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Please pray for my son who has mental issues that prevent him from being successful in life. The labyrinth is an ancient tool of prayer, and when the Sisters built the new Convent in 2004, we were excited about the possibility of continuing that tradition here. Heather Lindsay, a landscape artist from Metropolitan United Church in Toronto, helped us construct our labyrinth. The walking path of our labyrinth is a thick layer of mulch, so ita€™s possible to walk in wet weather without getting muddy feet.Together with sisters and volunteers from the church we battled the pouring rain and filled in the rest with the river rocks, and require thickness of mulch.

We chose the 11-circuit pattern from Chartres Cathedral, one of the most ancient labyrinths in a Christian church.
We chose to place a large rock at the centre of the labyrinth, to symbolize that Christ is the centre of our life.
The labyrinth symbolizes our spiritual journey as we move in towards the centre, letting go of whatever burdens us, and then returning by the same path freer and lighter, with the assurance of Goda€™s love and support as we face the tasks of our lives. On your return journey let the insight you have become aware of seep into your being through Goda€™s grace, and at the end of your return journey give thanks for blessings, graces, and insights received.

Johna€™s Convent labyrinth is open to all people a€“ you do not need to be a guest on a retreat.

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