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Mind machines biofeedback eeg neurofeedback add waverider, Mind machines and light and sound stimulation devices, synchronize your brain waves with our mind machines. Vulcann Fitness is the eminent Fitness Centre located in Khargar, Mumbai offering you a comprehensive range of Health services. Our services include Aerobic Classes, Yoga Classes, Meditation, Cardio Service and Bodybuilding exercises.
Here you will be supposed to do meditation that gives you much more benefits comparatively physical exercises as it releases your intuition and enables your creative energy to work.

Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine - Multiple Colors Available - Fitness and body.
Going to Gym avail you many benefits as you use an entire range of machines and have a selection of equipment at your disposal. You can also avail the facility to consult regarding a particular problem to our Fitness Consultants. Nowadays unhealthy lifestyle takes you to irregular diet and lots of mental and physical exertion and ultimately makes your body unfit.

Twin LCD regulate panels (Higher and decrease) function 60 Pace settings in line with motor, 3 pre-programmed workout routines, 3 consumer-programmable workout routines, and a BMI (Frame Mass Index) analyzer.

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