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Sanaa Lathan and Tika Sumpter attended the 3rd annual Bent on Learning benefit at the Urban Zen Center in NYC. Russell Simmons and Gwyneth Paltrow were both honored at the event, not surprising since they are both such public advocates of the benefits of yoga! I'm reading: Sanaa Lathan, Tika Sumpter and Uncle Rush Attend Yoga Event in NYC!Tweet this! Martin Lawrence and his longtime girlfriend Shamika Gibson wed on Saturday in their Beverly Hills home backyard. No better person to get glam tips from than the queen of the Red Carpet herself, my girl, Kim Kardashian. The tease is over and Nick and Mariah finally reveal the names of their twins better known as "Dem Babies"! Joy Bryant and Kim Kardashian posed naked for Harper’s Bazaar magazine nude and untouched! The organization offers instruction in yoga and meditation to children in NYC public schools and youth centers as a means of reducing stress and improving concentration, self-esteem and overall health.
The more he runs, the more you chase, daydreaming and plotting of more ways to prove your love and show him that noone could possibly love him better than you.I sound real familar with this right?
Well, on the other side of that coin, men have a list similar to ours that is just as superficial.My question to you single and searching ladies is, Are you wife material?

We do all of this, not only for our men, but for the ladies that may be checking for him while we’re together.
For the men, a fresh cut and shape up, some smell good and a crisp pair of footwear with the right cut and wash denim, not too baggy and definitely not too skinny…Aahhh, this is the nickname stage, the flowers, dinners and movie stage, long phone calls at night, romance overload, all leading up to that intense first encounter when both parties are pulling out all the tricks to try and whip the other into submission, lol!
Ladies, we're such emotional creatures and sometimes easily read; especially and I mean especially if there are insecurity issues! We tend to meet a man and fall in love with his credentials, because they appear to fall in line with the list that we've created and instantly we're planning a wedding in our head; meanwhile dude is looking at us trying to figure out what position he'd like try out first. Make this upcoming year, the year that you come closer to reaching some levels of personal achievement outside of your physical appearance, because in turn I assure you that it will also get you closer to your goal of finding that someone special.**Note- if your constantly in the mirror loooking at yourself and asking the question, "Why don't I have anyone? Yes, Yes, we need to get it in our heads that any man that approaches us has but one thing in mind and it isn't seeing us in a white dress.
I'm beautiful, none of these chicks out here are messing with me", than this applies to you, because1. In line with that, a man will say what he thinks you need and want to hear to get in the panties. So be careful with what you say, because where do you think he get's his ammunition from?1. Be Elusive, Have a little mystery, let him get to know you without hearing about all of your baggage, pet-peeves and insecurities.3.

Have more to offer than just physical, men are attracted to the physical initially, but to get past the initial lust stage he has to be drawn to something of more substance; Art, Literature, Travel, Sports, Politics.
Someone sent me an e-mail that couldn't have said it better, "Never Make a Man a Priority When your an Option! Don't be so available, ready, willing and able, Remember your beautiful, independent, happy and complete!
BUT, at the same time remember that men HAVE to feel needed, I don't know, it's the Captain Save A Ho Syndrome!5. This is not a guide to be deceptive or use or mistreat someone, it's more about the art of romance and mystery to gain and keep the attention of someone whom you'd like to pursue a relationship with.
If you've been hurt before, release your pain and anger and do not make the next person pay for someone else's past mistakes!

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