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Why a Labyrinth?  The Commons is installing a Labyrinth as part of Open Streets Hamilton so that as you pass by on this day of reclaiming public space you can have an opportunity to engage in our own time of reflection, prayer, or meditation. About The Commons: The Commons is an urban holistic Christian community that Lives, Works and Plays in the inner city neighbourhoods of Hamilton, Ontario. Below are a series of projects and patterns that you can use to help expand your practice and understanding of Reiki. Come Check us out on Sunday June 24th, 2012 between 10am – 5pm at the Corner of James St.
A Labyrinth is a pattern with a single winding path that leads from the entrance to the centre.  The path always leads to the centre, no matter how many twists and turns there might be.
As part of Open Streets the labyrinth becomes an artistic comment on personal journeys and destinations, on slowing down and simple living.

The beauty of the Labyrinth is that everyone can approach the experience on their own terms.
We are committed to working together as a community to creatively live out Justice, Hope, Beauty, Authenticity, Truth, Community and Peace.
If we can reshape a street for a day and paint a new path, perhaps we can make more permanent changes to our lives and our society’s patterns to be better neighbours, becoming more empathetic to the people we find around us. Walk it quickly for fun or take 10 minutes to really slow down your thoughts and experience. Today, labyrinths are used to relieve stress and aid in rehabilitation.  Many people use labyrinths to help them pray, meditate, and exercise.
The Transit room is located on the upper floor of 26 Wilson Street at the corner of Hughson St in Downtown Hamilton.

Use the Song above to listen to a Guided Meditation while you walk the Labyrinth painted directly onto the pavement of James Street North.
For an even richer experience Click Here to access our Guided Audio Meditation with your Phone or iPod.

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