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To have any spiritual experience, the body must be still, the mind must be still, and the feelings must be still. If you have assumed the correct posture, your body will be stable, yet relaxed, so that it is possible to remain completely still, without moving a muscle.
With the eyelids half closed (or completely closed, if this is more comfortable to you), look upward, focusing the gaze and the attention as though looking out through a point between the eyebrows. When you are established in the meditation pose just described, the next preparation for meditation is to rid the lungs of accumulated carbon dioxide, which causes restlessness. In the first stage of meditation, the devotee's mind is inextricably bound up with sense consciousness.
The devotee who is victorious in the initial psychological battle enters the second state of meditation, the metaphysical battle wherein his consciousness and life energy become centralized in the spinal centers. The first time I heard about Vipassana meditation was back in 2014 when my friend and business partner Prean decided to take a break in a hectic startup world and realign his values and vision for life. I had to give it a try, more than a year ago, just before starting my digital nomad adventures I started meditating using Calm app, I didn't find it particularly impressive so it didn't stick with me. Our mind is like a clear sky, but there are clouds from time to time, meditation helps get back the clarity we want. After some sessions, I've started to notice the benefits of taking the time to observe the environment, breathe and relax. It's always a great idea to stop, look back where you have been, think about where you are going and reflect on your life, relationships and surrounding world. I haven't really had holidays for about a year and disconnecting from all the electronic devices, internet and people sounded like a good idea to evaluate everything I've done, experienced and learned.
Vipassana meditation is an ancient practice taught by Buddhas, in which mindfulness of breathing and of thoughts, feelings and actions are being used to gain insight in the true nature of reality. After coming to Northern Thailand, a beautiful city in the mountains called Chiang Mai, I knew it was the time to finally do it.
You're not allowed to mix the practice with other meditation techniques or yoga, tai chi, aerobics. Honestly, I was quite nervous and scared of the experience, I tried to calm myself down by telling that it's good for me, it's a break from the world and all the noise. The first couple of days were extremely hard, I was bombarded with my old habits and cravings for instant gratification, like social media, coffee, the internet, music, reading, eating whatever available at any time.
First seven days were going very slowly and my mind was going crazy, all the memories, thoughts, feelings and emotions were mixing up and making a big noise in my head, I was thinking about all sorts of things, moments that I hated when I was a kid, I would find enjoyable, like washing dishes after Christmas lunch with my family, because I could recall that warmth and connection with my family, I could recall how much love I have in this world even when some adversity comes along the way. After numerous of Dhamma talks, which are the teachings of Buddha taught by a monk I learned to forgive myself, let go, accept things as they are and move on. If you are sad to the world, the world is sad for you, but if you smile to the world, the world smiles for you. On the morning of the 8th day, I felt a strange relief, thanks to a monk who was telling that we forget to relax when meditating, we just do it because it's good for us but don't really enjoy it. On the last day I knew, I love my life how it is, there are so many incredible things that happened to me already, so many people I love surround me and there is not much I want to change but just need to appreciate it more, express my gratitude and show people that I care.
Recognition of emotions -- I am able to identify my emotions and feelings better and not get angry for being sad, instead I am able to get to the root of sadness, understand that it comes from the past and just let it be. A sense of calmness -- I am calmer and can enjoy things more by simply doing them slower and reminding myself about the present moment, so if I am drinking coffee, I'd notice and tell that in my mind, I'm drinking coffee, drinking coffee, drinking coffee so my mind gets back from circling around. The suffering and negative emotions come from me, not other people -- I've learnt that people don't hurt me, I hurt myself by poisoning my mind with negative emotions and simply blaming other people or the world for whatever bad happens to me. Awareness of the inner monologue and disguised thoughts -- sometimes I was just sitting, staring at the tree and thinking nothing, at least I thought I was thinking nothing. I see worrying and problems differently -- before the course I would get stressed about my personal and professional goals, about all the possible bad scenarios that can happen to my health, my family, my friends, my future.
I've learnt to move on -- most of the Dhamma talks were emphasizing the fact that life goes on, you may have lost everything but your mind so all you need to do is to move on. Forgiving myself -- I am very competitive and have big dreams, I used to beat myself and feel guilty for not delivering on plans, not achieving as much as I potentially could. I've learnt to enjoy being on my own -- I have never ever in my life have been separated from human interaction for so long, there was no one to speak to, no one to listen to, just me and my crazy thoughts. I don't need to constantly look for quick fixes -- there is no way you can do something and miracle will happen, whatever you decide to give up or learn it's a long process, take it step by step and you will start seeing results, but it will take time. The world slowed down -- I don't have that extreme urge to consume, experience one thing and move on to the other one, I am more aware of the urgency and have enough willpower to say no, slow down, take a deep breath and be present, even for a short moment. I am able to sit still longer -- I can focus on things longer, I can ignore urges, like scratching, feeling hot or cold, feeling emotionally high or low and just focus on whoever is speaking, whatever is happening and bring myself back from wandering in my thoughts. If  you ever consider doing a Vipassana retreat, simply Google it to find the nearest Buddhist centre, or check the Vipassana Meditation website. Bruce Lee passed away suddenly in 1973, at the young age of 33, shocking the film industry and martial arts community. Yet many forget that beyond the movies and the lightning fast kicks and punches, Bruce Lee was also one of our greatest philosophers of these contemporary times. Here are 33 philosophical quotes from Bruce Lee -- one for each year of his life -- and how they can be applied to your screenwriting journey. Screenwriters must never allow themselves to be imprisoned by any single style of screenwriting or any single genre. There will always be naysayers that look upon your screenwriting journey with a condescending smile or nod. As you develop your stories and characters, use everything that has come before to make them better. As you pursue a career in screenwriting, don’t try to anticipate what the outcome will be for everything you do.

If you become too set in your ways as a screenwriter -- be it your style, process, or how you go about marketing your scripts -- you will go nowhere.
When you are working with other writers, be it as a peer or as a mentor, don’t use their script as a way to feel better about yourself. And then go home and look into that mirror and read your own script(s), having learned what has and hasn’t worked for others.
When collaborating with other writers, producers, executives, or talent -- which is inevitable in film and television, both of which are collaborative art forms and industries -- understand that in order for you to see the potential that they can bring, you have to set aside what you know and believe. When you mentor another screenwriter, know when to back off and let them take what little or much you’ve taught them and allow them to create their own style, process, and perspective. Like the Birdman of Alcatraz -- nurture them, teach them, and then let them fly off on their own.
If you think you’re a great screenwriter in the making that is just going through the necessary ups and downs until you succeed, then so shall you become. It is all too common to see disgruntled and cynical screenwriters on forums, comment sections, and everywhere else. In your writing process, sometimes it’s helpful, fun, and exciting to go in with no master plan as far as detailed outlines and index cards. Setting a strict writing schedule each and every week can sometimes prove to be counter-productive because it will begin to feel like a chore or 9-5 job. If you seek to merely be another, you’ll never be anything but a good copycat of them rather than being an amazing you.
You can go outside of the box, but don’t just do it for the sake of going outside of the classical system.
First, in collaboration, never strive to believe that one person is right while the other is wrong -- or whether one person is better than the other.
Second, when searching for knowledge and answers -- be it through seminars, books, classes, or powers that be -- be not for or against any of them. Becoming a great writer takes time, but you’ll soon get to a point where instincts that have evolved within you begin to take over.
Keep your eye on the prize to keep you motivated and moving forward in your screenwriting journey. The general guidelines and expectations of the powers that be -- as far as keeping everything short, sweet, and to the point, engaging the reader in the opening few pages, not going over 120 pages unless absolutely necessary, following the general script format, etc.
Instead of pushing against them, simply embrace them and figure out a way to tell your story while obeying those principles.
Prayer: First is to begin with a prayer, invoking the presence of God and the Gurus in our meditation, asking Their guidance and praying that They give us what we need for our spiritual growth at this time. Chanting: Singing a devotional chant helps us to concentrate our thoughts and awakens our love for God.
Practice Devotion: when the body and mind begin to get restless after sitting in the stillness as long as you can, that is the time to practice devotion.
Such stillness, devoid of restless body movements and adjustments, is essential to the attainment of a deep meditative state.
He sees himself as a warrior on the battlefield of the spine—the common field of spiritual forces and of the opposing mental or sense tendencies in their subtle form.
I have never been that much into meditation and taking a 10-day course seemed like a very strange thing. Then I've discovered Headspace, what I liked about it was that Andy Puddicombe explained everything in a simple, yet meaningful way. I've been meditating for over a year now, quite inconsistently, though, but was always agitating my friends to try it out, just for three days and then quit if they don't see the benefits.
I am extremely grateful for the people in my life and my current position that allows me to travel the world, improve myself in every possible way and build a business that not only supports my ventures but helps also people. I think it's a good idea to restart myself, calm down and get down to the essentials to understand what is truly important for me and what I want in life. One Saturday afternoon, after watching "Seven Years in Tibet" I've made my mind and booked a room to attend the Vipassana meditation course for 10 days.
I think for me it was the breakthrough point, I accepted everything, I accepted the fact that I am spending my time in the meditation center voluntarily and I came to enjoy the experience, relax and find myself. Meditation is a never-ending practice and my goal is to never stop purifying my mind, praising the moment and seeing more clearly.
After some time, I started to uncover thoughts that were running circles in my head and I was simply not aware of them. Enjoy the process, be proud of your work because no one is perfect, someone had to remind me that. Sometimes I'd bring up sad memories, sometimes happy memories, sometimes angry ones, but at the end it was all me and my mind.
ScreenCraft is dedicated to helping screenwriters and filmmakers succeed through educational events, screenwriting competitions and the annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship program, connecting screenwriters with agents, managers and Hollywood producers. Over forty years later, his legacy lives on as one of cinema’s most iconic film stars and as one of the greatest martial artists of all time. The great screenwriters can change their style and process on a whim, depending upon the need of each project at hand.
You will make mistakes in those first scripts -- it is necessary -- and your growth as a writer will depend on whether or not you are willing, and have the courage, to realize and admit those mistakes.
The world knows that the screenwriter’s journey is a very difficult one with insurmountable odds against you. It will drive you insane, because if you ask a majority of those that have succeeded, they will likely say that it never happened the way they wanted it to initially. You have to empty your cup before you can ever understand where they are coming from, otherwise you’ll just be considering how their perspective goes against yours.

Proofreading each and every line, each and every scene, each and every script, and each and every draft will do them no good in the end.
It’s a method that uses no method and works strictly from instinct and all that is within us. Furthermore, when you sit down to write, think less of hitting beats, having character or story arcs at the right moments, etc. If you focus too much on the details, hurdles, trials, and tribulations, you’ll miss the heavenly glory of remembering why you were willing to go through this in the first place. He is aghast to behold all the forces of restlessness and mental opposition arrayed against him.
When this battle is about to begin, the devotee feels a simultaneous pull toward the outgoing sense tendencies in the spinal centers and toward the inwardly turned spiritual forces of the soul.
It felt like it's highly connected with religion and as I am not very particularly religious I thought it may not be for me, however, after reading numerous of articles about successful people and their routines I have noticed that they practice mindfulness and meditate daily. I can't run away from it so being more aware of it and accepting everything had made me more relaxed. They can jump from genre to genre, either by going where the work is or challenging themselves for the better of their own writing. It may be poor scene description, overwriting, bad character development, bad dialogue, bad conceptualization, and even something as simple as bad grammar and poor attention to detail. Thus, don’t just play the easier odds by going down the easier, beaten path because you fear failure if you try to aim higher. Let nature take its course and your scripts will find their way to the right person at the right time.
Especially when you possibly manage to see some success suddenly, and are asked to work with development executives, producers, and talent.
You’re doing them nor yourself any good by ripping apart their characters and stories.
Avoid the Paralysis of Analysis like so many others suffer from and just let your characters and stories take you where they need to go. Do it while driving, biking, working out, working, staying with the kids, doing your chores, etc. Millions of superficial devotees never pass beyond this state of deadlocked psychological struggle between the senses and the soul forces of calmness and intuition. It is then that the devotee contacts the calm Spirit within and prayerfully asks that Divine Power to place the chariot of intuition between the subtle divine perceptions and the gross sense perceptions. Both will be explained how to do them.Basic Meditation to Relieve StressFor the basic meditation you can sit or lie anywhere that is comfortable. Instead of pointing fingers at others, one must look in the mirror and examine their own work under a microscope and have the courage to admit those mistakes and failures -- and then learn from them.
Rather than complain or succumb to the circumstances, it’s best to go in with the mindset that you are going to crash through or climb over those walls and make your own path. And no matter what your knowledge base, you’re on the same level as every other screenwriter when you finally do it. Instead, when giving feedback, point out not only what doesn’t work, but what does, and deliver it in a helpful and constructive manner. These are not examples of defeat until you decide that they are, meaning that you can either wallow in self-doubt, anguish, and defeat or learn from them and continue on with gusto.
Instead, be the best you can be, which -- from the perspective of the powers that be -- might be fresh, new, and exciting instead of Tarantino-esque, Sorkin-esque, or Diablo-esque. It’s the most important part of the process because in the end, film and television are visual mediums. When the purpose of meditation is fulfilled, the devotee finds his consciousness automatically concentrated at the spiritual eye, and he experiences, according to his inner spiritual capacity, a state of joyous divine union with Spirit. The devotee expects, with the aid of the Spirit, to rally his forces of meditation to fight the forces of restlessness. Instead of subscribing to just one, it’s much better to feed your brain with many different teachings, viewpoints, and perspectives. While under assignment, you have to find ways to light that fire, sure, but do your best to avoid a strict and rigid schedule. Doing so may just trap yourself in that cynical pattern ever present in the mind’s of so many novice screenwriters these days. You’ll be in the clouds one week, month, year, or decade, only to find yourself sitting in a dark corner the next. Yes, adapt what is useful to you, reject what is useless to you, and add what is specifically your own.
Feel as though all the tension and stress is being carried away by the current of the creek.The wind begins to pick up a little and you start hearing birds and other little animals come to the creek.
When you are ready to leave slowly open your eyes and rub your arms and legs if they fell asleep.Grounding Chakra MeditationTo begin sit on the floor with a cushion preferably, but if you have problems sitting on the floor then a chair will be fine. The focus on this meditation is to focus on your Root Chakra and the flowing of the energy from the earth to you and then back in one large cycle.When you are sitting begin to slowly breathe in and out deeply to relax your body. Then close your eyes half way, and focus on your breathing for a while to further the relaxation. As you focus on your breathing imagine a red sphere near the genital area, see it flowing with energy. Every stressful thought, anything that is causing discomfort will be taken on by the Earth and the Earth will help you heal and get ready for the next day of work.

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