhere: on TV, newspapers, I heard conversations about snakes and even dreamed about them. Fortunately I read about the dangers of kundalini awakening and remembered to do the grounding activities.
The rising kundalini process should be slow because it’s one of the most dangerous spiritual experiences. Too quickly rising kundalini can produce frightening visions and you may even involuntarily project out of your body, without any preparation. For an unprepared or slightly prepared mind, feeling rising kundalini may even cause insanity. As some people get glimpses of the higher worlds without any warning, so do others see the worlds of lower vibrations. Also the meditator will feel the energy of the lower worlds, which could be much more negative and stronger than the energy of some places and persons in our world. You may get such an abundance of energy during your meditations that it will start manifesting though strong intuition and powerful, very clear dreams. Such dreams can be so clear, so real and so symbolic that you may feel a supernatural presence in them and that may scare you.
I like some spiritual contacts and dreams that are very powerful or full of symbols, but when I tell people about some of my dreams and spiritual experiences, they get tense and tell me that probably they would go mad if something like that would happen to them. These cautions will prepare you for what might happen during your meditations and so you will react to such phenomena in a less intense way. As for the rest of the meditation dangers, maintaining a high vibration by being positive should help to avoid them.
Please share this article with those who meditate without guidance or who are thinking of doing so. It covers not only my own experiences and advice, but the advice of well-known and less-known female and male celibates that were occultists, spiritual teachers, writers, inventors, and more. It’s truly a collection of celibacy advice and experiences from many sources, and that’s why it will serve as a rich source of inspiration and information for would-be and current celibates. Whether you want to experience much greater awareness or remove suppressed emotions and other mental impurities causing misery, Buddha's Meditation is a right choice. It will help you to know yourself and this reality; it’s up to you how far you want this wisdom to unfold. Practicing this meditation will cause your take on life to ease up, and you will be able to understand the essence of events in your life, because you’ll stop projecting your subjective view. To meditate ultimately means to stop thinking long enough in order for the ego to disappear (see also Ashtanga Yoga). When learning how to meditate, we need to accept the nature of mind and not let our ego get in the way. So don't make the mistake of frustrating yourself by focusing mind too fast on just one boring object. Light some insense or use some essential oils to unify the sense of smell and purify the environment, removing disturbing energies.
If you are feeling particularly stressed, you have the option of doing some relaxation excercises in advance of your meditation, mostly asana and pranayama excercises.

To meditate thus means to temporarily drop all attention from the world outside, from what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. Mantra meditation is one of the most popular meditation techniques known in all cultures and it is definitely a great way to learn how to meditate. Gradually the singing should be more simple and monotonous and we should drop the bell or whatever else we have added to fully engage mind.
During this phase it is advisable to center your attention somewhere in your body, otherwise you give mind an excuse to wander about the body and report on all kinds of things felt there. One thing which works for many people during this phase is to visualize the syllables of the mantra and thus engage not just the brain hemisphere that works with sound, but also the other hemisphere that works with images. At some stage in learning how to meditate, you will experience that thoughts come less and less frequently. When that is done, there is only one thing left to do : to reduce the strength of your focus without losing the object. However far or deep you get, when the time to meditate is over, or the mala is finished, try to keep entirely still for a moment.
For mantra meditation, it is very helpful to chant the mantra inside or out loud whenever you dont need your mind for anything else. Whether you hold for few minutes or half hour it will be raising vibration, strengthening immune and nervous system. Remember to periodically go to heart and repeat Divine Light (inhale Divine, exhale Light). For example… love, trust, happy, or let your imagination take you to a beautiful beach, toes in the sand, or a beautiful mountain top where you can touch the clouds. If you can release from how many times and just connect to the peace that will flow through you. Now that the hard science has caught up, many more individuals are starting to incorporate meditation in their daily lives. Mentally, daily meditation can build self-confidence, increase creativity, promotes overall composure and develops emotional maturity.
Whether you are a beginner or already have experience with meditation, I am dedicated to helping you learn how to meditate, how to go deeper into your meditation practice, and how to use meditation to help you overcome the challenges we all face in life.
I will offer you my insights on how to meditate and reveal a variety of secrets along the way. Focus on your breath; each inhale and exhale should be mindful and approached with knowledge. Even just one minute a day can help, then continue to grow and increase the number after a few days.
Even getting out on your lunch break and taking a brisk walk can clear your head in a busy day. Yes, there will be days when you’re not really in the mood for a meditation practice, but those are the days that you need it the move. These can also include guided meditations, making it easier who find it difficult to sit in silence on their own.
Some people report seeing mandalas (sacred geometrical paintings), various deities, and so on. Those experiences will also likely to stop after some time, so you may find yourself in a dark spiritual pause.
I told the teacher about this amazing experience and she just said: ignore it and keep meditating. It’s believed in Buddhism that those who lose the path for meditation experiences are reborn in lower than human realms, for example, in the animal realm.
Or such powers might include seeing what’s happening in your neighborhood, in another country or another world. In a Vipassana meditation center during the chanting I found myself to gain the awareness of a sound wave.
It could be for getting rid of stress, raising awareness, knowing God or oneself, feeling the unity or God’s energy and so on. But when you start developing supernatural powers and your ego is still quite big (if you have selfish wishes it most likely is), then your ego will badly want to use these powers.
Some meditators completely get used to the feeling that God is always with them an that their intuitive powers never let them down. Some even start believing that God doesn’t exist and so join the “rational people” circle. Only if people would know why this phenomenon happens, they would continue meditating despite it and experience an even deeper connection with God. Through meditation and yogic asanas you may awaken this energy, causing it to rise rapidly through all the big and small chakras in your body until it goes through your crown chakra, to connect with God. When the kundalini is moving up your chakras, your whole mental and bodily structure is changing to get ready for a more spiritual energy and finally the enlightenment. I know that such events caused by meditation can’t harm you as long as your mind is strong and positive.
Dreams as though become real and more colorful than they were before, so you feel their full force. Such dreams can even cause you to jump from your bed in sleep, or you may awaken with a puzzled mind without knowing what to do next. I now completely got used to my clear dreams – some of them definitely seem more real than the accepted reality itself. I hope you won’t be discouraged from meditating, having read about all these meditation dangers.
You may copy free content of this blog providing you leave a link to this blog after each copied article.
Yet in each technique the process of meditation is also not different in its general approach.
To stop thinking is of course not easy, yet it is also not difficult when correct understanding of the process of meditation is applied with sufficient time and patience. And neither make the mistake to keep changing your focus : just gradually move towards the essential objective of being softly but firmly focused on one tiny simple thing only.
Typical here is the corpse pose combined with simply slowing down breath or even stopping breath for a few seconds between inhalation and exhalation. If you dont fix that somehow, you are only giving mind a million excuses for stopping the meditation prematurely. That way, whatever doubt mind may produce, your ego will want to stick to this promise, because if not it will feel dissatisfied with itself afterwards. The powerful effect of the sound syllables on both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is a great help.
People that are just starting to learn how to meditate will put most time into the first easy phases, and less time into the later, more difficult phases. By singing as beautifully as possible, putting some emotion into it, feeling love for the divine, any mind will be interested to assist. Then you just start from phase 2 or 3, which may be more difficult, but is really good excercise.
Then gradually also the singing should be less loud and perhaps more slow, so that our breathing rate can slow down too. The main places in the body where you can focus are between the eyebrows (the third eye), the heart chakra and the tip of the nose.
This is definitely a difficult step for many, but fortunately also at this stage we still have many options to create the variety needed to engage mind.
If we use only sound inside, then mind can more easily disturb our focus by bringing up some image that causes us to start thinking. At this point, you can further try to simplify the object of your meditation, so that it becomes increasingly calm. Let the mantra be recited by your mind, while you are simple witnessing the mantra, using minimal effort to keep it going. However, one should realize that a running jump takes you much further than a standing jump. While it is natural to make that mistake at first, try to move towards more regular, daily meditation. Whether to send love, energize, express gratitude, or share (visualize light around someone or Mother Earth).
It is a quiet place even when there is noise and distracting things around you; even when there is nothing to do.
Quiet time, cry time, even angry feelings, time to dream about what we want to be when we grow up, dance, sing, and draw. Not only can daily meditation lead to deep mental and physical relaxation, it also promotes many other benefits for the mind, body and spirit.
Take a look at this infographic, provided byn† Skin Energizer, for a basic guide on how to get started with meditation, as well as find out more information about its benefits. Every emotion you have baby is feeling so learn how to relax & just be one with this special time.

In 1978 I founded the Spiritual Life Society, Ohio’s oldest yoga and meditation center. All of the basics can be found in my book How to Meditate, Secrets to the Easiest and Most Effective Meditation Technique. Deep breathing is not just a huge stress reliever, but can also lower your blood pressure and improve digestion. Add a minute or so a week, and you’ll find yourself a half hour of bliss by the end of the month.
While there are other ways to do this, meditation can effectively be used as a focused reminder to help keep your vibration high when you are busy thinking about work, kids, and dinner. Rarely does anyone start meditating for the enlightenment of humans, infusing more positivity and wisdom to the world or for the world peace. This may result in harm to other beings and the disregard of the boundaries and rights of others. It teaches you that all the external gods you knew of, were born in your mind or in the minds of other projections of… the one awareness. I felt pressure and buzzing in my ears and during one night it was almost unbearable, I started even fearing that I would not be able to remain sane. Then, after all the havoc ceased in my mind and life, I resumed the meditation practice with caution. Completely unexpectedly to me, my reality was replaced with a glimpse of the world where the surroundings had a very pleasant golden glow and the houses were extremely beautiful. Sometimes I see a white light or hear some sound with one ear, like a sudden shout or a whisper. But for people with weak minds or for complete meditation beginners, such experiences can be extremely frightening and may lead to the halt of the meditation practice. I understand how people unprepared for such dreams would start being scared to fall asleep. Taking mantra meditation as an example, the following text explains all the practical do's and don't on how to meditate.
The lotus posture is ideal, but the half lotus will also do (put the right leg upon the left leg rather than vice versa), as will the simple crosslegged posture. If you have no clear idea what you will do, then you will have to think about it while you meditate. Mind is literally sung to sleep and this effect is not just felt when singing the mantra out loud, but it is also present when the mantra is silently recited inside.
If you feel like it, you can even add the sound of some instrument to it, like a bell, just don't make it too exciting.
Accept that to keep mind quiet for a long time works best after letting the mantra work its magic for a while. Your meditation will help you to do that and doing that will also speed up your progress in meditation. It will help to establish the neural pattern of the mantra in your brain and it will stop you from going through the same thoughts again and again. In one of my videos I explain the two major meditation techniques of mantra and mindfulness, and I share with you the advantages and disadvantages of both.
With it you will receive a download of me leading you through a complete meditation session. You can even download podcasts that can guide you if you have trouble forgetting about the looming workday ahead.
First, we get a nice calm feeling after the meditation, which we may still experience many hours afterwards. If we try to forcefully focus mind on the object of meditation, mind gets bored very easily and tries to escape by bringing up all kinds of thoughts and feelings.
If you have more time, other asana and pranayama excercises might help to remove more stress from your body and improve the flow of energy. Use cushions or some rolled up yoga mat or blanket to support your posture and allow you to relax your legs. For real meditation, it is advisable to let the hand that counts rest on your knee, rather than holding the mala up in front.
Mantra meditation is also popular because the mantra can be used in many different ways and is thus very suited to gradually move mind from an entertaining object towards a more simple object. But even people that already know how to meditate quite well, might put some more time into the first phases any day that they are feeling less calm than usual, because of life and all that.
Sometimes also mudras (hand postures) are used during this phase, as well as ritual acts like the offering of flowers, water, light, sweet, insense, etc.. The speed at which we recite the mantra is another variable to work with, gradually moving from rather fast to rather slow, as the slower we get, the easier it is for thoughts to move in.
The image of a yantra or deity can also be used together with the mantra, especially for people that are good at visualisation (like most artists).
Whenever the mantra comes to your mind naturally, at least finish it once - don't break it off halfway or you might damage the neural pattern that you have already created. When you are not feeling particularly disturbed, your meditation will be more effective and it will help to prevent future disturbances. It is the most powerful tool we have, as humans, to stay connected to God, Oneness , our Spirit.
But more than that, on this website you will find many helpful articles and videos to help you on your journey.
Same goes for meditation–it will create an equilibrium and your day will become a little brighter and smoother. However, this recharge can certainly even make your work more efficient, as you take a moment to leave your frazzled day to the side for a few moments. You might use some meditation music at this stage also, but it must go once you really start to meditate. So, if your knees are not fully touching the floor, put something underneath to support them. With fairly short mantras, it is also possible to synchronize the singing with breath during this phase, though this should be discontinued as you move further inside (focus on breath is rather outside of your inside). For people that are not so good at visualisation, visualising the characters of each syllable as you recite it works best.
Whenever you notice that you are (again) thinking something, just drop it and return to the mantra. Accept that while you are as divine as anything else, to bring out the divine into your entire being requires regular effort.
Please, learn from my mistakes, and learn how to meditate and reap all of the benefits from your meditation practice. I share with you secrets to relaxation and the three areas in your body that hold the most stress. The first objective is reached from the beginning, for everyone who gives meditation a serious try without too much care for the result. Will power is a requirement, yet the hard concentration only makes mind's resistance more strong.
When we can focus mind on an entertaining version of our object of meditation, the object will start to affect mind, calming it down so it can accept a more simple, calm, less entertaining, more boring version of the object to meditate upon. Do it long enough and the doing will go along with the doer and you will enter samadhi, effortless meditation (see Ashtanga Yoga). Accept that it is a matter of steady growth, while the only one who can slow down this growth is the one who is impatient with the speed of it.
Whether your interest is practical, spiritual or you would like to use it in conjunction with your specific religious tradition, whichever one that is, I have been there and I can help. Like you today, I just knew it was something I needed to do, something that would help me lead a healthier, happier, and more productive life. I will go into details on specific breathing techniques and what to do with your tongue which I describe as the most dangerous muscle in your body. Chosing a particularly sanctified place may be very beneficial, but of course it is no requirement. If during meditation you experience pain in sitting, just allow your body to readjust itself, while you remain focused on the object of your meditation. I sit before you as testimony to the fact that meditation works, that it has done all of those things for me and more.
And once you have found a technique that seems to work for you, use this technique for a long period of time, so that you dont even have to think about what you will be doing and can easily fall into a know pattern of meditation.

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