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With the stream of scientific and anecdotal evidence showing us the benefits of meditation, it’s no wonder that it’s touted as the tool for a happy and healthy existence. Headspace is a project that has set out to simplify meditation, to make it bite-sized, accessible and relevant to your every day life. It's honesty time: Everyone who learns to meditate encounters obstacles at some time or another.
Beginning a meditation routine is just like learning any other skill: it requires practice and patience.
To truly stay motivated in your practice, it might be helpful to understand the benefits of meditation.
Numerous scientific studies have proven that meditation has many positive effects on the body. Making the decision to incorporate meditation into your healthy lifestyle is a wonderful gift to yourself. Every month LIWLI will be posting news articles with valuable weight loss and health information. We invite you to read a few Long Island Weight Loss Institute success stories — and invite you to come in and start creating one of your own! Contact the medical weight loss experts at LIWLI to see why we’ve been helping Long Island lose weight and keep it off since 2001! Meditation means many different things for different people, but the purpose of meditation is like the purpose of life.
Sometimes we are willing to suffer on the way for some final goal… but that goal will always be something we think will make us happy. A student approached his teacher and asked: “Oh, my teacher, please tell me, what is your secret? Happiness is right here and now — inside of you, outside of you, and all around you…you are just not here to experience it. Then the student understood the secret of being happy, which is nothing but being in the here and now.
Try to experience all the things about it that you might have missed before because your mind was somewhere else. After a few minutes, you can start to chew and let the flavors and the sensations penetrate even deeper…swirl it all around your mouth using your tongue and taste it in places you never tasted it before.
Meditation should not be hard…it’s easy if you find YOUR meditation. It can be walking or swimming, reading a book, writing, painting, playing music or anything else. With walking meditation, we’ll put all the thoughts about what has happened or what will happen aside and we’ll try to be present.
As we start walking around the room (or outside is even better), we’ll pay attention to each and every step, we’ll feel the connection between our feet and the earth. We’ll take deep breaths and smell the nature around us, feel the wind caressing our skin, listen to the songs of the birds or the sound of our breath, and we’ll look around and really notice all the little details of the beautiful world we live in. Sit with your eyes closed and focus on the smell of a flower, burning incense, essential oils, chocolate etc.. You can also start this meditation with corn flakes, crackers or something else that has a lot of texture and makes a lot of noise.

Then slowly begin massaging yourself one body part at a time, starting with a foot and ending with the face.
Concentrate your full attention on the ticking of a clock, flowing water, the song of birds, the sound of the rain, music etc… Let yourself become totally absorbed in that sound. Om –  Chant Om loudly for about a minute or two and then keep repeating the sound mentally for another minute. With eyes open, focus on a flower, a picture, scenery, the room, your friend’s face or eyes, a candle flame etc… and notice all the little details you never saw before. Keep gazing at the flame until your eyes tear up a bit or until you feel a slight burning sensation, then you can close your eyes and keep seeing the flame in your mind, imagining it to be between your eyebrows.
Gopala is passionate about creating beautiful shapes while doing group yoga together in a circle, and is always endeavoring to create new ways to bring people closer together in body mind and spirit through yoga. Join the community and discover yoga together with hundreds of thousands from all over the world. You know meditation is making headway in the world when within one year meditation and it’s benefits were trumpeted from the covers of Time Magazine, Scientific America and in the New York Times. If you’re looking for a fun, warm and inviting class to help you touch the deep stillness that is within you our Monday night meditations are exactly what you need.
Come and join other like minded individuals who are looking to make meditation a part of their lives. We’ll work on the fundamentals of establishing and maintaining a meditation practice, explore meditation techniques from various traditions while giving you a chance to go deeper and deeper into the wellspring of bliss, contentment and fullness that is your natural state. While rave reviews and stories of changed lives sure inspire us to want to try it for ourselves, it’s not always easy to know where to start. And we’ve teamed up to break it down for you to get the basics just right and show you that anyone and everyone can experience the benefits of meditation.
In fact, many times, simply recognizing and acknowledging the obstacle for what it really is can help you over come it. In the guide below, Andy and the Headspace community share their top tips for understanding meditation and explain why sticking with it makes all the difference.
But in learning to face them with awareness and compassion, we can discover what it means to be truly content. Check out some musings on why getting some headspace can make all the difference then let us know in the comments: How do you stay inspired? The physical benefits of incorporating relaxation techniques into our daily lives have been shown to be just as beneficial as the emotional and spiritual ones. Concentrating on breathing, blocking out distractions and repeating a soothing word or phrase, called a mantra, work in tandem to lull our bodies into a deepened state of serenity. Once you make the commitment to incorporate it into your daily routine you will see how easy and gratifying the process is.
Most people find it almost impossible to meditate for longer than 5 to 10 minutes when they begin.
If someone told you that by coming here today you would suffer, you wouldn’t have come, right? In these moments of pure happiness, we are present — not thinking about other things, not wanting something different.

Whatever work you do with a focused mind, you do twice as fast and ten times better than if you would do it with a distracted mind. We won’t let our body be in one place and our mind in another place; we’ll try to connect them and be in the here and now.
Then you can meditate with honey… and of course chocolate as we tried before, GOOD chocolate!
After a minute or two, close your eyes and visualize what you saw as clearly as you can in your mind. Place a lit candle at eye level and gaze at the brightest part of the flame without blinking. Try not to think of other things while doing this practice, focus on the candle only. This exercise is also said to help improve the eyesight.
His unique style of interactive social yoga has won the hearts of thousands of people all around the world.
Below, find some of the most common meditation obstacles and helpful remedies for dealing with them.
Here, some Headspace musings on how to deal with our emotions when they arise both during our practice and in everyday life. As we focus on deepening our breathing and relaxing our muscles, our blood pressure lowers and our heart rate stabilizes. Consistent meditation can lead to changes in our brains memory, focus, attention and learning centers. In order to have strong muscles, we have to use them again and again, and in the same way, to train the mind to be one-pointed we need to focus it again and again. The tension we hold onto begins to fade and our bodies respond by regulating our metabolic rates and stimulating our brain waves.
Our stress levels reduce noticeably and our brains are triggered to increase Serotonin production. Others feel that they can focus more at the end of the day, after they have completed their days work. If seated, make sure you have good posture to allow the flow of breath to pass easily through your body.
Breathe deeply in and out, paying attention to the air making your belly rise on the inhalation and lower on the exhalation. Focus your intention on the deep inhale and exhale and do your best to block out unwanted thoughts. This important neurotransmitter controls our mood and low levels of Serotonin can be a cause of depression. Setting an alarm is a good way to allow yourself to focus on your relaxation without worrying about how long you have been at it.

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